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how you get work done when girls like these distract you
4 Dec 2008
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Speaking to reporters after the first presidential debate, Obama campaign advisor Susan Rice says that McCain was involved in the decisions that led to a focus on Iraq, distracting our forces from the central front in the war on terror, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
3 Oct 2008
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"Don't let beautiful Distractions divert you from having the ride of your life". And although the bird seems to be heading for certain disaster, I say F$#% it! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to fly through a wave, I wont let anything distract me from going forward, not even a nuclear explosion.
12 Apr 2009
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Wouldn't you be distracted too?
19 Dec 2008
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Brandon Gilbert talks about conspiracy as being a distraction and waste of time. *******brandon-gilbert.blogspot****
9 Jan 2009
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Sit Means Sit Police K-9 remote dog training school, has made it so it will soon be the norm that police K-9 handlers will be able to handle their dog under the most severe of distractions with scentwork and bitework. Liabilities are reduced.
26 Jun 2009
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*******tinyurl****/distractionbuster Let's face it, we all have distractions online and off. Here is the proof that I am permanently dealing with distractions and my advice for all of you who feel the same yet still want to "get as much done" as I do... in fact, I feel certain that you will do even better than I!
20 Jul 2009
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*******kadenchiropractic**** Hermosa Beach, CA Chiropractor Frank E. Kaden, D.C. using Flexion-Distraction Technique for Back Pain, Disc Herniations and Sciatica. Get out of pain fast! Call 310-251-0862 - Hermosa Beach Chiropractor - Hermosa Beach Chiropractic - Hermosa Beach Pain Specialist - Hermosa Beach Back Pain Relief - Hermosa Beach Back Specialist - Hermosa Beach Sciatica Specialist - Hermosa Beach Sciatica Relief - Hermosa Beach Disc Herniation Relief - Hermosa Beach Disc Herniation Specialist
23 Jul 2009
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*******www.squidoo****/focusonschool - Nervous about coming classes? Afraid you might screw up (again)? Imagine you’re in between a bookstore and a movie theater. You have to buy a book you need for your class. Here comes the theater with all its glory and you just can’t resist—you have enough money for that movie you’ve been dying to see. Your book says “bye bye” because you’re still in the theater when you know you should be working towards that grade you need. Funny thing is the same thing happens every semester. Lesson is simple. Stay away from things that easily distract you, especially when it all happens like automatic.
17 Oct 2009
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*******www***nqueryouranxiety**** You may have become aware that thoughts of a panic attack start when you are doing nothing more energetic than having another cup of coffee. If this is the case, to start controlling panic attacks, move around if you can and find a distraction as soon as you begin to feel uncomfortable.
7 Dec 2009
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Part of the section on Distraction from the Self Defence DVD by www.practicalselfprotection**** Specialists in reality based self defence training. Whether you are looking for basic self defence training, want to gain a black belt in self defence, interested in corporate training or self defence for kids, we have something to offer. Find out more at www.practicalselfprotection****
11 Apr 2010
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Need to focus on a task without all those other open windows distracting you? On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you how to use CinemaDrape to close out everything except your most important task.
4 Jul 2010
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Do not be distracted
7 Sep 2010
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*******helpgrowmybusiness****/blog/help-grow-my-business-part-5-solving-business-distractions As an entrepreneur, if you find yourself dealing with unprofitable services, clients, and ideas that are taking away from your core business, then you have \Bright Shiny Object Syndrome\ MOST entrepreneurs have this, and it is OK, we\'re here to give business owners like you some tips to build your business while cutting out unprofitable services, bothersome clients, and ideas that are not making you money!
16 Sep 2010
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As Liam, Dave and Jonny continue their work on the short film "Rainbow Of Emotion" a YouTube video pops up and distracts them from their work... for all the wrong reasons.
27 Apr 2012
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PFW's Nolan Nawrocki says Penn State DT Devon Still was often distracted a year ago, but in one of the most challenging games in his school's history, look for the first-round prospect to stand out.
12 Nov 2011
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