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More at *******www.theuptake**** US Senate candidate Al Franken was loose and making jokes as his legal team prepared for Monday's election contest trial that could determine who is Minnesota's next US Senator. After a state-wide hand recount, Franken holds a 225-vote lead over former US Senator Norm Coleman. Coleman is taking the election to court claiming irregularities on how some of the votes were counted and handled. You can watch that trial live on The UpTake *******www.theuptake**** starting Monday at 1pm CT/ 2pm ET/ Noon MT/ 11am PT. Known initially as a comedian, Franken solidified his seriousness about politics while hosting a radio show on Air America. Saturday he recalled those days while speaking at a party thrown by the Minnesota Air America affiliate AM 950, KTNF "The Voice of Minnesota". While he joked he has "lost his sense of humor", Franken showed that he still has his comic chops and used them to make points about the right wing, the recount and the future of America. Partial Transcript: I feel coming to the Blue State Ball that this is my base. I am very proud of what we did with progressive radio. I am very proud of people like Rachel Maddow who have gone on to such great things. And we've really established a foothold. We really have. The other side is really floundering. They don't know what to do. Rush is now " I want 'em to fail". It's pretty amazing, huh? Showing their stripes. And don't they show their stripes. First of all I want to say something about Amy. Amy really taught me how to run for the Senate. In the '06 cycle I must have done about 50 or 60 bean feeds and burger bashes and spaghetti dinners around the state. And everywhere I went, out of the 60, say Amy was at 40. And if Amy wasn't there, her husband John was there. And if John wasn't there her dad Jim was there. And if none of them were there I wondered 'why am I here, there must be something wrong with this, must be something wrong with this one' (laughter) And when I started, and it's almost two years ago now, we on the Franken campaign believe the third year of our campaign will be the best ever (laughter and applause) But when I started two years ago, I said ' no one will work harder for this Senate seat than me because Amy Klobuchar isn't in the race'. (laughter) And Franni and I worked really hard and we're really proud of that. (applause) And Franni was amazing, has been amazing this whole time. You know when I first started I called all my friends and said 'Franni and I are running for the Senate and if we win I get to be the Senator' (mild laughter) And at a certain point in the race I had a lot of people coming up to me and saying like 'God I love Franni.' So I finally had to put in my speech for awhile, then it got cycled out after everyone heard it, was that it's fine to like Franni more than me, but you just, you don't have to tell me. (laughter) I'm the candidate and ... (audience member "we love you too") Well thank you (applause). What an amazing week. Franni is here, where are you honey? (applause) . We were in Washington last week. An unbelievably inspiring inauguration. To look around and see folks as far as the eye can see. You could not see the end of people. There were people from the Capitol, where Barack Obama was sworn in, all the way to the Lincoln Memorial where 45-years ago Martin Luther King gave his 'I have a dream' speech. This has never happened before. It was just awe inspiring. And the President said something that spoke to me. He quoted the bible and said 'it's time to give up childish things ' I think. And it made me think, about what I'm doing and the transition I'm making. And there will be some that argue that what I did was .... Audience member: Please don't give up humor. (laughter) No I, the gentleman said 'please don't give up humor'. I've lost my sense of humor. (laughter). That happened in the ... Audience " no...
26 Jan 2009
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29 Jan 2009
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I don`t know how i got into this glitch, all i did was buy a car pack and this happend. ENJOY.
14 Feb 2009
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*******www.RawAndFit**** Terry Sobon is a hairstylist who is concerned about her health. Working in the salon every day, she was confronted with stress, lack of energy, nutritional deficiencies, and the usual addition of unwanted weight. What she did was to take small incremental steps to ensure that her life was moving towards a more positive and healthy lifestyle by integrating raw foods and fitness back into her life. Terry quickly increased her energy naturally, using one simple secret – green smoothies. Every morning, Terry blends up a smoothie for her son and herself to enjoy while they work. This simple step alone increased her energy, and kicked her addiction to coffee. Listen to the entire interview to learn how Terry got stronger, lost fat, gained muscles, and helped the health of her entire family – by accident! The three action steps Terry outlines is exactly what everyone needs to hear to shortcut their success in raw foods and a vegan lifestyle. Listen to Terry’s full interview, and get her favorite recipes and work out routines at *******www.RawAndFit**** Go there right now. It will change your life!
21 Apr 2009
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PersuasionX is an exclusive 3-day seminar where Armand openly shares his personal sales techniques. These subtle (but powerful) persuasion strategies were responsible for generating Armand over $12 million in sales during the last two years - all from 90 minute presentations. The best part is that students who have also used these same techniques have also had tremendous success. All they did was tweak a few minor things but the results were dramatic... One person went from selling zero one week to $82,000 the next. Another person had a similar story because he went from zero to $74,000 shortly afterwards.
2 May 2009
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PersuasionX is an exclusive 3-day seminar where Armand openly shares his personal sales techniques. These subtle (but powerful) persuasion strategies were responsible for generating Armand over $12 million in sales during the last two years - all from 90 minute presentations. The best part is that students who have also used these same techniques have also had tremendous success. All they did was tweak a few minor things but the results were dramatic... One person went from selling zero one week to $82,000 the next. Another person had a similar story because he went from zero to $74,000 shortly afterwards.
4 May 2009
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*******www.gty****/Resources/Videos/V... One of the subjects that is at the very center of Christian experience is the matter of the will of God, the will of God. Throughout all of my life, I have heard people tell me they were looking for the will of God, searching for the will of God, trying to find the will of God. In fact, many, many years ago, I wrote a little book called, The Will of God is not Lost. Because it seemed to me that so many people were acting as if it was lost, as if God had placed his will in some obscure place, as if God were some sort of a divine Easter Bunny who had stashed the golden egg in some bush and all he did was sit in heaven saying, "You're getting warmer," or, "You're getting colder," as we meandered through the shrubbery of life trying to find the egg.
13 May 2009
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Check out part1 of this trick that I learned from www.secretofmagic****, all I did was subscribe to there free site.
2 Jul 2009
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CHRIS BROWN apology video, apologizes to rihanna for assault, this clip was released to his website made availabe to all. New 2009. With lyrics / transcript. Chris Maurice Brown is an recording artist and actor. Brown taught himself to sing and dance at a young age, Hi, Im Chris Brown, he begins. Since February my attorney has advised me not to speak out, even though since the incident I wanted to publicly express my deepest regret and accept full responsibility. Although I would do some interviews and answer some questions in the future, I felt it was time you heard directly from me that I am sorry. I have tried to live my life in a way that would make those around me proud of me, and until recently, I think I was doing a pretty good job. I wish I had the chance to live those few moments again, but unfortunately I cant. I cannot go into what happened, and most importantly, Im not going to sit here and make any excuses. I take great pride in me being able to exercise self-control and what I did was inexcusable. I am very sad and very ashamed of what Ive done. My mother and my spiritual teachers have taught me way better than that. I have told Rihanna countless times, and Im telling you today that I am truly, truly sorry, and I wasnt able to handle the situation both differently and better. I recognize that Ive truly been blessed. Ive been blessed with a wonderful family, wonderful friends and fans. God has been generous in giving me the ability which has brought me fame and fortune. I have done a lot of soul-searching, and over the past several months Ive talked with my minister and my mother, and I spent a lot of time trying to understand what happened and why. I have let a lot of people down, and I realize that. No one is more disappointed than in me than I am. As many of you know, I grew up in a home where there was domestic violence and I saw firsthand what uncontrolled rage could do. I have sought and am continuing to seek help to ensure that what occurred in February can never happen again. As I sit here today I can tell you that I will do everything in my power to make sure that it never happens again, and I promise that. What I did was unacceptable, 100 percent. I can only ask and pray that you forgive me, please. I hope that others learn from my mistakes. I intend to live my life so that I am truly worthy of the term role model. Thank you, Brown concludes. Some other time: - He says, "I wanted to change it up and really be different. Like my style nowadays, I don't try to be typical urban. I want to be like how Prince and Michael [Jackson] and Stevie Wonder were. They can cross over to any genre of music."
11 Jan 2010
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Baby Ella was born on July 17, 2008. Four days earlier I had been admitted to the hospital as I spontaneously dilated and Ella's water sac had begun descending into the canal at just 21 weeks gestation. I was told by many to just "get it over with" and begin induction as Ella would not likely live. However, my wonderful husband and I would not choose certain death when I had the option to lie in the hospital in the trendelinberg position to ease the water sac back through the cervix. After 48 hours of doing so, there was no change in my condition. Ella was still exposed to infection as was myself, but we were not about to give up. Two more days went by and we hung onto the hope that something would change. However, the only thing that did was that Ella and I now had an infection and there was no way to turn back the clock for her. My wonderful doctor (who was the only medical professional who refused to give up on us) delivered the news on that Thursday around 12:40pm. It was no longer my duty to try to save Ella...if we wanted to see her alive, we would have to deliver her as soon as possible. With my family beside me, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who was perfect in every way. My husband and I baptized her immediately and we witnessed her tiny body move and her delicate hand grasp the ring that her daddy tried to place on her fingers...she was so strong. And Ella began to suck on my finger as I brushed it against her tiny cheek. It was a beautiful experience that we enjoyed for 20 minutes until it was time for God to take her home. This video was played at her funeral and we want to share our baby with everyone we can...what a gift we had. Mommy and Daddy love you, Ella Rose! xoxoxoxoxo
19 Aug 2009
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≈Edited to Fit. No Complete Episode Uploaded.≈ Katrina Halili Interviewed by Pia Guanio Showbiz Central, July 05, 2009 from GMA-7 —c5rax... Tulad ni Katrina, i don't know what to think.. so I just c&p'd in here the best comment so far -- "She knows what she did was wrong and she admitted it. Look at her she looks mentally traumatized. Who are WE to judge her. If something of that sort were to happen to you what would you do? You're so quick to judge other people, yet I'm VERY sure you have your own personal mistakes. To think that you're so much of a cleaner person than she is. The nerve of some people." -by superflyxoom (thanks) —Online Home of Kapuso Stars ******* —For complete episodes of shows SUBSCRIBE To GMA Pinoy TV *******www.gmapinoytv****/ —Kapusong Totoo Let us SUPPORT the GMA Kapuso Foundation *******www.kapusofoundation****/
7 Sep 2009
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*******www.ArcadeWarfare**** We all know what Kanye did was not right, and a lot of us are really mad. why don't you take your anger out on Kanye and beats his %^%$ on the new arcade game call kaney vs Taylor spoff
10 Sep 2010
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*******www.ArcadeWarfare**** We all know what Kanye did was not right, and a lot of us are really mad. why don't you take your anger out on Kanye and beats his %#% on the new arcade game call kaney vs Taylor spoof
18 Sep 2009
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*******www.GetYourExBackReviewsNow**** Getting an ex back is hard if you were the one being dumped. But imagine how you would feel if you were the one who did the dumping? That is the position that our fictitious character Aimee found herself in and she had to go about getting an ex back. First of all, Aimee wrote Jaime a long letter of apology. She took responsibility for what happened and promised that it would never happen again. She reminded Jaime that they had a long history together and that they had shared some beautiful times. She said that she didn’t want to throw all of that away. She told him that the reason she acted the way she did was because she loved him and couldn’t stand the though of his being with another woman. The thought of losing him forever was painful. After she had mailed the letter, she didn’t bother him with constant texts or phone calls. She figured that getting an ex back after a situation like this one required that she give Jaime his space. To learn more how to get your ex back and take action visit www.GetYourExBackReviewsNow****.
14 Oct 2009
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*******kyegrace**** I have a client who has used the internet to do an amazing amount of research for various houses for sale she is considering buying. One of the coolest things she has done though is using the recently available Google Maps Street View. Google Street View is a feature of Google Maps that provides 360° panoramic views from a row of positions along the street in approximately 10 or 20 meter intervals for many streets in Metro Vancouver & the Fraser Valley. The pictures are great quality and more than practical to view a particular location on the day the picture was taken. Back to my client, what she did was search the property on Street View and found that in the image it appeared the windows upstairs were boarded up. We had viewed the property and seen no evidence of such activity, as it turns out it the wooden blinds were closed giving the appearance of wood blocking the windows. But what a potential gem of a discovery if that had been an issue in the past with this house for sale that was not obvious now. Using Google Street View can you not only view an image of the home you are considering you can virtually walk through the neighbourhood, the route your kids may walk to school, view nearby parks or anything else you can think of you would want to view without having to hop into the car. Simply go to Google Maps and search for an address or location and zoom into the max or click on 'street view' in the location bubble.
17 Oct 2009
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*******www.bestminisiteformula**** Why download a sales page template and spend all that time customizing the content? Just download this template and upload it to your server and you'll be making sales online fast. I do pretty well off this little site and all I did was pick a domain name, upload it, change the paypal links and did some backlinking. That's it...$60 a day may not seem like alot, but that's an extra grand a month in my bank account...
27 Oct 2009
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