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The clip Secrets Of Sex Class from Pledge This! (2006) with Diva Zappa The Kama Sutra was originally written in Sanskrit... by an indian man called Vatsyayana... whose name literally means "split the bamboo. " Imagine, if you will... a young man and a young woman like yourself... in the full thrush of a passionate intensely sexual embrace... all being watched by Garuda, the bird of Vishnu. As those juices... Hey, kristen. Nice legs. What time do they open? Disgusting. Dude! Great line! Que pasa, mommy? Trista, Morgan is a total freak. She wants to remove her rib. Ow, that must really hurt. How do you know? Because I'm IM'ing her right now. Wow, that's so great. How do you even know that? Duh. NetZero, loser. Miss English, I'm sorry, are we bothering you? Oh, not at all Professor Milch'ik. Just keep it soft and quiet. Thanks. Where was i? Yes. Fruition. That woman is bringing that man to fruition through a series of very mysterious and intensely complex moves called- Mysterious? Complex? Men are dogs. Observe. Lights, please. Look who's teaching now. You like that, don't you? Bet you wish I was yours. Hot, aren't i? What do we have here?
3 Dec 2011
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