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*******www.firstwivesworld**** Divorce Mediation can be an excellent (and inexpensive) alternative to attorneys. But is it right for you? Legal expert Rachel Fishman Green gives Debbie the low-down, detailing real-life stories of when mediation worked and when it went south. Rachel Fishman Green, Esq. is an attorney who began her practice as a divorce and family mediator in 1995. She graduated cum laude from Boston University School of Law in 1990. Green is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Family & Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York where she chairs the Ethics Committee and the Domestic Violence Task Force and, for five years, was the editor-in-chief of that organization's newsletter, Council News.
29 Nov 2010
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*******www.firstwivesworld**** Laurie Puhn, J.D., is a Family and Divorce Attorney-Mediator in Private Practice and author of Instant Persuasion: How to Change Your Words to Change Your Life (Penguin). Think there's nothing you can do about an unfair settlement? Think again! Debbie and legal expert Laurie Puhn discuss the little-known facts surrounding renegotiating a divorce settlement.
10 Apr 2008
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*******vitalcoaching****/datingforwomen.htm Dating divorced men? - What should I know? - No labels! _ it is limiting - Already experienced marriage - The romantic drema is partially shattered - Dont try to fix them - Dont commit until they are free - Reassure them
23 Jul 2008
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How to air your dirty laundry in public during a divorce.
20 May 2008
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Divorce Help - *******www.askdanandjennifer****/break-up-divorce/ We have two kids and have been married for 23 years - suddenly she asked me for a divorce! She's dating again and acts like she hates me. How do I move on when she won't even talk to me?
18 Jun 2008
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Partner in litigation, estate planning and business law practice emphasizing divorce, child support and family law, criminal law, personal injuries, wrongful death, insurance claims, business law and business litigation, construction law, and wills and estate planning. Visit to learn more.
Divorce Rate is increase, We are into June 2008 and already I have spoken to 5 People I new well who has split up after being married for over 20 years, this is because we are into a resection, with families laid off work and no work about then with no money coming in through the door, the love will go out through the window, Yes I been there twice, this is why I became a Serial Shagger with a book out with that title, Google Me, Clive Worth but there are 4 Google searches of me, My 100,000 lovers, Clive Worth News, Clive Worth blogs and Clive Worth,
19 Jun 2008
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bswchannel**** Britney and K-Fed met to dicuss custody matters in a effort to avoid bringing the issue to trial. Although no deals were made, E! News reports that the meeting was productive and positive. Kevin Federline has had custody of their two children since January, and it looks as if he's doing a good job of being a daddy. But it's looking like the court will decide the fate of the two spears-federline tots in august. To divorce or not to divorce, that is the question on everyone's mind when it comes to Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Especially since word on the street is that Madge has been meeting with Paul McCartney's divorce lawyer. Sounds pretty ominous, but Guy Ritchies mom, lady amber Leighton told the daily mail that the divorce rumors are absolute rubbish! But divorce or not divorce, you know when your mom gets involved…it's probably not the best of situations. Looks like there's another celebrity feud on the rise between none other than Spencer Pratt and Mary Kate Olsen. MK made a visit to Dave Letterman this week, where she told the Late Night host that she went to high school with Spencer, and that he has a bad temper. Never one to miss out on getting the last word, Spencer..
1 Jul 2008
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Today on Relationship Chatter, Professional Matchmaker, Samantha Daniels talks about how to date after a divorce. It’s hard to get back out there and date again after a divorce especially if your divorce was public, hurtful or humiliating like was the case with Christie Brinkley. However, you need to get out there and date again so that you can move on from the pain and feelings of betrayal to a positive, happier time. Watch Relationship Chatter and let Samantha Daniels give you some advice on how to move on in the right way after your divorce or breakup.
27 Aug 2011
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Need a divorce lawyer, check this out.
21 Aug 2008
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This video is presented by www.firstwivesworld**** to help inform divorced women about the concept of a social network on the Internet. It guides them through a short lesson teaching them of connections to be made and communications that will take place by searching the site by commonalities. If you would like to see more tutorials pertaining to this social network click here: *******dev.fwwtest****/?page=tutorials
12 Sep 2008
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Attorney Nicole Taylor discusses alimony and post separation support in North Carolina. Divorce Law firm in Raleigh, North Carolina handling child custody, property distribution, child support, alimony, domestic violence and divorce.
3 Jun 2011
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Over 43 percent of marriages end in divorce. Stefanie Schaeffer gives you a quick guide to avoiding some of the legal traps involved. Created by Peter O’Meara. Know Your Rights TV is a 60Frames original series. For more information, please visit us at *******www.60frames****.
11 Nov 2008
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