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The clip Disastrous license hearing from Casino (1995) with Robert De Niro, Dick Smothers. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. Mr. Chairman, members of the commission... Mr. Rothstein is pleased to be here today. When the day finally came, I was ready. I felt so confident that all I had to do was present my case. We have documents, one of which is a report by retired F.B.I. agents... which completely absolves Mr. Rothstein from any wrongdoing. Counselor, before you continue... I want to have this marked... This commission is prepared to act on a motion denying the Rothstein application. Denying? Do I hear a motion seconded? Mr. Chairman, I second the motion. Do I have a vote on the motion? Aye. Aye. Aye. The ayes have it. This hearing is adjourned. You have to be kidding. Adjourned? What do you mean, "Adjourned"? Senator, you promised me a hearing. You didn't even look at the F.B.I. reports. When you were my guest at the Tangiers Hotel, did you not promise me a fair hearing? I was never your guest. You were never my guest? I never comped you? I don't comp you at least three times a month? I'd like to answer that. Mr. Rothstein is being very typical to this point. He's lying. The only time I was at the Tangiers was with Barney Greenstein. Was I at that dinner? Tell me, was I at that dinner? You were wandering. Was I at that dinner? Was I? You were wandering. You were... in the... You were in the building. I was in the building? You know I was at that dinner, and you swore to me I would have a fair hearing. Did you not? Did you not? Well, tell me I was at least at the dinner. Allow me that much. Give me that much at least! Yes, you were. Thanks for not calling me a liar, you son of a bitch. You son of a...
15 Jun 2012
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