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*******www.deluxecomfort****/better-sleep-pillow-order.html Most people love enjoying a good night's sleep. What is interesting to note, however, is the very different sleep styles that people prefer. Some people may lie curled up on one side in a ball while others lay flat on their backs. Some people lay rigidly on one side while others lay flat on their stomachs. If you prefer to lie on your stomach to sleep, you should purchase your pillow accordingly. Did you know there is actually a best stomach sleeper pillow? To some people, the idea of a stomach sleeper pillow is a strange concept. If you are like the average person, you might grab a pillow from the aisle in the store at random. Maybe it's the price tag that motivates you when deciding to buy one pillow over the next. The fact of the matter, however, is that a pillow serves a very important function, and we must not forget that. A pillow isn't just about cosmetics or comfort. It's about support. The function of a pillow is to support the neck and head during sleep and to keep the spine in proper alignment. For this reason, a back sleeper would choose a firmer pillow. Some people, however, prefer to sleep on their stomachs. If you're a stomach sleeper, you may notice you wake up with a sore neck and back. Selecting a very soft down pillow is a great option for a stomach sleeper pillow. It will provide the extra comfort and support your body craves. You definitely want to avoid pillows that are overly firm or not well-cushioned. Those are more suited to back sleepers. If the extra soft pillow still isn't doing the job, you may want to purchase a specially designed stomach sleeper pillow. Memory foam pillows are great for this. If you haven't heard of memory foam pillows, they are a pretty new trend on the market today. They are extremely comfortable and boast a lifetime warranty. Stomach sleeper pillows made from memory foam are becoming so popular, the prices are fairly reasonable. Many people who have used these pillows report that they have noticed that their neck and back discomfort has disappeared. A stomach sleeper pillow is a great alternative to expensive pain medications, possible surgeries, or chiropractic bills. It seems like such a small investment, but it truly does carry a wealth of rewards. Perhaps you have a favorite pillow at home, and you're already dismissing the idea of a stomach sleeper pillow. Keep in mind that when it comes to pillows, one size really doesn't fit all. Not everyone shares the same preferred sleep position. Face it, we spend about one third of our lives sleeping. Doesn't it make sense to enjoy the best rest you possibly can? For those of us who like to sprawl out on our bellies when enjoying a night's slumber, a stomach sleeper pillow can be just what we need to start the next day refreshed and rejuvenated.
14 Dec 2007
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*******www.deluxecomfort****/better-sleep-pillow-order.html If you have ever seen a memory foam pillow, you probably weren't able to resist the urge to reach out and touch it. You've seen the advertisements. A person places their hand firmly in the center of the pillow. The hand is moved away, and you look down at the pillow and see a perfectly shaped handprint lingering. The idea of a memory foam pillow is an intriguing one, and this new bedding product has literally taken the world by storm. If you've never heard of memory foam pillows, they get their name from the fact that they are rumored to remember where your body part had been on the pillow. This means when you lay your head onto your pillow at night, the memory foam pillow actually moves and shifts, perfectly conforming to the contours of your body. Many consumers have embraced the idea of buying a memory foam pillow simply because it takes the guesswork out of the entire process of pillow buying. While doctors had previously warned consumers on the importance of buying the proper pillow, things have now changed. For example, people who slept on their stomachs had been advised to buy softer pillows. People who slept on their backs were warned that the best choice would be firmer pillows. All of this advice was given in an effort to help patients make choices that would be conducive to the best spine and neck alignment during sleep. With memory foam pillows, however, one pillow fits all. By this, I mean that different sleep types do not require different pillows. You won't have to stroll down the bedding aisle in your local department store, picking up pillows and squashing them between both hands to test their firmness. Since memory foam pillows conform to fit your body, they are suited for each and every person. In addition to helping with spine alignment, these memory foam pillows have been praised by doctors and patients with persistent problems. Many people who have in the past had constant neck and back pain reported a disappearance or a real decrease in their problematic symptoms. This is due mostly in part to the fact that their spine is being properly positioned during sleep, decreasing strain on muscles. Patients who have had problems with snoring have also sung the praises of memory foam pillows. Although some people have called memory foam a 'miracle', it's really not miraculous, but it's certainly understandable that proper alignment and proper opening of air passageways could contribute to less snoring and a better night's sleep. If you've never tried memory foam pillows, purchasing one might be a good investment. With models ranging from fairly inexpensive to quite pricey, there are many varieties of memory foam pillows. If you're not sure which one is best, talk to a sales associate and inquire about which pillows have been the most popular buys. If the pillow helps you enjoy a better night's sleep, it will be well worth the small monetary investment.
17 Dec 2007
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From: ******* Mark Tyrrell of Uncommon Knowledge discusses the different sleep problems and how to tackle them.
27 Mar 2010
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Sanyo Cube (Ipod Docking) Alarm (Hidden Nanny Camera) Clock Radio (Buy or Rent) Open 24/7/365! (888) 344-3742 or (818) 298-3292 This item rents for $95.00 Per Week. In this video *******tinyurl****/yk8xljf we discuss with you our surveillance and security video library. Find out about new products, counter-surveillance techniques, industry-news, etc. RSS Reader (Widget) for New Surveillance Product/Service Announcements: *******tinyurl****/yzg66zj Use this new RSS Reader / Widget to automatically receive new product and service announcements. Preview the same state-of-the-art surveillance and security equipment Detectives, PI's, the CIA and FBI use. Join us on Facebook! (DPLSURVE) *******www.facebook****/dplsurve  Stay Informed! Video Library: *******www.dpl-surveillance-equipment****/library/ Also, join us on Twitter: *******twitter****/dplsurve (DPLSURVE) Sanyo Cube (Ipod Docking) Alarm (Hidden Nanny Camera) Clock Radio (Buy or Rent) Open 24/7/365! (888) 344-3742 or (818) 298-3292 This item rents for $95.00 Per Week. Sanyo mini cube *******www.dpl-surveillance-equipment****/dvr_based_hidden_cameras.html style AM/FM stereo clock radio with closable Ipod, Iphone dock. Only 4.1 inches wide, 4.1 inches high and 4.2 inches deep. This radio appears "at home" in a multitude of locations. It can be used as a desk clock, shelf clock, clock radio, office clock, or even travel radio. Our "Dual-Camera" technology features totally invisible, "no glow" IR illuminators for recording in total darkness up to 30 feet! So small, nobody would ever suspect a full function motion activated DVR inside capable of recording 160 hours of full 30fps hi-res color video. "Totally Covert" operation including "invisible trap door" with special key to open. All radio functions work normally. * The only "cube clock" radio with "no glow" totally invisible IR illuminators. * PLL Tuning FM/AM Radio with 10 Preset Stations * Wake to iPod, Radio or Buzzer * Recharge Your iPod While it Plays * 12/24 Hour Clock Function with 120 Minute Sleep Function * Convenient Snooze and Repeat Alarm Functions * BassXpander for Rich Bass Performance * LCD Display with Blue Backlight * Stereo Line Input for CD, MP3 or Other Portable Players * Electronic Volume Control * DC Battery Backup for Clock Product Description: Discover true convenience, portability and quality sound with our new Sanyo mini cube style AM/FM radio for iPod. This unit provides an easy way to play and charge your iPod while it is docked. Its small cubic design requires only a small amount of space on a nightstand or office desk. Enjoy sound which is similar to systems much larger size, thanks to the incorporation of BassXpander technology. FM/AM Digital Tuner with Programmable Alarm Clock: Our new Sanyo mini cube offers a PLL digital tuning FM/AM radio with 10 preset stations. The programmable alarm clock allows you to wake up to music from your iPod, radio or from the buzzer. Create an iPod song playlist to wake up to and get your day started off just right. The new Sanyo mini cube offers many ways to manage your day including waking to your favorite music, morning radio and using the Sleep and Snooze modes. The black lacquer finish and blue backlit LCD display is a perfect match for your home décor or office environment. Convenient, Easy to Use Controls: The top panel buttons allow you to select from various sources including iPod, AM radio, FM radio and auxiliary input to connect to CD, MP3 or other portable audio players. iPod controls include Play/Pause, Forward/Next Track, Rewind/Previous Track and Volume Up/Down.  Programmable Alarm Clock: Setting the alarm and radio station presets is a breeze. You can shut off the radio automatically by using the SLEEP function (five different SLEEP times are available from 5/10/15/30/60/90/120 minutes). The SNOOZE/DIMMER button is conveniently located on the top, front edge. A switch-able BassXpander can be engaged to provide additional bass boost for your iPod or radio music. We introduce for the first time (*******tinyurl****/ybz9c4m) motion-activated DVR based hidden cameras that now have the ability to allow for remote viewing via the Internet. (Optional) 32GB SDHC Card Support- Up to 160 hours recording at full 30 fps- (records 5 hours per GB on lower capacity SD cards) Hundreds of hours possible with lower frame rate selections. Real Time Video Via the Internet - Simply type in the IP address and password from any Internet connected computer or cell phone, and view real time video from up to 4 cameras simultaneously. You can even zoom each camera as well as view previous recordings and motion activated "events". NOW, Look in on Your Home, second home, lake house or office anytime, anywhere from any internet connected PC/Lap-top or Internet active cell phone, including iphone or PDA. We also have: * IPod Docking Station Hidden Camera w/built-in Motion-Activated Digital Video Recorder * Air Ionizer (Sees in Total Darkness) Hidden Camera w/built-in Motion-Activated Digital Video Recorder * Air Purifier Hidden Camera w/built-in Motion-Activated Digital Video Recorder * LCD/HDTV Hidden Camera w/built-in Motion-Activated Digital Video Recorder * DVD Player Hidden Camera w/built-in Motion-Activated Digital Video Recorder * Rock Hidden Camera w/built-in Motion-Activated Digital Video Recorder * Electrical Box Hidden Camera w/built-in Motion-Activated Digital Video Recorder * Alarm Clock Radio Hidden Camera w/built-in Motion-Activated Digital Video Recorder * Boom Box Hidden Camera w/built-in Motion-Activated Digital Video Recorder * Executive Clock Hidden Camera w/built-in Motion-Activated Digital Video Recorder * Bird House Hidden Camera w/built-in Motion-Activated Digital Video Recorder * Motion Detector Hidden Camera w/built-in Motion-Activated Digital Video Recorder * Touch Lamp Hidden Camera w/built-in Motion-Activated Digital Video Recorder * Wall Clock Hidden Camera w/built-in Motion-Activated Digital Video Recorder * Digital Picture Frame Hidden Camera w/built-in Motion-Activated Digital Video Recorder DPL-Surveillance-Equipment**** LLC is a world leader and pioneer of online video demonstration in the Surveillance and Security Industry and also, pioneer of renting a full range of equipment to Consumers, Government, Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, small and large companies worldwide. We have one of the largest varieties of state-of-the-art (one-of-a-kind) surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment including Biometric Identification Systems, Anti-terrorist-related equipment, Personal Protection and Bug Detection Products. Buy, rent or lease the same state-of-the-art surveillance and security equipment Detectives, PI's, the CIA and FBI use. Take back control! * Please feel free to use this link: *******feeds.feedburner****/Dpl-surveillance-equipmentcom and iPodderX to subscribe to our Podcasts. Phone: (1888) 344-3742 Toll Free (USA) Local: (818) 344-3742 MontyDPL-Surveillance-Equipment**** Twitter DPLSURVE MSN MontyDPL-Surveillance-Equipment**** AOL Instant Messenger DPLSURVE32 Skype Montyl32 Yahoo Instant Messenger Montyl32 Alternate Email Address montyl32yahoo**** *******www.dpl-surveillance-equipment****/dvr_based_hidden_cameras.html Serious Inquiries Only! International Orders FOB Los Angeles Delivery: Within 5 days in receipt of T/T wire transfer Payment: T/T wire transfer (See Website) Purchase Orders:Accepted upon credit approval. Fax References w/Orders to: (1775) 249-9320 My RSS Feed: *******feeds.feedburner****/Dpl-surveillance-equipmentcom
15 May 2010
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*******thetwovet****/products/the-twovet - The Twovet is a down alternative comforter designed with a thick (warm) side and a thin (cool) side to satisfy different sleeping preferences. This product was designed to give you a better night sleep!
3 Jan 2012
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