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1 Track = Samuelzone - Blinded by Love 2 Track = MoT - After Thought Of You (Samuelzone RMX) 3 Track = Danijay - Arcobaleno ( Dj Carfil remix) enjoy it techno , trance, progressive, house, dance , drum, europa, dj tiesto, armin van buren, lord of the trance, tekno, beat, fantastic, arabesque trance, oriental trance,techno, greece,rave, club, disco, nostalgic trance , old school trance, new trance , girls, fantastic techno, atb, benni benassi, cascada, faithless,ppk, moby, push, energy 52, dj sammy, dj tatana, eurotrance, eurodance, dj dean, dj dan, delerium, deepest blue, dance 2 trance, ayla, albion, eternity, andain, best trance, greatest trance ever, goa trance , sky high , armand van helden, sexy trance, extacy, virtual, trance anthem, trans, tech, electronica, electronic music, producer, djing, mixin, editin, netherland,dance club germany, sexy techno, ambiance, discotech, djato, france, , soul eclipse, dance party , best trance anthem, best techno, best music, interesting trance , flying , flanger effects, audio edit, music edit, dj tiesto traffic, maelstrom, vocal, airless, insomnia, future trance, club quake, house music, instrumental, intro, forever today, trance angel, angel, no omre tears, remix, music automation, reason 2.0, propellerhead reason, arabic techno, vicious cycle, vicious circle, turntable, vinyl, drum, bass, fantasia, guitar, revulotion of dance trance, hot music, producer,canada, underground, techno hit, underground hit, underground party music, best house music ever, house, germany, euro techno, club underground, russia, rave music, industrial techno, great techno ever, hit techno, top 100 techno, fantastico, tiesto, alibi, atb, best dance music ever , loco, india, california club, newyork house music, florida techno, miami techno, greatest house song ever, new house song, best of house, best of techno tekno, beat, fantastic, arabesque trance, oriental trance, turk, turkish nights, greece,bursa, ankara, istanbul, izmir,antalya, rave, club, disco, nostalgic trance , old school trance, new trance , girls, fantastic techno, atb, benni blflanger effects, audio edit, music edit, dj tiesto traffic, maelstrom, vocal, airless, insomnia, future trance, club quake, house music, instrumental, intro, forever today, trance angel, angel, no omre tears, remix, music automation, reason 2.0, propellerhead reason, turkish arabic techno, vicious cycle, vicious circle, turntable, vinyl, drum, bass, fantasia, guitar, revulotion of dance trance, hot music, hot club music, sexy drums, revulotion of trance, crosfade, ercik, dj 666, satanic techno, party, rome, paris, athena, frankurt , mad dance music , opera , bursa underground, bursa techno club, bursa city, fener opera, state of trance, world, brookers, dj crazy trance hits , best song ever, the best techno ever,
20 May 2009
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One of the main rules of DJing and making up party playlists for some people is “never slow down”. For Andrew Shkin AKA DJ Randm this might be applied to his whole DJ career. The music that influenced Andrew reminds of something you might expect to be liked by John B: lots of 80s music, lots of electro, and lots of vocal tracks.
13 Feb 2009
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THE ULTIMATE MUSIC MACHINE *******www.pacemaker**** Pacemaker is a portable music player and mixer with all the features you need to deejay anywhere, anytime. Instead of simply listening to your music you can now completely interact with it and the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. With all the functionality of a professional DJ set-up Pacemaker is the first product in the world that truly brings DJing to the masses and right into the hands of the next DJ generation. TRACKLIST 0:00 - 0:25 Piggy Bank Robbers - Fashion 0:25 - 0:45 Yeah! Woho! - Punk 0:28 - 0:35 Sandro Monte - Era 0:35 - 0:59 Marcus Rombo - Bringing (Original Mix) 0:50 - 1:15 Sandro Monte - Era 0:59 - 1:22 Adrian Lux feat. Name The Pet - Club Kid (Club Edit) 1:15 - 1:50 Marcus Rombo - Bringing (Original Mix)
2 Apr 2009
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Electronic provocateurs Gareth McGrillen and Rob Swire talk about pissing off the drum n' bass crowd by adding hard rock guitars to the mix, as well as the joys of modern technology and the differences between DJing and playing live.
8 May 2009
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htp://www.agiprodj**** 866-PRO-MIXX (776-6499) DJ Ty & DJ Rick share their personal experiences over the course of their DJ careers. Rick tells about being the guy just getting started charging $200, to the wedding specialist that quit his day job working in the corporate world to becoming a full time wedding specialist that gets $2500+ / event. DJ Ty talks about his early start in high school doing mobiles, and how he progressed into spinning in local clubs, turning modest bars into rockin hot spots and bringing Video DJing to the forefront. Negotiate that contract up front and make sure if you can bring it, that you get paid for it! These guys have the knowledge and are WILLING to share it with you. Trust the guys and gals at agiprodj**** - they're real DJs, using the gear they sell everyday, making real money, and always there to help you do the same thing to your career! INSTANT MESSAGE US, Email or call us toll free.
6 Jun 2009
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*******causecast****/miakirshner Hosted by actress and I Live Here Founder: Mia Kirshner, Operation USA, Causecast and CODEPINK benefits the launch of our literacy program in Malawi, Africa. We will have a silent auction, music, KCRW DJing the event, food and drinks! Come out and support a great cause. $25 minimum cover. Tickets on sale at: ********donate.opusa****/ilivehere Please purchase Advance Tickets, as we anticipate to sell out rather fast. If you cannot attend our LA Fundraiser, but would like to donate and support this important cause please visit: ********donate.opusa****/ilivehere. Every dollar counts.
14 Aug 2009
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Ian Preston was the DJ at our works party last year. He was brilliant! He introduced people that had come to give talks to the staff then afterward he sang while we all had dinner then the party got into full swing when he started DJing. He was fab! He played anything we asked for and had a real laugh with us all! Great DJ! He is DJing and singing for one of the girls wedding next year and we all cant wait! Ive got my dancing shoes all ready to go!
10 Sep 2009
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Edited by Electric Method, this video shows of some key features and key personalities that make up Activision’s DJ Hero. DJ-Z Trip, DJ AM, Gradmaster Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Shadow talk about the game and are part of the game itself as characters. Scratching, mixing, cross fades and more make the gaming experience on par with real life DJing. Part documentary, part remix, this video summarizes what Activision’s new DJ Hero is all about. Try it now at your local Best Buy. Find a location near you: www.DJHero****/playitnow
24 Oct 2009
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In this second episode of the new hit series Hobbies & Hustles, we introduce the world to the world of Sports Bikes, and DJing. See how DJ GQ turns his full time hobby into a full time hustle. Stay tuned. Host, Derion Bell chops it up with sportbike promoter and turntable master, DJ GQ of Burn Films. He talks about the success of spinning in places such as Brazil, Argentina and Dubai, and explains how he turned his passion for sportbikes into a money-making hustle! This is an action packed episode of Hobbies & Hustles that you will not forget. A BlackTree Media Production Executive Produced by TAB TV Produced by Earl Crowe Hosted by Dee Bell ******* Distributed by Tubemogul.
7 Dec 2009
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Whatsup I'm DJing On The Psp with Virtual DJ The Two Songs I'm Mixing Is From My Boy G With A Fire Beat In The Background From My Bro Yella Boy Listen In Let Me Know What You Think
11 Feb 2010
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12 Mar 2010
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Official Selection of the 2009 Chicago International Hip Hop Film Festival! "P.A.T.H." (which stands for Preserving, Archiving and Teaching Hip-Hop History) is the new film by award-winning filmmaker Dan Perez. It documents the P.A.T.H. Hip-Hop Academy, the first ever summer camp of it's kind in Miami. P.A.T.H. is the brainchild of popular Miami hip-hop artist Brimstone127 who after eight years, finally found a home for his program at Miami Light Project. During the four week camp, teenagers from ages 12-18 studied Hip-Hop history, the art of DJing, MCing (rapping), B-boying and B-girling (break-dancing), and urban art (graffiti). Several of Miami's most talented artists and performers served as instructors. The list included urban artist Krave, DJ Immortal from Scratch Academy, International B-Girl Beta Rawkz and Soulflower who has shared the mic with emcees such as Erykah Badu, KRS-ONE and Outkast. *Please visit DanPerezFilms**** for more information*
18 Mar 2010
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After the huge success of Guru Josh Project ‘Infinity 2008’, Darren Bailie returns to Maelstrom with an electro fuelled anthem in the form of ‘Silence’. If there is one thing you can’t accuse Darren Bailie of this has to be inactivity. Having been catapulted straight into the premier league of international top acts since the release of ‘Infinity 2008’, the founding member of Guru Josh Project has been busy touring the world as an in demand DJ. Topping dance charts across the board, winning best dance/garage track at the IDMA’s and DJing alongside the likes of Tiesto, Felix Da House Cat and Armin van Helden were just some of his highlights last year. More recently Darren has remixed Boy George’s ‘Amazing Grace’ with Anders Nyman, and is set to add fuel to the fire with his second solo single ‘Silence’ ready to heat up the dancefloor. ‘Silence’ is presented with a massive 8 edits, including Emmerson and Honeywell electro tinged re-rub, Marc Lime and Bastian’s punchy Club Mix, the darker Bigroom Mix and stripped back chilled - out Kyro Mix. Each one reworking the original to provide something different for various moods and styles. Click here to purchase Silence from iTunes: ***********/gb/album/silence/id368714614 www.darrenbailie**** www.maelstromrecords**** www.twitter****/maelstromtweets
12 May 2010
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Aimee Wiley and Brandon Wiley recently got married and Aimee had a birthday party the night of Fri, May 14, 2010 at their campus condo. Aimee works at the Food Bank and Brandon is in information sciences at UT. Present in video are Brandon's buddy from the (becoming extinct) ACTLab, Joey, Brandon's mom Mary, and Brandon and Aimee's sisters. Aimee did the DJing with some wicked software on her Mac.
15 May 2010
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download file here: *******bonusupload****/Jihbgametriss/DJ Take your skills to the next level of Creative Djing with VirtualDJ 6 VirtualDJ is the latest state-of-the-art software in music mixing for DJs. Very easy to use and with a very smooth learning curve, it includes all the professional features a real DJ needs. But you will discover that VirtualDJ also offers some breakthrough features that will definitely change the way you mix! download file here: *******bonusupload****/Jihbgametriss/DJ
29 Jul 2010
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Mac and Windows version. This latest version keeps VirtualDJ's famously extensive feature list still way ahead of the competition. VirtualDJ 7 brings you all the latest technology and improvements from the DJing industry, while staying true to the core values that. ---------------------------------------------------------------- The file is a torrent download it first then you can download the file with utorrent,vuze etc. Then you need to unzip it with Winrar and read the discriptions carefully. If you got any problems with installation PM me. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Virtual DJ Pro 7 and Serial +45 Skins,109 Effects,123 Samples + Instructions. Windows version download link: *******www.mediafire****/?09csak7nn4j18w2 Mac version download link: *******www.mediafire****/?886v90xc6gracmq Enjoy.
9 Nov 2010
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