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Former model Hang Mioku has been left permanently disfigured following the DIY beauty treatment. After injecting an entire bottle of black market silicone into her face, Hang resorted to using cooking oil that left her face severely swollen and scarred. For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: *******www.lehren*** Like our Updates: *******www.facebook****/LehrenEntertainment Follow our tweets: ********twitter****/lehrentv
17 May 2013
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Jennifer Walsh brings you some great ways to fix up your own beauty products at home.
9 Nov 2010
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*******toxicbeautyblog****/labellies.html Robin shares how to choose the best essential oil for aromatherapy, skincare, and DIY beauty.
16 Apr 2013
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Keep calm and have a beer. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos! ******* MUSIC Burning Rubber Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. SOURCES *******www.ippinka****/blog/life-tips-of-the-week-20/ ********www.pinterest****/pin/18999629652404607/ ********www.pinterest****/pin/467811480019596155/ ********www.pinterest****/pin/184014334747478264/ ********www.stayathomemum****.au/bodyandsoul/diy-beauty/home-remedies-for-salon-perfect-hair/ *******www.chow****/food-news/54430/why-does-nose-grease-tame-beer-foam/ GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed**** www.buzzfeed****/video www.buzzfeed****/videoteam****/buzzfeedvideo****/buzzfeedyellow****/buzzfeedblue****/buzzfeedviolet****/buzzfeed BUZZFEED BLUE Tasty short, fun, inspiring, funny, interesting videos from BuzzFeed. From incredible science facts to amazing how-to's and DIYs, BuzzFeed Blue will entertain, educate, spark conversation about all the little things that matter in life. Bite-size knowledge for a big world. Just like BuzzFeedVideo, but more blue.
5 May 2015
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Hello my little sweet sushi rolls!!! Summer is finally here and what a great time to bring out your golds and bronzes because this season is all about looking sun kissed and radiant. This look is great for a hot summer night. I can totally imagine wearing this look on a romantic night stroll in the beach or even to a exotic beach party. Beautiful bronzed up sun kissed skin without the harmful sun damage. This look complements both day and night lighting. It's been a while since my last tutorial. My skin is still quite dry now but it has recovered a lot. I had a skin allergy/extreme dryness which caused my face to look raw & red *_*. The second it looked better, I filmed a tutorial right away for you guys!! I'll have more DIY beauty tutorials + a beach tutorial up soon!! Sorry for being MIA. Love love! For more information & pictures of this look, check out my website at: *******www.bubzbeauty**** GOTTA LOVE BIG BANG!!!!! Instrumental is called "Let me hear your voice". Until next time, stay well guys Much love, Bubz xx Bubbi Brushes: Super excited about them. They should be launched Summer 2011. Follow me on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/bubzbeauty Subscribe to my Vlog channel: ***********/bubzvlogz Bubzbeauty Official Website: *******www.bubzbeauty**** Shop the Bubbi Clothing Line: *******bubbi.bubzbeauty**** Connect with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage where I chill n catch up with you guys ^^ *******www.facebook****/ItsBubz
12 Jul 2011
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Hello sexy dumplings! So here is a fun DIY mask using chocolate! I missed doing DIY videos! Smells yummy but works great. This Summer, we can treat ourselves with chocolate....without the calories! Cocoa is high in anti-oxidants which help the skin to fight against free radicals. There are a few 'Chocolate' skincare products in the market but they are quite hard to find. Why not make your own mask and treat yourself? I love making my own masks because it's so much fun and gives great results but remember that results don't happen over night. You must be consistent and patient. I reckon it would be fun to make this for sleep over parties too. Why not? Give it a go! If you are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned, do not try this remedy. Ps. Yes, I've tasted the mask before. It actually tastes pretty good! haha! Until next time, stay well guys Much love, Bubz xx Bubbi Brushes: Super excited about them. They should be launched Summer 2011. Follow me on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/bubzbeauty Subscribe to my Vlog channel: ***********/bubzvlogz Bubzbeauty Official Website: *******www.bubzbeauty**** Shop the Bubbi Clothing Line: *******bubbi.bubzbeauty**** Connect with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage where I chill n catch up with you guys ^^ *******www.facebook****/ItsBubz
5 Aug 2011
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Step by step blog post here *******www.michellephan****/post/diy-cotton-mask-tutorial-bonus-pics-and-instructions This is a very popular DIY Beauty tip in Asia. Soaking your face with cotton mask will help nourish and condition your skin. I recommend doing this on a daily basis at night. After I shower and brush my teeth, I wear this mask for around 10 minutes while watching tv, checking emails or just relaxing. Dedicated a few extra minutes to your skin and you'll see how amazing it's going to look :) Please check out my website, it's updated daily! *******www.michellephan****/ ♥ Follow me on twitter! ♥ *******www.twitter****/ricebunny ♥ Add me on Facebook! ♥ *******www.facebook****/pages/Michelle-Phan/53754642881 Music by Amy Kuney "Simple Things" ***********/user/amykathrynkuney2 ***********/us/album/simple-things/id286372610?i=286372627 *******m.twitter****/amykuney SKII Cellumination Mask-in Lotion ***********/p-75-sk-ii-cellumination-mask-in-lotion.aspx this video is non sponsored
16 Aug 2011
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Hey guys, Here is another nail video ^.^ I was inspired to try out this panda design after seeing some pictures on the internet. Being chinese, of course the panda is my favourite animal. What's not to like? They're sooo cute being all fluffy and round. This nail tutorial is very easy and all you really need is two nail polishes (black and white). It's a series of dabbing and as you can see- my first attempt worked out pretty well. Quick and easy. No brushes required. Just want to point out there that the concept idea is definitely not mine so certainly don't want to take credit for it. Infact, I'm not sure who invented it first because there are many takes on it already but figured I'll show my stab at it and how I draw my pandas. The page of panda designs that inspired me is here: ***********/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=PANDA+NAILS&oe=UTF-8&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi&biw=1438&bih=711 DIY beauty tutorial & hair tutorial up next. Until next time, Bubz xx _________________ Check out the Bubzbeauty Official Website. I update tons of beauty, fashion and hair related articles almost daily. *******www.bubzbeauty**** Follow me on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/bubzbeauty Subscribe to my Vlog channel: ***********/bubzvlogz Shop the Bubbi Clothing Line: *******bubbi.bubzbeauty**** Connect with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage where I chill n catch up with you guys ^^ *******www.facebook****/ItsBubz
15 Oct 2011
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Hi everyone! I'm so excited to share this new DIY Beauty video with you guys. I've been meaning to make this video for a while but wanted to wait longer so you guys can really see results. Make your own exfoliating face scrub with a teabag. That's right. Next time you make green tea, don't throw away your teabag. Buff away dead skin cells and unclog pores for a polished smooth skin for Summer. I exfoliate my skin with this scrub once a week. You're likely to find all (if not most) ingredients in your own kitchen. Check out this post below to read more helpful tips on reducing scars / dark spots and information on my skin's progress: *******www.bubzbeauty****/bubbi-likes/424-teabag-face-scrub.html NEW Bubbi brushes officially launches for 20th May 2013! Stay tuned for big giveaway to celebrate launch ^____^ Thank you so much for watching guys! Audio: Sexy Love instrumental by T-ara ^_~ Have a kick ass week! Much love, Bubz xx
9 Sep 2013
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Hello my sweet cupcakes! Today, I'm going to share an awesome remedy with you guys for Fresh Glowing Healthy Skin. A DIY Fruit Acid Peel! I know I know, the name sounds a little scary. But fear not because this remedy just gently retextures our skin. Fruit acids are abundant in AHA acids. These acids loosen the well...let's say "glue"-that holds the surface skin cells together. This allows the dead skin to fall off to reveal the fresher and healthier looking skin underneath. The result is smoother brighter and healthier complexion. There are plenty of skin benefits from fruit acid peel masks: It speeds up skin cell renewal Unclogs pores fades dark spots reduces blemishes softens wrinkles and most of all, improving our overall skintone for a smoother texture. Products absorb better too so they work to the maximum. I only learnt about this remedy several months back and started this for a few weeks but it's already becoming one of my remedy favourites. I've been doing this remedy about twice a week and already seeing an improvement in my skin tone. My skin looks more refined and my skin feels and looks smoother. Working on fading the new acne scars on my chin too. My skin still isn't perfect, will never be perfect but definitely improving ^_^ Don't expect crazy dramatic results straight away. Be patient and persistent and your skin will thank you visually in time. Remember, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned in the video, avoid this remedy or opt for a substitute. Because our skin is different, you can alter the measurements to suit your skin type. I love filming DIY beauty videos because there is no need to wear makeup hence no need to remove makeup lol. Music: 'Best Friend' by Jason Chen. Please support his Youtube channel, he is very talented ^_^****/miniachilles Much love, Bubz xx Check out the Bubzbeauty Official Website. I update tons of beauty, fashion and hair related articles almost daily. *******www.bubzbeauty**** _____________________________ Follow me on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/bubzbeauty Subscribe to my Vlog channel: ***********/bubzvlogz Shop the Bubbi Makeup Brushes & Clothing Line: *******www.shopbubbi**** Connect with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage where I chill n catch up with you guys ^^ *******www.facebook****/ItsBubz
11 Dec 2011
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It's officially Valentines Day over here in HONG KONG!! Happy Valentines Day/ Forever Alone Day / Single Awareness Day ! Take your pick. I decided to do something different this year. I'm not going to do a Valentines Day makeup tutorial because... well, Tim and I aren't doing anything special to be honest. Yup, it's our 10th Valentines Day together and we're cool about it. I know some of you must be a bit bummed out about having no plans for the "most romantic day of the year". No fear because Bubz is here (HEY IT RHYMES!!!) No, I've been meaning to make a Beauty Day video for a while. Some days when you're feeling extra pissed off or down, it's nice to put your feet up and pamper yourself. Am I right? Ok, nobody in this world has time for an ENTIRE day of beauty but you guys get my drift right? Even if you don't have a few hours, give yourself a BEAUTY HOUR. Beauty Day is FUN whether you're doing it alone or with friend(s). I felt so refreshed and fabulous afterwards. You have nowhere to go? Who cares! You can relax and pamper yourself with your own HOME BEAUTY SPA! In this video, I demonstrated some possible beauty treatments you can do but there are so much more you can choose instead such as doing your brows, giving yourself a pedicure, a sheet mask, facial massage, DIY Beauty masks etc. You can do WHATEVER you want that makes you feel awesome baby!!! Strut in your home. Dance in your underwear (check to see curtains are shut first). Sing your heart out. Maybe I'm just getting older now (and possibly more antisocial haha) but I am appreciating 'staying in' days. In fact, I am really craving a good board game... Who wants to play Monopoly? Game of Life? Going off topic now... You can give yourself a beauty day whenever you're feeling down and need a little pampering or even whenever you're happy (and free hopefully and with time to burn). Sometimes we can get so carried away with life, we forget to take care of ourselves. Perhaps you have a special event (like a prom or a date) and you want to prep yourself for it. BEAUTY DAY!!! Beauty day doesn't mean you have to do everything 'beauty related'. Do whatever that makes your heart happy whether its reading, getting creative or whatever it is. Ok bed time!! Have a wonderful day guys! Stay beautiful! Much love, Bubz xx
1 Mar 2013
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This DIY (do it yourself) makeup brush tutorial shows how to make a makeup brush yourself. All you need for this DIY makeup brush tutorial is a pencil (a makeup brush handle), some kind of natural hair (makeup brush hair) and you can make yourself a beauty makeup brush entirely at home from scratch. In this DIY video I show how to build two makeup brushes: a blending brush and a flat brush. Blending brushes are essential to blend Eyeshadows well to create a perfect eye makeup, while flat brushes are used to pack (deposit) the color on the eyelid. Brushes are one of the main makeup tools in beauty industry, so this DIY beauty tutorial will surely come useful! I also teach you how to use a makeup brush by showing you how to makeup at home.. With the use of a makeup brush, your eyes will get that perfect shape. In this DIY makeup brush video I also show how to use a makeup brush by creating a natural brown smokey eye makeup tutorial. Makeup brushes are an essential piece for DIY beauty enthusiasts and everyone who would like to know how to makeup at home, but it is really hard to get them in drugstores as they are known to be a professional tool for makeup artists (that was one of the main reasons that I decided to make this DIY makeup brush video). In my opinion however, every girl should own at least a blending brush in her makeup bag. The sponge applicators that normally come with eyeshadows are great for packing the colors on the lid of the eye, but if you don't blend the edges of the eyeshadow the makeup won't look good. Now you'll be able to make entire makeup at home! To show how my makeup brushes work and how to use a makeup brush, I created a natural well blended brown smokey eye using MAC makeup brushes (MAC blending brush 217, MAC flat shader brush 239) on my right eye. On my left eye I recreated the same natural soft brown smokey eye using makeup brushes that I created. To start with my natural brown smokey eye makeup tutorial, I first applied a corally-peach Sigma eyeshadow in the color Grasp. In the crease I blended a matte brown shadow. I also applied some brown shadow under the eyes for some more definition. To conclude the makeup tutorial, I also created winged cat eyeliner and applied some brown eyeliner on the waterline. This is how I achieved my natural romantic soft smokey eye look. It is in fact very simple to create your own makeup brush. I bet almost all of us have all the necessities to make a good brush at home already. All you need to DIY makeup brush is a pencil that comes with eraser, natural hair, pliers, scissors and some glue that will keep your makeup brush from falling apart. Makeup brushes are usually made out of two main makeup brush hair types: A natural hair and synthetic hair. Since natural hair makeup brushes are known as the best on the market so I decided to make a natural hair makeup brush. Natural hair is also much easier to get than synthetic makeup brushes hair. Natural makeup brushes are usually built of: badger hair, squirrel hair, squirrel mix or squirrel blends, pony hair, goat hair, kolinsky sable, weasel hair, red sable, sable, pahmi hair, bristle and also out of human hair. While synthetic makeup brushes are most commonly created out of Nylon and Taklon. Rather than disturbing beautiful animals for this DIY makeup brush video, I cut a bit of my boyfriend's hair (he was willing to donate a bit of his hair for this DIY makeup brush video, since he was on his way to a hairdresser). In this DIY beauty I use a natural hair to make the brush. Natural hair makeup brushes are known to better pick up the color and they also blend the eyeshadow better than the synthetic brushes. Natural hair bristles aren't as smooth as synthetic bristles. Natural animal and human hair have the ridges on the hair cuticle and this makes them pick the powders easily. Synthetic bristles are completely smooth so powder has nothing to hold onto. With creamy products synthetic brushes work better as they don't soak the product in like natural hair brushes can and they are also easier to wash. Some of the best and most commonly used makeup brushes are: MAC makeup brushes, Bdellium makeup tools, Hakuhodo brushes (from Japan -- expensive but known to be the best), Shu Uemura makeup brushes, Sigma (one of less expensive makeup brushes from the line, but they get the work done), Bare Minerals, etc. Become my Friend :) Instagram: *******instagram****/sarabeautycorner Twitter: ********twitter****/SaraBeautyC Facebook: ********www.facebook****/SaraBeautyCorner Google +: ******* Tumblr: ******* Join our DIY G+ Community: ******* Both songs in this DIY Makeup brush tutorial are provided by Kevin Macleod from Incompetech****, Horses and Goats clips by OrangeHD****, the squirrel clip by under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (*******creativecommons****/licenses/by/3.0/) The rest is either mine or Public Domain.
6 Apr 2014
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Citric Acid can be found Walmart (in the canning isle) The Vanilla Cake essential oil scent and bath bomb molds was from Michael's Arts & Crafts but is readily available online. If you'd like to suggest video ideas for future videos you'd like to see, leave me a comment or message! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to watch my video! Please don't forget to thumbs up this video if you found it helpful and informative. And if you'd like to be notified as soon as I upload a video, please subscribe as well! It's 100% free! * How To Draw or Fill In Your Brows - ******* * DIY: How To Save Space; MELT LIPSTICKS! (Affordable Lip Palette) - ******* * HOW TO: Pink Gradient/Ombre Nail Tutorial - ******* * DIY Projects Playlist (From home decor, organization, jewelry, etc.) - ************/playlist?list=PLgrn3wJ7b9-2F5VlqsKHA92tkYnAIKPpj * DIY Beauty Recipes Playlist (Skin care to makeup) - ************/playlist?list=PLgrn3wJ7b9-3J_rETbPXgA5NDYiroBp9J Camera used: Canon EOS Rebel T5i For business inquiries, please send an email to: makeup by wendy t [at] gmail . com Send me any mail at: Wendy Tung PO Box 6052 SAN JOSE CA 95150 Instagram: *******www.instagram****/chiclipgloss Twitter: *******www.twitter****/wendytung Blog: *******www.ChicLipgloss**** My second channel: "Cooking/Baking Channel" ***********/areyouafoodie
15 Mar 2015
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โยเกิร์ต....นอกจากจะมีประโยชน์ต่อร่างกายแล้ว ยังช่วยบำรุงผิวพรรณให้สดใส เปล่งปลั่ง.... เคล็ดลับง่ายๆ ที่ช่วยให้ผิวหน้าหมองคล้ำ กลับมาสดใส ไร้สิว และรูขุมขนกระชับ.....คือการพอกหน้าด้วยผงพิเศษตราร่มชูชีพและ โยเกิร์ต....♥♥ ส่วนผสม : โยเกิร์ตรสธรรมชาติและไม่พร่องไขมัน 2 ช้อนโต้ะ + ผงพิเศษตราร่มชูชีพ 1 ซอง + น้ำมะนาว 1 ช้อนชา โยเกิร์ตช่วยให้ผิวหน้าที่หมองคล้ำกลับดูสดใส เปล่งปลั่ง ตัวเนื้อครีมที่ละเอียดของโยเกิร์ตจะช่วยปรับสีผิวให้เรียบเนียนเสมอกัน และลดอาการระคายเคือง แลคติกแอซิดในโยเกิร์ตช่วยกระชับรูขุมขน ช่วยผลัดเซลล์ผิวที่เสื่อมสภาพ ให้หลุดออกไป ขจัดสิวเสี้ยน ลดความมัน จุดด่างดำ ริ้วรอยหยาบกร้าน และยังช่วยบำรุงผิวหน้าให้ชุ่มชื่นขาวเนียนกระจ่างใสอย่างมีสุขภาพดี น้ำมะนาวมี กรดผลไม้ AHA ซึ่งจะช่วยให้เซลล์ผิวหน้าที่เสื่อมสภาพหลุดลอกออกไป พร้อมๆ กับช่วยกระตุ้นการสร้างเซลล์ผิวใหม่ๆ และช่วยให้รอยด่างดำหรือรอยแผลเป็นจางลง ผงพิเศษตราร่มชูชีพ ช่วยกำจัดเชื้อแบคทีเรีย และสิ่งสกปรกที่อุดตันรูขุมขนบนใบหน้าให้หมดไป หน้าก็จะเนียนใส ไร้สิว แนะนำให้พอกหน้าด้วยผงพิเศษตราร่มชูชีพ และโยเกิรต์เป็นประจำ สัปดาห์ละ 1-2 ครั้ง บอกลาสิว ผิวหน้าเนียนใส ด้วยผงพิเศษตราร่มชูชีพ.。.:* มีขายตามร้านขายยาทั่วไป ราคาซองละ 10 บาท..!!! DIY Tuturial by คูน Pises Powder Star....♥♥ so cute^^ .。.:* try it*:.。. ♥ Pises Powder & Yogurt Face Mask ♥ DIY beauty tutorial by PISES POWDER PARACHUTE BRAND....♥♥ casted by Pises Powder Star "KOON". This tutorial is about Pises Powder and yogurt face mask for a smooth, clear and acne less face. The ingredients needed are 2 tablespoons of yogurt + 1 sachet of Pises Powder + 1 teaspoon of lime juice. Yogurt will benefit the skin, refining and refreshing the face. The creamy texture cools, calms, and refreshes tired skin, while Lactic acid works to reduce the size of pores, tighten skin, and eliminate dead flakes of skin. Yogurt also moisturizes and works as a very mild skin lightener to reduce imperfections. A yogurt facial will result in smoother, softer, and more even skin. The lime juice contains AHA which is effective natural cures for pimple by removing dead skin cells to reveal smoother and more vibrant skin, speeding up the process of new skin cells appearance, and increase skin elasticity. Pises Powder Parachute Brand will help to eliminate bacteria and dirts from pores, leaving the face clean and free of acne. For the best result, apply Pises Powder and yogurt face mask 1 -2 times a week. ♪♫ Music by Bruno Mars -- "Just the Way You Are" He is sooooo talented!!! ♪♫ ***********/watch?v=LjhCEhWiKXk ♥ If you have a Facebook, please add! ♥ *******www.facebook****/pisespowder ♥ No more PIMPLE with PISES POWDER PARACHUTE BRAND!!! ♥ *******www.parachutebrand***.th ♥ *******www.pisespowder***.th ♥ E-mail: contactparachutebrnd***.th
27 Aug 2012
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READ ME FOR INFO: Veet Perfectly Smooth Holiday Kit- ***********/en/Veet-Perfectly-Smooth-Holiday-Kit_1189263/ Make sure you take a look at my blog to c my daily meal plan- *******thesparkleicious.blogspot****/ Tweet tweet- *******twitter****/#!/thesparkleiciou LIKE my facebook page- thesparkleicious
28 Nov 2012
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This video shows how to prepare a simple and easy recipe chocolate anti-aging mask with just natural ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. Details at: *******www.xanga****/voguefemme/689117652/item/ Music by: Enigma - Return to Innocence
29 May 2009
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