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A vampire named Saya, who is part of covert government agency that hunts and destroys demons in a post-WWII Japan, is inserted in a military school to discover which one of her classmates is a demon is disguise.
18 Nov 2009
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Jet Li defeats evil, sending into a pit of lava, in his quest to save the soul of a young physician. The Sorcerer And The White Snake is available VOD now - in theaters February 8. Action director Ching Siu-Tung helms this fantasy film based on an old Chinese legend about an herbalist who falls in love with a thousand-year-old White Snake disguised as a woman. Jet Li stars as a sorcerer who discovers her true identity and battles to save the man's soul.
11 Jan 2013
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Better than transformers don't believe watch it.
28 Aug 2009
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So You Think A Mobile Phone Is Only A Mobile Phone.? Think Again Its Not Of This World.! Its Actually An Alien In Disguise - FACT..!! ---- + WARNING + Please Do Not Try This At Home ----
20 Nov 2008
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*******norshah.blogspot**** Bud Light Husband Plan Funny Ads
4 Jun 2008
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An original music video created by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox (including lyrics/vocals). BOXMAN T-SHIRT & POSTERS: this video in higher quality and download video/MP3 at let me tell you how this all came to be I'm doin this here rap for your safety so all you kids dont mess up like me and be disowned by your family so check it, this is how it all began I was chillin, eatin' some raisin bran I decided it was time to get a tan so I grabbed my scissors and then I ran I forgot my house was two stories tall I missed the first step and began to fall What happened next I could not recall I was impaled by the scissors and thats not all I thought I could get some help on the street I got run over by a f---ing Jeep the rest of this mess I will not repeat to help keep your lunch, I've been discrete (box / the boxman / he's the boxman / he's the boxman / he's a box / he's a boxman / boxman / he's a box / man) I woke up in a strange location some dirty bum had an explanation apparently he had no education he turned my body into an abomination he said he found me on the road nearly dead it was necessary he fix my torso and my head he had no human parts so he used a box instead the news was so overwhelming that I fled (box / the boxman / he's the boxman / he's the boxman / he's a box / he's a boxman / boxman / he's a box / man) [yo, what's up homie, you know that boxman? yeah, he used to be a part of my clique yeah, well what about now? I don't know man, he can suck my --] it's hard to live with a body of cardboard you'd think with this cute smile I'd be adored but since the accident I've always been ignored I trust one day that my hope will be restored I'd like to meet a girl who likes me for me but of course no girl likes a guy made of tree I get so desparate that a cry and I plea I'd even take a fat girl to a tolerable degree I guess it ain't that bad to be a box like me hey, at least I ain't Mary-Kate or Ashley if I ever want to travel across the sea I disguise myself as a package and fly for free Well the moral of the story is airfare's expensive as hell so that's the end of my tale, so long, and farewell (box / the boxman / he's the boxman / he's the boxman / he's a box / he's a boxman / boxman / he's a box / man) (x3)
11 Jun 2009
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Prank calling friends via instant messaging and VoIP. Change your voice and disguise your age, gender or identity.
13 Dec 2006
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*******www.transformer-bumblebee-gift****/ is a sneaky little salvage and scrap bot, always underfoot when you least expect it. As a reconnaissance specialist, he's equipped to the teeth with mid-range surveillance equipment. But his real asset is stealth, tooling along unseen and unsuspected while he accomplishes his mission. Unfortunately for his mission, he often bites off more than he can chew—and ends up being the one chewed on! Wheelie isn't really a bad sort: a loving home and a little strict discipline could whip him into shape, although he does seem to have a bit of a "mouth" on him. Disguised as a remote-controlled monster truck toy, Wheelie was ordered by Soundwave to steal the All Spark fragment that belonged to Mikaela Banes. Wheelie attempted to unlock the safe in her garage containing the fragment, but the noise he made in trying to avoid the various dangerous objects on the floor alerted her to his presence, so she picked him up with tongs and burnt out his left eye with a blowtorch. Despite his protests, Mikaela locked him inside a box, which she took to Princeton University when Sam Witwicky told her he had been having visions and breakdowns induced by the fragment. Although Starscream later bisected Mikaela's car, Wheelie's box was undamaged and she retrieved and stored it in Bumblebee's boot. This is technically bestiality, right? This is technically bestiality, right? Wheelie was let out of the box at Seymour Simmons's deli in New York City. Mikaela held him with a chain, but promised she would not hurt him if he promised to explain the Cyberglyphics Sam had been hallucinating about and answer whether he could find a Seeker. Wheelie did, and he accompanied Mikaela, Sam, Simmons, Leo Spitz, Bumblebee, Skids and Mudflap to find Jetfire at the Smithsonian. Wheelie was enraptured by Jetfire's discussion of how he defected from the Decepticons to the Autobots, and decided he too would defect, humping Mikaela's leg in joy. Sam objected, but Mikaela noted Wheelie was faithful, unlike her boyfriend. Wheelie was taken by Jetfire's space bridge to Jordan, and from there he travelled with the humans and Autobots to the Pyramids of Egypt, where he presumably decided to stay safely while everyone else searched for the Tomb of the Primes. *******www.transformer-bumblebee-gift****/
12 Jan 2010
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Save your privacy and get back into banned websites. Please comment and rate.
6 Jan 2007
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Devil in Disguiseyou look like an angel walk like an angeltalk like an angel but i got wiseyou're the devil in disguise oh yes you aredevil in disguiseyou fooled me with your kissesyou cheated and you scheamedheaven knows how you lied to meyou're not the way you seemedyou look like an angel walk like an angeltalk like an angel but i got wiseyoure the devil in disguise oh yes you arethe devil in disguisei thought that i was in heavenbut i was sure surprisedheaven help me i didn't seethe devil in your eyesyou look like an angel walk like an angeltalk like an angel but i got wiseyoure the devil in disguise oh yes you aredevil in diguisesoloyoure the devil in disguise oh yes you aredevil in disguise oh yes you aredevil in disguise oh yes you aredevil in disguise oh yes you are
22 Jan 2009
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A flower disguised as a parrot
6 Apr 2006
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Whereas the Earth is the home of a variety of organic-based lifeforms, the planet of Cybertron is the homeworld of a race of robots which have the ability to transform into other mechanisms, with each Transformer having its own unique disguise. The Transformers are divided into two separate camps: the good and just Autobots, who are led by Optimus Prime (whose disguise is a red 18-wheel semi truck); and the evil Decepticons, who are led by Megatron (who transforms into a gun; there's a good deal of size-shifting involved with Megatron as well). With fuel supplies (called Energon Cubes) on Cybertron running low, both forces travel through space looking for a new source, which leads them to Earth, which from their perspective in rich in the minerals and chemicals they need. Disguising themselves as cars, airplanes and boats, the Transformers engage in a secret war for control of Earth's bountiful natural resources... Transformers it at cinemas everywhere from 27th July 2007.
12 Jun 2007
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Mustachioed celebrities flaunt their amusing disguises.
22 Feb 2012
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