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Our goal is a great happiness in our social life and Family Boy channel" ideas and rule" will publish a comprehensive range of useful and high-rule and knowledge with the beautiful and tips about life and the world. I hope you like it. "" One can not ride your back unless you're bent ""
Gilgit, September 20: Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI is doing whatever it takes to drive a wedge between the Shias and Sunnis in the hitherto peaceful region of Gilgit Baltistan. While locals strive for peace the spy agency is furthering Islamabad’s policy of divide and rule.
20 Sep 2011
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allcingeye Freedom is the word youtube and other sites will use anything to stop good people finding out about the Builderberg Gang, I here you say I have never heard of them, No Ask your self why. Bill Cooper Jorden Maxwell Brian Gerrish Common Purpose, A charity That is tacking your money. To brain wash people. Divide and rule unite and be free.
23 Aug 2009
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*******www.cinemachowk****/ From the misty pages of history comes a story of extreme valour, fierce pride and poignant love.As the British enslave India with their devious Divide and Rule policy, kings and nawabs fall to their guile and cunning, and entrust their precious kingdom to the foreigners.Veer Except for the brave Pindaris, who prefer death to dishonour and will fight to their last breath to save their land…their mother.
27 Jan 2010
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Are you tired of the rampant corruption all around? Do you think Indian politicians just divide and rule? Who will change all this? It is no one else but YOU! Send this greeting and spread the message around.
13 Jun 2011
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