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IGN We test solid-state drives vs. traditional hard disc drives. Which is faster?
2 Jun 2009
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Crankless Michell, 8 Cylinder, Slipper Plate, Disc Drive, Model Air Engine, NAMES 2006, The Home Shop Machinist (Village Press), March/April 2007, page 37. Model built by Clif Roemmich. Google search on: crankless engine slipper plate
8 Nov 2009
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We test solid-state drives vs. traditional hard disc drives. Which is faster?
9 Dec 2009
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Sometimes something can happen and all of a sudden, you put in a DVD or CD into your disc drive, and nothing happens. Obviously everything is hooked up right (as far as you know). If you know everything is working right and the disc drive still opens and closes, then here is something you can do to possibly help the situation. We are going to be editing the registry a little by deleting one or two files in there. Be sure to backup the registry if you must. Once you are ready, read on and follow the video. 1. Go to Start 2. Click Run 3. Type "regedit" (without the quotation marks) 4. Navigate to the following file: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\(4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318) 5. Once there, look through the files that show up in the right window. You should see 1 or 2 files. They will be called "upper filter" or "lower filter". If you see any of those in there, click on them and press the Delete key. Not the Backspace key. Delete. It will get rid of it. 6. Restart your computer. Now your CD/DVD drive should be working again. You can try copying and pasting the code that I gave in the description in the Find command on the registry, but whenever I tried to do it, it wouldn't find it right. If you can't find it with the Find command, just follow to the place I did. Make sure it's the right file so you don't delete any of the wrong files. Hope this helps! Any questions? Comment here or Message me. I will be making voice tutorials soon. I just need to find my mic.\ NOTE: FOR EVERYONE GETTING MAD BECAUSE IT WONT WORK FOR THEM AND THEY CAN'T FIND THE VALUES IN THEIR REGISTRY, THAT DOESN'T MEAN THIS VIDEO IS A 1 STAR VIDEO. THAT JUST MEANS YOUR PROBLEM LIES SOMEWHERE ELSE. MOST LIKELY WITH THE DRIVE ITSELF. IF YOU NEED HELP WITH THAT, I MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP YOU. JUST MESSAGE ME.
14 Dec 2009
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Max detail settings, 2x AA, everything else turned off, native res of 1366x768. This laptop is very slim and light with great battery life, yet it can still play MW2 and other games like Left 4 Dead 2 and Team Fortress 2. This is not a crazy gaming laptop or anything, it is what you buy if you want super portability and the ability to game at a satisfactory level. and yes it has an optical disc drive, the 13.3" version does not, and as of now the 13.3" version has a lower capacity battery. The 14" version is only half an inch longer, so I bought it, but both laptops have the same performance so buy what suits you.
7 Apr 2010
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You can use the WiFi Decoder to decode WEP passwords and use the WiFi for free! 1. Install the driver. 2. Plug in the WiFi Decoder 3. Reboot PC with WiFi Decoder software DVD in Disc Drive. 4. Follow the steps in the video Detail at
2 Sep 2010
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You can use the Comfast 5000G With 10dBi antenna to decode WEP passwords and use the WiFi for free! 1. Install the driver. 2. Plug in the Comfast 5000G 3. Reboot PC with Comfast 5000G software DVD in Disc Drive. 4. Follow the steps in the video Detail at
15 Jun 2011
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fixing open tray error very simple tap when disc drive starts very quicly and if doesnt work open and close try again
29 Jun 2011
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I purchased this Wii November 19. After more then 24 hours of use the disc drive stopped working. Here is a video of what happens. UPDATE: I hope this video did not give anyone a bad impression of Nintendo or Wii. This seems to be a small defect that not many people have and hopefully everything will be fixed. Thanks for understanding. ^_^ UPDATE: Called Nintendo November 28. Nintendo said they will send a replacement for the system within 4 days. Recorded the call for records. Nintendo told me that this launch has been good. Not many reports of defective Wii systems. They also said that I was the first to report a system that creates that noise and the first to have one reported that has scratched the Wii disc. Thanks for the support and I hope this news helps rest you assure that Nintendo Wii's defects like this is rare. UPDATE: New Wii system arrives November 30. ^_^
13 Jul 2011
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The clip alex's mission from Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2006) with Bill Nighy, Alex Pettyfer And finally, an amazing gift made to the British nation. The Stormbreaker has been called the most sophisticated personal computer of the 21st century. And one month ago its multi-billionaire inventor Darrius Sayle made his astonishing announcement. That's right. I'm gonna give a Stormbreaker to every school in the country. And while I'm at it, I wouldn't mind giving you one too. Really, Mr Sayle! We don't trust him. Why not? Well, we don't trust anyone. It's sort of what we do. We thought Sayle was too good to be true. So, six months ago we put in an agent to keep an eye on him. Are you talking about my uncle? Yes. Sayle has a manufacturing plant in Cornwall. It's built on top of what used to be a tin mine. Lan Rider went there as a security guard. He sent us these images of the old mine entrancejust outside Sayles'complex. In his last message to us, he mentioned a virus. A computer virus? He was on his way to tell us. But he never arrived. Something's going on. We need to get someone to take a look around, and this may be our last chance. Why me? I'll show you. This is Kevin Blake. He's a computer nerd. Six weeks ago he won a competition in a computer magazine. Disc Drive World. Do you ever read it? No. The first prize was a visit to Cornwall, and a chance to try out the Stormbreaker. He's due to arrive tomorrow. It's a PR stunt. Mr Sayle is trying to show the world what a nice man he is. Get a kiddie in to look at the works. Now you will take his place. Yeah, but I look nothing like him. We've spoken to the editor. Huh. There's just one problem. I know nothing about computers and I'm not a computer nerd. But you soon will be.
30 Nov 2011
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The clip alex goes to sayle enterprise from Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2006) with Missi Pyle, Alex Pettyfer May we remind you to keep your baggage with you at all times. Unattended baggage will be removed and may be destroyed. Miss Vole? I'm the editor of Disc Drive World. Then this must be Kevin. That's me. You should say goodbye now. Well, goodbye, Kevin. I hope you find your stay most informative. I'm sure it will be. I am Nadia Vole. I work for Mr Sayle. Press and public relations. A PR? It is a very important job. This is Port Tallon. It is a fishing village. Nice place. Not if you're a fish.
30 Nov 2011
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Create the PC of Your Dreams / BE STEALTH. BE ACCURATE. OR... BE DEAD! If there is a situation that the US government can't allow, it would surely be an old Uranium mine controlled by guerilla forces in a rogue state. Take part in a secret Delta Force mission to secure the site as an elite commando sniper. Not only international security, but also your own security lays in your hands, as you infiltrate the enemy compounds with one goal: shoot to kill. If you can't manage to remain unseen, you won't make it home! * Enjoy a fully realistic ballistic system that accounts for distance falloff and environmental effects such as wind * Manage your breathing for increased accuracy of sniper shots * Cooperate with your spotter for a better SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: • OS: Windows XP/Vista • Processor: 1.6 GHz CPU • RAM: 512MB or more • Disc Drive: DVD-ROM drive • Hard Drive: 2GB or more free space • Video Card: ATI Radeon 8500 or GeForce3 class gfx card (or better recommended • Sound Card: 16-bit DirectX 9 compatible sound card • Input Device: Keyboard, mouse, joystick and/or game pad
18 Sep 2012
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i was pissed off and messing around i found this i hope this helps you. Sadly my xbox did die one year later here it is how to open your xbox if it won open
2 May 2013
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Codemasters founder says physical disc drive in Xbox One is like dragging a dead body, Microsoft says console designed to be on for 10 years.
2 Aug 2013
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FOR MORE INSIDE GAMING, GO TO: Kovic and Bruce talk about the Xbox One having disc drive issues at launch. Microsoft's response: "Any customer who believes they are experiencing an issue with their Xbox One should reach out to us. There are many avenues available for customers to get in touch with us including: - Talking to a live customer support person that can call you back if you don't want to wait - for support pages and forums - On Twitter with XboxSupport - There are also Help and diagnostics on the console by saying 'Xbox Help'" Xbox One GAME REVIEWS! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sign up to receive updates, offers, and information from Machinima. WANT TO JOIN THE MACHINIMA AFFILIATE PROGRAM? FILL OUT AN APPLICATION HERE: Link:
30 Nov 2013
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Hey guys! If you enjoyed the video, please smack the like button! ------- My Twitter: My Facebook: ---------- Music by Ronald Jenkees & NineDiamond. ---------- tags: GTA 5 on Xbox One!! (How to play GTA V on XB1) GTA 5 on Xbox One!! (How to play GTA V on XB1) GTA 5 on Xbox One!! (How to play GTA V on XB1) GTA 5 on Xbox One!! (How to play GTA V on XB1) "xbox one" "gta 5" "gta 5 on xbox one" "disc drive" "xbox one disc drive" "rrod" "red ring" "red light" "xbox one failure" "xbox one red ring" "xbox one red light" "amber" "faulty" "faulty xbox one" "ps4" "xbox one vs ps4" "ps4 problem" "xbox one problem" "faulty ps4" "overheating" "heat" "smoke" "on fire" "champchong" "gaming news"
14 Dec 2013
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