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the idea was to pay tribute to the genius, romantic, funny ( yes, very funny, must listen to the following songs: Little pieces of seaweeds, Fuck yourself, Little green men, The audience is listening, So happy, When I was a little boy -all available on my site) and futuristic Steve Vai ! I decided to "frame" his "aura" into a wonderful and bizarre slide of digital ( abstract & neo-surrealistic ) digital photography made by some modern artists who aren't less talented then let's say Maigrette, Dali & Vasarely were ( I apologize if I exaggerate ;-) Enjoy !
5 Apr 2008
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PENTAX K20D With 14.6 megapixels, it's the highest in its class The PENTAX K20D digital SLR offers advanced photo enthusiasts an array of exciting PENTAX innovations. The newly developed CMOS image sensor brings out optimum performance of PENTAX interchangeable lenses. Featuring 14.6 effective megapixels (highest in its class) and the latest noise-reduction technology, the sensor assures superb image quality. This SLR will make you feel in control with its Live View function that allows the photographer to see the image on the camera’s back panel LCD monitor while shooting. *******www.microglobe******
11 Apr 2008
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Discover the methods for shooting and uploading video to your business web site that will increase your traffic and profits. Digital Video Centre *******digitalvideocentre****
10 Apr 2008
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The PENTAX K200D, perfect for developing digital SLR users, offers an easy-to-use interface and incorporates award winning PENTAX imaging technology. With 10.2 megapixels, this DSLR features many of the advancements that are incorporated in the PENTAX K20D, including a 2.7 inch LCD monitor, Custom Image functions for perfect control over how images are developed, and the Expanded Dynamic Range function. Compatible with any PENTAX lens. *******www.microglobe******
28 Sep 2010
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Footage of the digital inks for a character I created for a new comic book story idea. Copyright 2008 J.T. Blevins
12 Apr 2008
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ראיון שערכה איתי אודליה דהן מערוץ 3 אודות תערוכת ההדפסים שלי "ציון דיגיטלית" - פופ ארט פוליטי ישראלי מירושלים to see the prints from Digital Zion , and the rest of my pop art giclee art-work, visit: *******www.DigitalArtPrintGallery****
14 Apr 2008
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Advanced Features and the Longest Optical Zoom of any ELPH. In the PowerShot SD890 IS Digital ELPH, the iconic ELPH style is fully complemented by the latest in digital technology. Beautifully slim and elegantly curved, the SD890 IS Digital ELPH incorporates the most powerful optical zoom in the ELPH line - a full 5x optical zoom to really expand your photographic options. A 10.0-megapixel CCD heads up a long list of advanced features that not only deliver ultra-impressive image quality, but make the entire experience fun, exciting, and creatively rewarding.
16 Apr 2008
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Major media players gathered to share experience and discuss new ideas in digital revolution. For more information, visit www.informa****.au
16 Apr 2008
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Dennis Driscoll, Owner & Digital Retouching Director, Digital Imaging joins Inside Digital Photo TV's host, Scott Sheppard live from his WPPI booth to discuss his image retouching service packages. Hear what’s included and what corrections are most popular. Find out more at: *******www.digitalimagingfirm****
25 Dec 2012
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En Digital+ toda la Eurocopa 2008 como nunca antes has soñado verla. En Digital+ vamos a darlo todo.
27 Oct 2009
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BrickHouseSecurity**** - Portable and practical, the Voice Recorder Pen can be taken anywhere to record audio from meetings, conversations, phone calls, surveillance, and other situations where an unobtrusive way of recording audio is needed. Free your mind from the distraction of taking notes to focus on the conversation. Download recordings of important meetings to your PC for later retrieval and archival. Have the facts at your fingertip, preventing any disagreements about what was said. Use this amazing pen for Voice Recording, File Storage and/or MP3 File Playback. It looks and writes like an ordinary ballpoint pen, making it inconspicuous and unobtrusive. Storing and archiving files from this recorder is as easy as drag and drop. Just plug the device into your computer via USB and your computer will automatically recognize it as a drive without the need for extra drivers or software! The Digital Voice Recorder Pen is ideal for Doctors, Executives, Lawyers, Professors, Private Investigators, and Students. This pen is a great addition to your briefcase. Use it to record meetings or take notes. You don't have to sift through hundreds of notes any longer, just playback the desired file. Use the pen to record directions while on your cell phone or to help memorize client names and important dates. Stores an amazing 64 hours of audio on 1GB of memory. Specifications * Internal Rechargeable Battery (charge through USB Port) * MP3 Player * 1 GIG of Internal Memory for up to 64 hrs of voice recordings * Works out of the box with Windows XP (no software required!) Includes * Voice Recorder Media Pen * Earphones * Key Chain Attachment * 2 Extra Pen Refills * Mini CD Program Disk (for older PCs)
16 Jun 2009
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Digital publishing services: Pressmart delivers print publications including newspapers, magazines, journals and catalogs over the new media distribution channels including web editions, mobile editions, podcastable content, RSS feeds, social networking and content aggregation services.
7 Aug 2011
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Huble Notohamiprodjo, Power Management & Industrial Control, Marvell Technology Group, demonstrates how their new "Digital Power Factor Corrections" Power Devices will save the consumer 50% consumption and deliver a cleaner signal to their devices.
7 May 2008
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*******DigitalPhotoToolkit****/go - What if you had your own digital photography business? You could... work your own hours, travel to amazing lands, sell photos worldwide... See your own digital stock photography jump out at you from travel magazines, books and billboards... If you want to learn photography, can appreciate beauty and seek to know more about the lucrative field of photography then you're going to LOVE starting your own digital photography business... Next step? Get your digital photography tips from: *******DigitalPhotoToolkit****/go
29 Apr 2008
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*******DigitalPhotoToolkit****/go - The great thing about a digital photography business is that you have a lot more freedom to work the hours YOU want, and choose the projects you want (when you want). Plus you get to travel too... All the while building your own digital stock photography folio... sell photos to stock agencies and photography magazines... create 'niche' travel photography articles - while you're having fun! And if you enjoy taking pictures, really seek out to learn photography, and you have a great appreciation for the amazing beauty of life, then you're on the right track to starting your own digital photography business... A wonderful way to embrace the beauty of life is by revealing it through photography... Next step? Get your digital photography tips from: *******DigitalPhotoToolkit****/go
30 Apr 2008
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*******HurleyPix****/easy - What's the best digital photo software available? Is it Photoshop? Or another completely different editing tool? In all honesty I have only used one tool for ALL my digital photo editing... That tool has allowed me to do things like play around with photo effects, photo image editing, resizing, cleaning images, creating eCovers and LOTS more. There's been moments of frustration but they're usually won over by the brilliant results I've managed to squeeze out... And that tool, as you probably already know, is Adobe Photo Shop. (You'll find it to be a very treasured friend!) It's not only the Photoshop actions or Photoshop plugins that make this such a cool image editor. It's the fantastic flexibility that Photoshop gives you. You could disappear into the world of Photoshop for days at a time and go on an adventure into an incredible world filled with beautiful design, sharp edged images, and snappy logos. Of course you might even have Illustrator CS open too! Let's see... you dose up on a few crafty Photoshop tutorials and start cranking out mini portfolios... and then watch as 'Photoshop admirers' beat a path to your door... Asking you sweetly... "Can you please do a little logo for me..?" Or... "Um, I really could do with a new ecover design..." But the question really is... Is Photoshop the best digital photo software available? You KNOW the answer to that... :) *******HurleyPix****/easy
20 Nov 2008
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