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DOC LLC is the most prominent IT disaster recovery services provider with advanced technologies in data backup and restoration. Our planning and strategy implementation on disaster recovery is proved for any corporate infrastructure. We have 24/7 customer support for disaster recovery services.
24 Apr 2017
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Landslide disaster that occurred in the national road Takengen Bintang Utung Utung Mendale village Kebayakan District Central Aceh Province Aceh Tidal landslide covering the road approximately 150 meters so that the total cover Access road to gayo district lues
24 Apr 2017
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Natural disaster Landslide Utung-Utung Lut Tawar 1 person allegedly Missing dragged down the landslide
24 Apr 2017
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Bluewater Consulting Group is one of the best IT solutions and IT outsourcing service provider in Philadelphia. We offer various services to banks and small businesses such as business continuity and disaster recovery, auditing and compliance, virtualization, collocation services etc. Bluewater Consulting Group has designed IT solutions with customized options because every firm varies in their budget, size, etc .
22 Apr 2017
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The action of the great fighters that resulted in the incidence of a broken right hand in Indonesia in a championship broadcast by a private television and in the event the team of doctors directly help the fighters who experienced the disaster
21 Apr 2017
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Second camera citizen recording people dragged the big flood due to not want to hear the advice of rescue team flood disaster
20 Apr 2017
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It happened in South Korea when Coldplay’s Chris Martin requested 70,000 people to remain silent for a few seconds in the remembrance of the Sewol Ferry Disaster.
19 Apr 2017
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Clean up those big kitchen disasters, trash spillovers and garage debris in a snap, The Bigmouth Bagger gives you hands free clean up.
16 Apr 2017
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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 There are different types of radiation. Radiation can be useful, but it can also be dangerous, and some types are more dangerous than others. Some kinds of radiation exposure can increase the probability of genetic damage and of developing diseases such as cancer and tumors. Radiation sickness is a kind of illness that happens when body tissues are exposed to radioactive substances. It can occur when there is accidental exposure to high doses of radiation, such as nuclear power plant accidents or when radiation is used for medical treatments. Some well-known examples of incidents that have caused radiation sickness include the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, when a massive explosion caused intense radiation to spread over a wide area. Radiation can also come from everyday activities, such as exposure to the sun. The effects of radioactive poisoning can last for months and years.
15 Apr 2017
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This is a horrendous scene to witness. Due to extreme rainfall in Peru and Columbia, 300 people have lost their lives.
7 Apr 2017
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Ice Cold Party Trailers West Palm Beach, FL, 33411 (561) 718-2614 Ice Cold Party Trailers are designed for your convenience. These trailers are completely self contained including cooling system and generator. Each trailer will keep a temperature, down to, 35 degrees. Ice is not needed to keep your items cold, but if you would like use ice, it will keep your ice from melting as fast. Rent one for your special event or for an extended period by the month. These portable walk-in coolers are great for vendors, parties, caterers, weddings, extra space for restaurants or flower shops, emergency power outages, disasters, even hunting, yes put your game in a walk-in cooler while still in the woods. Our small unit can be pulled by just about anything with a hitch, it's 8' long and only 4' high. Check out it's easy access side doors. For more information you can call us at (561) 718-2614. Party Equipment, Refrigeration Equipment Rental, Refrigerated Rental, Refrigeration Trailer Rental, Party Rental Service Portable Walk In Coolers, Portable Refrigeration, Refrigerated Trailers, Refrigerated Trailer Rental, Refrigerated Trailer Sale, Cooler Trailers, Mobile Cold Storage, Mobile Refrigeration, Refrigerated Trucks For Sale, Emergency Refrigeration for Rent, Mobile Cooler Trailer Rental Company, Mobile Freezer Container Leasing, Mobile Refrigeration for Rent, Freezer Container Rental
5 Apr 2017
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We at Extreme Spells cast special magical spells for breakup containing break-up energies to end a relationship into a disaster. After infusion of these spells, the couple will start seeing things differently and start fighting which ultimately turns to separation. We keep your identity safe and protected, no one could ever verify your evidence in this process. Stay assured, Stay spoiled!
27 Mar 2017
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The CleanUP Guys has become an industry leader in the Chicago land area and suburbs for bringing same day, next day and emergency services to those who are experiencing some sort of disaster restoration and recovery need!
24 Mar 2017
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Wintellisys offer Microsoft Azure Backup, a spectacular Cloud Computing Platform that will help to protect your corporate data with its cloud disaster recovery service.
17 Mar 2017
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AceNet Solutions Pty Ltd is a leading IT Solutions consultancy and Managed Service Provider. AceNet is only partnered with leading ICT vendors applying only best-of-breed technologies in a brand agnostic approach that meets each customer’s specific requirements.
16 Mar 2017
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A safe is a box that is secured with a lock to protect valuables that are placed in them from theft or damage The different types of safes are diversion safes, fire resistant safes, wall safes, jewelry safes, burglar safes, environmental resistant safes, and smart safes A diversion safe is a safe that is built to resemble to look like another object that is placed in a room It is one of the most common types of safes and is used to store objects inconspicuously Fire resistant safes are made with materials that are resistant to extreme temperatures Certain fire resistant safes are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures for durations of up to 4 hours Wall safes are installed in walls and can easily be concealed with a piece of furniture or paintings It can also be installed in various wall thicknesses Jewelry safes are made with internal chests with fine fabrics and wood to store jewelry Jewelry safes are a combination of both; a burglar and fire resistant safe Burglar resistant safes are resistant to various tools that could be used to break into the safe Environment resistant safes are resistant to certain elements of nature It is specifically designed to protect the objects that are in the safe during a natural disaster These safes undergo a safe fall test to record the resistant of a safe when it falls from a certain height or when debris falls on it during a fire ATM machines and coin dispensers are types of smart safes It is designed to automatically dispense cash creating a safer transaction environment and eliminating the need for personal transaction Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Safes and Vaults Manufacturers in UAE i e at *******www yellowpages-uae com/uae/safes-and-vaults
8 Mar 2017
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