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This player would never dissappoint you. Ronaldinho
20 Mar 2006
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I know it's only round 2, but like they say, "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" which means I'm ready to go. Voters help me get to the top spot and I will not dissappoint you's, thank you.
23 May 2007
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Jimmy Kimmel gives LeBron James some friendly ribbing over Ohio State's National Champsionship dissappointment at the hands of Florida this year.
26 Jun 2007
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*UPDATE* *won 2nd place in ShadowKloneKakashi's amv contest (yahoo)preety good for my first contest huh? OMFG FINALLY!!!! after over 3 months of working, i finally finished my ultimate amv, naruto goodbye, all of those who waited to see this, u wont be dissappointed i promise. i worked hard on this and i think i deserve and honor, so plz do everything u can to get this vid known
10 May 2008
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An AP Reporter follows around a working musician, singer and songwriter to get the inside story of what life is really like trying to make a living as a working musician on the road. No Glorious Rock Star life style is shown here, but more of the heartache, dissappointment, rejection and failure that these musicians go through every day to stay alive in one of the toughest business out there.
1 Jul 2008
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Dr. Forgot shows off his meticulously maintained vintage Jaguar. In this Episode, the professor and a friend are dissappointed that their favorite omelette place had closed at 3 in the afternoon.
2 Jul 2008
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If you are ready to get started on the journey to building your MLM Biz Online, and you want to avoid the dissappointments, I will share with you the first 3 things you need to know before you get started.
29 Oct 2008
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Lloyd Place Apartments is conveniently located off the I-5 Interstate taking the Weidler St/Rose Quarter Exit. close We are within walking distance to the MAX, Tri-met busline #8, major hotels, grocery stores, banks and several more boutiques and fine dining establishments. We are currently renting and pre-leasing large one and two bedroom apartment homes. Our community offers a 24-hour full size exercise center with on-site fitness trainer. This is a great way to meet your neighbors and make new friends. We are open 7-days a week and professionally managed by Pinnacle Realty an American Management Sevices NW Company. Stop by today and see all we have to offer. You will not be dissappointed. View these apartments for rent on line at
12 Dec 2008
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Sasuke is dissappointed from his brother as he sees Itachi again after being apart for serveal years. Itachi has to think over his ideals, wishs and his realtionship to Sasuke. In the end, he fights himself to find the answer.
8 Jun 2009
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Beautiful La Costa Oaks location adjacent to open space. You won't be dissappointed with the open and spacious floor plan featuring an amazing courtyard with a fireplace to enjoy San Diego outdoor living!
25 Sep 2009
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4:02 has a 2006 Mercury Montego in spectacular shape. Lots of options and you will not be dissappointed. Call Michael Ledford 423-476-1191
18 Nov 2009
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This player would never dissappoint you. Ronaldinho
12 May 2010
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Keith Lowell Jensen is best known as the atheist on The Coexist? Comedy Tour and from Spike TV's Manswers where he was seen panhandling lunch money from a bus full of school children and labeled "The Bill Gates of Begging". To The Moon, his most recent live comedy CD, captures Jensen taking a break from touring to return to his hometown of Sacramento CA and perform an hour long set at a favorite venue, Luna's Cafe. Subjects include people who bring kids to comedy shows, Jenny McCarthy's autism crusade and the trials of being constantly mistaken for a homosexual or as the comic puts it, being "hella gay at being straight." Jensen's core fan base may be at first dissappointed to hear that he does not tackle religion on this recording but upon listening will find the skeptic's outlook front and center throughout. Get it at
21 Oct 2010
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0:39 England v France 17 November 2010 Wembley Stadium. - live soccer internet broadcasts There will be a full house at Wembley on Wednesday to watch two countries that were utterly hopeless in the World Cup finals in the summer. A packed national stadium is not because of recent form or seeing world class players. But as a result of some aggressive ticket management by the FA and the drastic price reduction on offer to local residents. Hey but that is just the opinion of some ardent and dissappointed fans from the world cup. Winning and losing is just part of the game. For those of you love to watch the game in the true spirit you would be wondering where to watch it if you didn't get the tickets or if you are from out of town. Would you like to watch your favourite team in action week in and week out? Are you tired of fighting with the missus for control of the television? Are you paying a bomb for terrestrial and satellite television? Do you want to watch live football from the comfort of your computer? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then TRUEONLINETV is the panacea to all your problems. The link above leads you to the # 1 website for HD and economical football internet streaming. Tuesday 16th November 2010 International Friendly Matches Live: Scotland v Faroe Islands Wednesday 17th November 2010 International Friendly Matches Live: Argentina v Brazil, Austria v Greece, Bulgaria v Serbia, Denmark v Czech Republic, Egypt v Australia, England v France, Hungary v Lithuania, Ireland v Norway, Luxembourg v Algeria, Netherlands v Turkey, Northern Ireland v Morocco, Portugal v Spain, Romania v Italy, Russia v Belgium, Slovakia v Bosnia And Herzegovina, Slovenia v Georgia, South Africa v United States, Sweden v Germany.
16 Nov 2010
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By utilizing few Monster High party Supplies one can flip an ordinary jane celebration into something breathtaking.For virtually anyone eager to enjoy their bday in style the wide range of supplies themed for the teenagers of Monster High will be more than sufficient to do this. The licensed Monster High party supplies will not dissappoint anyone who has been patiently anticipating their release. Primarily purple the party items have a plaid effect and they are rather Ghoulishly gorgeous..Visit for ideas, tips plus a range of official , exclusive and custom Monster High party supplies ideal for any budget
22 Feb 2012
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ronaldthecockTL:DR I had a hard drive failure and lost everything, so I am unable to finish this film. As is my custom, I am simply releasing the most finalized render I had for it. :( . details below. The plot I had intended for this video was as follows. The idea was to have these three individual groups chasing the escape vehicle which is seen flying throughout many of the shots. They would be running around this harsh apocalyptic wasteland. As the varied groups chased the escape Vehicle, they would each take a different path and eventually end up within sight of the escape vehicle's landing location. However, When the escape vehicle was preparing to land , it was going to be shot down by a fourth party. The three main parties, shown in the video, would each be dissappointed, seeing their ticket home go up in flames. I would pull out to reveal that by chasing this vehicle, all of the parties involved had unintentionally come together, and they would find that though the thing they wanted (escape) was now lost, They could still have something meaningful (a group, family, safety) by sticking together in order to survive. I had already re-worked much of the video to accommodate this end, but that footage was lost with my hard drive. Additionally I had some very specific plans with the audio mix to help communicate these ideas. Cest' la vie. you guys must be getting pretty angry at me for posting dead and unfinished projects so often, But this time I have a good excuse. On saturday I had a major hard drive failure and I lost my SFM drive along with my 4 current projects. I'm still hopeful about being able to salvage two of the Projects, but this one is unfortunately dead. Again, this is a snapshot of a film half-finished, so I'm sorry nothing makes sense or goes anywhere. I had some good stuff planned for this and hope to return to the style. What happened? My main SFM drive had a mechanical failure which caused me to lose all the data on it. This has happened to me before but not in many years. I am not making efforts to recover the data. I know that is a troublesome road and will only make me more sad about losing data, I am instead choosing to see this as a starting over point. Many people in the SFM community like to back up their DMX's automatically to dropbox, I will be adopting this workflow and would reccommend others consider the same. More soon.
7 May 2013
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