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This little guy has found a very unique and unusual place to dive bomb; you won’t believe it until you see. The place is none other than bride’s wedding dress.
21 Mar 2018
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By the look of it, one can assume the bed it really really comfy to dive in. Well, that is to expect from a bed totally made with chicks, this pussy is in heaven.
31 Mar 2018
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Diving brings a new experience to the divers on each time. Not only the fun and enjoyment but also diving gives you some kind of mental and physical relaxation from stress. Since diving involves many unexpected situations under water, people should ensure their safety with diving equipment like dive mask, scuba, fins, snorkel, gloves, diving computers and so on. Diving suits are the essential one to face the exposure to various elements such as the pressure of water and wind, animals, etc.
13 Apr 2018
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In this episode of the FishEye Podcast, Chris Eye talks about the last time he was on an airplane, and why he will never fly again. If you've ever been scared out of your mind on a plane... Follow on Twitter/Instagram: cnoevl21
24 Mar 2018
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If you are looking for the colors of flowers to emote yourself these flowers can let you convey your messages of wisdom and worth. So, why wait! just dive right in the joy of floral gifting experience and buy flowers from our shop. Contact us today because we understand quality matters
13 Apr 2018
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BLUE RIVER: MIRABILANDIA (Ravenna, Italy) A thrilling water dive! Ready for a thrilling descent? Be brave and face a steep slide on a two-seater boat. Mirabilandia is an italian amusement park in Ravenna, which is located in Emilia-Romagna. It has an area of 30 hectares, with an additional waterworld area of 10 hectares, called Mirabilandia Beach. The most notable attractions are the Katun inverted roller coaster and the iSpeed launched coaster. It has the world's tallest Watercoaster, the "Divertical" with a height of 60 m. It houses the 90-metre tall Eurowheel, Europe's second tallest Ferris wheel.
17 Apr 2018
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Some kids jumping of a 10m high dive board at there local pool.
20 Jun 2006
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Have you ever seen a dog that knows how to dive??
21 Jun 2006
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At the US diving championship this 15 year old boy flips in the air and slams his head into the diving board
11 Jul 2006
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Some of the C. Ronaldo's dives during the worldcup 2006
19 Jul 2006
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An old man dives in the ocean to rescue a sandwich. You would do anything to make sure your kid happy. Check out this guy's skills!
27 Sep 2006
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The guy jumps off a cliff and dives. Looks very dangerous.
17 Sep 2006
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