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Takes a Super DIY 5 Towers from inside a small 3 doors hatchback and assemble it in a few minutes.
29 Aug 2018
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Why you should go to the professional plumber to repair any plumbing problem you have rather than doing DIY.
30 Aug 2018
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how to make salt container using salt packet and a waste bottle
1 Sep 2018
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Learn how to make a phone battery charger with the help of motor at home. For more related videos Subscribe to Technokids.
27 Aug 2018
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Make an electric helicopter by watching Techno Kids, a kids learning program where you Learn numerous life hacks to boost your technical knowledge. Subscribe the channel for more informative and kids learning videos.
14 Sep 2018
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Everyone wants to arrange flowers bouquet yourdelf for loved ones. Are you looking florist shop in Beverly Hills? Beverly Hills Flower Delivery is handpicked and crafted together in a way so that it matches with the feelings you want to convey. A flower bouquet of your choice from our shop will compliment every occasion of your life that you want to celebrate. The flowers that we offer for your perfect flower bouquet are something you will fall in love with.
21 Sep 2018
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With summer winding down and the kids back in school, fall is the perfect time to get you home in check. Contractor and Home Improvement Expert, Chip Wade gave us the scoop on the best bets to do just that with DIY-friendly updates such as a toilet that practically cleans itself and a thermostat that can sense whether you are home or not.
19 Sep 2018
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This DIY video will teach you to make a toy vehicle that doesn't have wheels but can run very well. Feel interested? Watch how to make it easily.
24 Sep 2018
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Stash Shopping Network host Adrienne Airhart reviews DAB LABS newest product, Dab Genie, a DIY vape kit that gives you total control of what you consume. Watch as Adrienne explains how to create your own customized vape cartridge with Dab Genie’s all natural flavors and your own concentrate. It’s easy, clean, and let’s you manage your THC-CBD percentages and terpene profiles.
24 Sep 2018
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Just a quickie video stating what i plan to get up to -namely; How to's, art, electronics, making, photography, and a bunch of other stuff.
26 Aug 2018
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Slightly clickbaity title, but this cost me about $5 in wood (the cheapest bracing lumber I could find) and it'll hold a camera (plus microphones , cables, and suchlike) in position and out of my way. It holds the camera about a yard above my table top, which matches the 14-40mm lens on my M43 camera, and most importantly it's not getting up in my grill while I'm working on stuff. I also used a few screws, some dowel, glue, and a couple of angle braces. i had those lying around - I'm pretty sure this is about the cheapest way I could make an overhead rig which is going to be secure and useful. I've attached a couple of power multi-boxes, a couple of cheap security lights diffused with mylar, and I'm using a D-plate with a clamp to hold the camera in place, Even if I had to pay for all the parts it'd still be cheap. I'm using a Japanese style pull saw as that cuts easily and cleanly, it's typically quicker and cleaner than power tools for small projects like this - I'm using dowels and screws, ans the combination of both tends to be more robust. The music is a result of me noodling about with a Yamaha DD-6, it's not amazing, but it's kinda funny. I have a few different projects I need to be working on, ranging from offensive noise makers, borderline stupid robots, and a timekeeping doorbell (these are things I'm required to make in the next soonish) I'll probably lead off making a multi channel headphone pre-amp and splitter.
31 Aug 2018
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arte robótico. tenés que verlo
6 Sep 2018
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