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What an amazing nature at its best with beautiful skills of slow diving. The slow-motion diving with a grace and the technique beautifies its ways showing the skills which is an extravagant achievement.
2 Jul 2018
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Sanctum Dive Resort offer some great diving opportunities for divers who would like to spend their time enjoying the beauty of the wonderful island. Explore excellent dive sites and a collection of underwater gardens. For many years, Bali has been extremely popular with divers. It's common to see sharks, turtles, manta rays and a kaleidoscopic range of tropical fish. Book Online For Great Deals Today!
11 Jul 2018
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6 Jul 2018
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The kitchen was occupied by an unexpected and unwanted creature called a squirrel who rampaged a little then committed a suicide dive out of the window.
28 Jun 2018
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Guam USA trip 2018 Beach Bayview hotel diving Freediving
28 Jun 2018
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Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, and many of its 17,000 islands are famed for their beauty. Many visitors to the Togian Islands come for one reason: scuba diving. The Togians are much quieter and less spoilt than surf hotspots in places like Bali. They don’t boast the greatest biodiversity in Indonesia, Sanctum Dive Resort provide good opportunities to spot sea turtles, rays and sharks among much other sea life.
26 Jun 2018
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6 Jul 2018
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Australian Doctor’s Selfless Act Before Leaving Cave An Australian doctor who risked his life to save 12 soccer players trapped in a Thai cave was told his father had died just moments after the daring mission was accomplished. Dr Richard ‘Harry’ Harris, the last person out of the Tham Luang cave system after the triumphant rescue, learned the sad news shortly after he helped the last of the boys to safety on Tuesday. ‘It is with great sadness that I confirm Harry’s dad passed away last night a short time after the successful rescue operation in Thailand,’ said Andrew Pearce, Dr Harris’ boss and MedSTAR clinical director. ‘This is clearly a time of grief for the Harris family, magnified by the physical and emotional demands of being part of this week’s highly complex and ultimately successful rescue operation. ‘He will be coming home soon and taking some well-earned time off to be with his family.’ Anaesthetist Dr Richard Harris (pictured), who played a vital role in saving 12 soccer players trapped in a Thai cave system, made a surprising first phone call as the daring rescue mission came to a joyous end All 12 players, pictured from top left clockwise, Adul Sam-on, 14, Panumas Saengdee, 13, Sompong Jaiwong, 13, Ekkarat Wongsookchan, 14, Pipat Bodhi, 15, Peerapat Sompiangjai, 16, Pornchai Kamluang, 16, Prajak Sutham, 14, Chanin Wiboonrungrueng, 11, Mongkol Boonpiam, 14, Nattawut ‘Tle’ Takamsai, 14 and Duangpetch Promthep, 13 Dr Harris was described as ‘essential’ to the rescue operation because of his unique skills and expertise, including 30 years of cave diving experience and his work as a medical retrieval specialist with South Australia’s MedSTAR service. Dr Harris was known globally both for his work as a doctor and his ability to retrieve people from difficult places. ‘All the team at SA Ambulance Service is incredibly proud of Dr Harris. It has been a tumultuous week with highs and lows,’ Dr Pearce said. ‘We are delighted that Harry and the boys are safe
16 Jul 2018
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Water park vacation at the country place resort is not the same as other Waterpark. We don’t just have a pool where you can dive and have fun while swimming and getting your body wet rather we arrange a lot of fun activities inside the pool itself. Other than the fun activities we also have a lot of other facilities in the water section where you can have that level of fun which you would have never ever thought about. So to discover the fun activities in the water park, please visit the country place resort.
18 Jul 2018
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Some kids jumping of a 10m high dive board at there local pool.
20 Jun 2006
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Have you ever seen a dog that knows how to dive??
21 Jun 2006
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At the US diving championship this 15 year old boy flips in the air and slams his head into the diving board
11 Jul 2006
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