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Stove Mica is used as viewing windows for wood stoves. Mica discs, slides and strips peel easily to an ultra-thin thickness up to .0001” and fits in, microscope slides easily. Axim Mica has excellent electrical, physical, mechanical and thermal staying power properties.
3 May 2017
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18 May 2017
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Blu-ray Disc has another great usage. Blu-ray has the ability to back-up important information. But how does it compare to CD ROMS, HD DVDS, and Floppy Discs? Find Out Here! www.MyBlu-RayMovies****
14 Dec 2006
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Make a CD Disc Image/ISO file to use on your virtual drives. Easy process
8 Feb 2007
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Enjoy all of your favorite Johnny Mathis hits in this brand new 3 disc set. Go without it no more.
22 Feb 2007
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concise guide to a good disc golf game
19 Mar 2007
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Amazing playstation 3 advertisement. This shows you how much contents you can put on a single blu-ray disc.
22 Apr 2007
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This shows a floppy disc drive in action
31 May 2007
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Fix a scratched up disc without using toothpaste
19 Jul 2007
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*******live.pirillo**** - Do you remember the last time you went to restore your computer? Of course you do. You looked in the box, shuffled through all of the papers and discs... and found NO restore disc.
22 Aug 2007
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Throw-around session with the Flashflight lighted flying disc. [*******www.flashflight****] - Great visual and light show simply throwing a disc in the park or backyard.
13 Sep 2007
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Flashflight lighted flying disc 30 second promo reel. [*******www.flashflight****]
13 Sep 2007
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*******live.pirillo**** - PGP's "Whole Disc Encryption" sounds like a good idea. Everything is protected! But, what about the drawbacks of that? What about the fact that it's considered a 'feature'... one that can be disabled anytime a user chooses?
11 Nov 2007
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What's the life span of a CD / DVD. How long can you feel confident the data will be accessible anytime you need it. Is there a difference between a Movie / Music Disc or a disc you burn?
17 Oct 2007
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First FDA-Approved Artificial Disc For The Cervical Spine Now Available In Texas Sabatino Bianco, MD, Trinity Clinic Neurosurgeon and Director of the Trinity Mother Frances Neuroscience Institute is the first in the region to offer a new FDA approved cervical arthroplasty implant that can provide some patients a chance to maintain motion in their necks following surgery for cervical degenerative disc disease.
18 Oct 2007
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Play games on CD-R whitout mod-chip or those swap discs. All you need is: 1.Original Playstation game (I use demo) 2.The CD-R game you want to play 3.Something to push the disc cover sensor down 4.Littlebit practise. This is probably the best FREE way to do this, so if you can't buy a chip or swap disc, then this is for you. I have used this for 1,5 years, and no harm done.
27 Oct 2007
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