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21 Feb 2012
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8 Mar 2012
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Matt Smith, AKA the 11th Doctor talks to Alan Sepinwall at Comic Con
12 Apr 2012
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Writer Toby Whithouse, talks about knowing too much when working on Dr. Who
12 Apr 2012
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Bubbly Karen Gillan talks to HitFix about being Amy Pond
13 Apr 2012
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2 Jun 2012
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Película Animada. Descarga (en dos rars):
20 Jun 2012
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6 Dec 2012
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6 Dec 2012
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6 Dec 2012
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Is your favorite geek a fan of tribbles, or are they more likely to favor sonic screwdrivers? Whichever, we've got the sci-fi gift ideas that will keep them happy on their travels through the galaxy!
23 Nov 2013
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Buy the single here: Check out the amazing Matt Elliott (Eleventh Doctor Lookalike) on the web! Visit us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Tumblr: Check out our website: Buy merch here: Based on "Baby, It's Cold Outside" by Frank Loesser Special thanks to all of the Indiegogo donators! We couldn't have done it without you! LYRICS Companions We wish you could stay Doctor I've gotta regenerate Companions For just one more day? Doctor I've gotta regenerate Companions Our travels have been-- Doctor It feels like we barely met Companions So very nice Doctor Showed you the stars, but at what price? Clara I wish you could stay forever Doctor Maybe I'm not so clever Amy Stop list'ning for that knock at the door Doctor The girl who waited, waiting no more River I guess now it's goodbye sweetie Doctor Beautiful please don't leave me Clara Well maybe just a little trip more... Doctor Come on in, I'll just get the door River Can't run anymore Doctor I really don't want to go Companions've done this before Doctor Must it be time to go? Amy I'm glad that we had... Doctor Even fixed points can change Amy ...the time we had Doctor I guess it might not be so bad Clara It's time to run and remember Doctor How bittersweet this December River You'll be the same old Doctor inside Doctor Maybe I'll be ginger this time Companions We wish you could stay Doctor It's time for a clean slate All Time to regenerate!
15 Dec 2013
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It's Doctor Who... for grown-ups!
23 Oct 2006
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Imagine you come to a doctor who knows about your blood pressure,your heigh,your mass, your sight,your bone density,your labs data (tons of numbers ) before you appear infront of him.Then the Doc order you to do some X-ray,Ultrasound ,ECG .ect .and he can look at all that before you return to his exam room.Imagine your labs data are automatically fullfill your E-file not manually writing with pen.Imagine the Doc send you a Lab result and recommendation through e-mail .Imagine you can read your mother's (who lives in Vietnam)medical files on web with clear pics that you can use to ask for an advice from US (whereever ) professor ,and at last you never afraid of unreadable prescription that may cause many harm effects to patients. All that and even more belong to a E-clinic .The core of that are softwares assist the system works smoothly.The softwares are very expensive and take long time to develope fully.Now we have them to work for us in An Khang Clinic the unique eclinic in Vietnam.Please have a look at it and evaluate it in a comparison with your visited clinic or hospital. SO CONVENIENT AND SO INTELLIGENT THAT IS THE COMMON CONCLUSION. Our add 87a Cach Mang Thang Tam P.Ben Thanh Q.1 TP .Ho Chi Minh Vietnam.Tel 084-8-9253900.Our website:
14 Feb 2007
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This is my first attempt at a Doctor Who Fan Video. Please be kind when you add comments. It took all day long to put this together. It was frustrating but very fun once I finally finished it. I'm very proud of myself for putting this together. I hope you enjoy my efforts. The song is from Chris Daughtry's performance on American Idol.
19 Mar 2007
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INFO: 3 bedroom, 3 bathrooms 3,360 square feet Since its origin in the late 1700s, Nashua's North End has been home to privilege - the families of captains of local commerce and industry, of bankers, lawyers and doctors who built the stately mansions that grace Concord Street and the surrounding streets, many named for prominent early residents. A rare opportunity is available to own one of these gracious residences, this North End Tudor, built in 1920 is elegant and full of style, and situated on a corner lot. As you enter this home with grand staircase with curved banister you will notice many features missing from modern homes - such as wood burning fireplaces, built in period bookcases, leaded glass arched eye windows, sparkling cut glass doorknobs and 9' high ceilings. Enjoys dining outdoors in the summer months in one of two sun screened porches, with slate flooring. The large eat in kitchen features unique tile countertops and backsplashes, as well as a roomy pantry with large cabinets for storage. The 22' x 30' finished lower level is ready for entertaining or for the big game, complete with a fireplace as well as a bar.
27 Jul 2007
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