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A perfect couple doesn’t fight, doesn’t argue, spends a lot of time together, is regarded as ideal by the society, and doesn’t exist! That is the truth. No relationship on earth is flawless. Furthermore, it is untrue that no couple can become perfect. A couple can become perfect by mutual respect, patience, and tons of love. By accepting each other’s flaws and appreciating for little things your partner does for you is like nurturing a garden. These small things keep away the weeds that harm the bond of love between partners. Almost every Punjabi matrimony site reveals some tips & secrets for a happy married life. Practicing them can bring positive changes in the life of a Punjabi couple for sure. 1. Respect Your Partner The foremost step for making a Punjabi marriage successful is respecting the sweetheart. Individuals should never take their spouses for granted. Respecting him/her & reminding their importance in your life can enrich the relationship in several ways. Never step back in expressing gratitude to your partner. Take a pause from a hectic schedule to say ‘I Love You’ and see the relationship flourish. 2. Communicate A Lot Lack of communication in a relationship plays the bad guy. Any Punjabi marriage can reach at the verge of a divorce if there’s a lack of communication. Listen to each other patiently and do not interrupt. Communicating with each other always helps in resolving problems a person is facing. Even while you both disagree at a point, it should be resolved by meeting in person instead of texting or over a call. 3. Don’t Be Clingy; Make Room for Separateness Adoring your sweetheart is fine but being clingy can surely annoy him/her. It is healthy for a Punjabi bride/groom to have separate interests. For a happy married life, you should never force your partner to indulge in an activity just because you want him/her to do so. Refrain from clinging to the partner. Taking out some time for one’s own self is important to refresh
26 Apr 2019
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An agnostic fellow has criticized religious people. I agree with him on some points while disagreeing on others.
5 May 2019
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*******vitalcoaching****/wakeupyourpower.htm Respect! - It is okay to disagree! - solving conflicts - what is truth? - Flexible principles - Creating peace - being open minded
9 Feb 2009
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Michael Davis, MD, pediatrician discusses how to disagree with your doctor without sore feelings.
13 Apr 2008
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It elevated it from fairly cute to god-tier cute.
22 Nov 2013
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Former President Ford told Bob Woodward in a 2004 interview not to be released until after his death that he disagreed with the Iraq War and the WMD justification used to make the case.
4 Jan 2007
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Crime is arguably a big problem at Westwater Views condominiums, a 3-building complex at 12871 12873 12875 Railway Avenue, Richmond BC (Steveston, not far from Steveston Village). The Zaliks (Rob and Leora) were trying to prevent crime and inform neighbors ("duty to warn") and had put up notices (like Iny Steele and others did) of crimes which seemed like were happening every other day, at one time. The council prez, in this video, doesn't want the Zaliks to put up those notices any more. The disagreements include Bonnie White, who is in charge of parkade garage fobs, which is controversial to some, because of her hoax to get crime-preventing automatic cameras pulled down. The council prez also says he will not allow observers, and Leora Zalik says she will take the council to task. This discussion happened in a hallway. Wes Fung is the council president, here, disagreeing. There were approximately 5-7 "condo for sale" signs by realtors, then.
21 Dec 2012
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*******www.globalchange**** Most politicians in most democratic countries agree on most things. Just look at how rare it is for a new government to undo legislation passed by the previous administration. Despite all the political posturing, the real debates are not about differences in manifesto promises (often overtaken anyway by global events), but about who has the most competent and experienced leadership team. Most energy in politics today is about single issues such as Iraq, genetically modified food, stem cell research or global warming. Politicians will only have a chance of recovering respect if they start keeping to the truth which is that consensus rules and the opposition are on the whole sensible people with decent policies. Future of political parties, capitalism, socialism, middle ground, third way, liberal democrats, conservatives, labour, conservative party, green party, republicans, democrats, presidential election, America. Parliament and democracy. Comment by Dr Patrick Dixon, futurist, leading authority on global trends and conference speaker.
8 Mar 2008
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The Czech foreign minister makes clear there are differences.
7 Jan 2009
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... destroy a car ...
14 Oct 2009
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6abc Action News reports on Howard Dean and other democrats scramble to change the health care bill.
18 Dec 2009
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Eric Yaverbaum on Fox's Strategy Room with host Eric Bolling and guests, Bob Rice, Erica Payne and Monica Crowley on April 6, 2010
13 Apr 2010
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The importance of beng on the same page with your partner when it comes to parenting your child. *******www.momversation****
25 Apr 2010
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Bill O'Reilly wants to ask Megyn Kelly whether it's possible that this fairly insignificant Agriculture Department employee violated the Hatch Act.
27 Jan 2011
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18 Mar 2011
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a beautiful thing happened at the White House and the westboro cult vomits all over
9 Apr 2013
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