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This video is a compilation of escaping near deaths and sure disasters. It's going to blow make you think what could have happened if they were late.
22 Feb 2018
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Top Saves of life in A disaster in mine
1 Mar 2018
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If the shopping cart is used for something they are not meant to do and a disaster happens, is it the fault of the shopping cart?
2 Mar 2018
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I hope the driver is alright because that was a hell of an unexpected ride just to park a car. She should go back to driving school to learn properly.
12 Mar 2018
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The stairs of the nightclub was brought down by the huge number of people that have arrived at that night. No one anticipated that it can break and has a weight limit to maintain.
16 Mar 2018
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Segway tours in Blue Mountains, it's important to make the necessary preparations to ensure that your adventure tour won't be a disaster. Visit us for more adventure now.
21 Feb 2018
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If luck is not shining on you today things can’t go on as you planned. The video shows that a tank faced uploading disaster not a single time but two.
9 Mar 2018
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The little kid got served his face on the cake and from that point forward everything became a disaster. Definitely the worst birthday of this little dude.
10 Mar 2018
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Hello, my name is Liz Javier, and I am an official stateside contracted Recruiter for Landi English, as well as a Regular Teacher. I have a Master’s degree in Education, with an emphasis in ESOL, and I have been teaching ESL for over 5 years now. Within those 5 years, I’ve held different positions that have allowed me to work directly with the ESL student population. I have my own local business, where I tutor both children and adult ESL learners. I was also a language interpreter for my local school district and a Red Cross volunteer for interpretation services during national disasters. I decided to start teaching online because I started to homeschool my 10-year-old son, and 6-year-old daughter. I wanted the opportunity to continue to teach from home, so I started doing research on different online schools. I decided to apply for Landi English because I was looking for a company that held high standards for their students and teachers, that would provide comprehension training, as well as offer a stable work schedule. I found all three of these requirements with Landi English.
1 Mar 2018
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Disaster bloopers- extremely funny
21 May 2006
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Can our city face such a disaster?
17 Sep 2006
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The Disasters are going to teach you all about punk rock.
14 Jan 2007
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