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Re: Dog killer murder ids not real dost a fake and dont do these at home Ari Josepsson****/xxxsir www.arixxxsir****
28 Jul 2008
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I was just having fun with my dog, who name is Fighter. We were happily killing Herobrine then this DOG KILLER comes in and kill him. Please bring justice to this pet killer!!!
26 Dec 2012
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While trying to watch SAW III, Roscoe runs into a feisty cashier at the movie theater.
21 Jan 2007
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funny prarie dog
8 Jul 2007
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Loves children, people and their work - sport! The best dog in the world!
17 Jan 2011
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Yep, you read this right. According to AdAge**** Atlanta Falcons former quarterback Michael Vick is reportedly "in talks" to be a spokesperson for PETA. He's ready to do a series of ads for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals when he's released from jail later in May. Vick wants to clean-up his image as a dog-killer and reenter society with the problems stemming from his dog fighting business a thing of the past. Distributed by Tubemogul.
2 May 2009
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The warrior goes on a rampage killing dogs in the forest while honing his skills with blades.
6 Oct 2012
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Man kills dog with chloroform... Link to story *******craftkevin****/2010/01/23/man-kills-dog-with-chloroform/
3 Jul 2010
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Full Film! Part 1 of 10.
2 Dec 2010
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Max & Missy Playing,18 lb Maine Coon Cat Playing with his Friend 4 lb Rat Terrier
12 Mar 2012
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I am nothing but nice to this dog and it wants to bite my head off. The camera used is a Panasonic HMC150. If you're curious as to who I am, click on either of the video responses below (Buick and Robby). I play Buick, the guy in the yellow and white shirt :).
23 Mar 2012
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This Dog training video is about guard dogs, attack dogs, personal protection dogs, killer dogs, or whatever type of training a dog trainer may call it. In reality this video is about a well trained black german shepherd (shepard, shepperd, Sheppard) some people spell german shepherd wrong! A well trained Doberman pincher and guard dog training done on a Rottweiler or rottie. Guard dog training and <b>attack dog training</b> is a serious business, so be sure to choose a qualified dog trainer. There ...
25 May 2009
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A metro-area family is warning about an apparent dog killer. Casey Killian said someone poisoned one of his dogs while he and his family were gone for the weekend. "Evidently somebody either doesn't like my dogs or doesn't like me," Killian told KMBC's Dan Weinbaum. His dog, Jaz, a 6-month-old miniature schnauzer, was killed when someone tossed balls of raw meat that were spiked with chemicals into the yard. "They found somewhere between eight to 10 meatballs rolled up with different types of poison," Killian said.
28 Oct 2009
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The clip getting drunk Part 2 from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) with Mila Kunis, Jason Segel 'Cause I could send someone up, if you want. Oh, you could? Yeah. That's very funny. It is. Well, listen, Sarah Marshall Show sucks. Who cares? I do the music for that programme. Did I mention that the music rocks? That's very sweet of you. That's very sweet of you to say. You don't have to say that, though. It's not music. There's no melody, it's just tones. Just dark, ominous tones. 'The masturbating dog killer is on the loose again. 'He'll kill the owner, but at least the dogs are happy.' I'm no Aldous Snow, I guess, you know. Time to start the music All gonna light the light Yeah, yeah, gonna get things started... on The Muppet Show tonight...
28 Oct 2011
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The clip brooke's date befriends with gary from The Break-Up (2006) with Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston How big's your TV? Oh, shut up! How big's your TV, 'cause I wanna know if you can see what's happening. Oh, wow. You beat a 12-year-old. I don't care if you're 12 years old. You have more time in the day to play. I live in the real world, my man, With bills and responsibilities. That's right. You can't have a handle called Mad Dog Killer if you complain every time... Brooke? Hi, Mike. Hi. Come on in. Hold on, Mom. I'm coming. Is your mom in the room with you? 'Cause I hope she can't see what's happening. I hope she can't see what's happening. I'm gonna be just a few more seconds. So, just sit down and relax. Oh, yeah, no problem. I'm sorry? Yeah, why'd you do that? You take the fun out of beating you, because you have an excuse to lose. Get a life, dude. Do you think it's possible that your mom won't love you anymore if she sees how bad you're losing in the game. Shut up! Okay. All right. That's great. You're gonna stay man-to-man with me. What happens when I make a play? Making plays, making plays! Making plays! Well, you know, that's how my people like to handle their business. While your guys are out partying, mine are running routes. Try to make a difference. Mike? I'm ready to go. Oh, hey, do you mind if we finish the game? We got a real nail-biter going here. Yeah, sure. Of course. Great. Awesome, all right? Touchdown. Oh, God, is that pretty. God, is that pretty. Yeah, I'm a gentleman. I like to be humble. I'm old school. I don't like to talk a lot.
21 Nov 2011
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The clip dog is poisoned from Cape Fear (1991) with Joe Don Baker, Nick Nolte I got the bank, the account number. I'll call your son-in-law's lawyer, tell him we're going to court. Mr. Bowden, your wife's on line one. Ask her to hold. I have to make a call. -I wouldn't make that call. The way I'd... -Mr. Bowden... ...she says it's urgent. Yeah? ...these kind of horrible, high-pitched howls. They sounded like he was screaming... ...and then Dani came running in, and I... ...I called the vet. Then it was so weird because... was like he was winding down... ...just winding down like an old clock. Then, all of a sudden, he just stopped. He had this kind of... ...his eyes just wide open, and this kind of... ...surprised look. And then... ...then he died. He just died, before the vet even got here. What did the vet say? -That he was poisoned. -Poisoned? What kind of poison? -I don't know what kind of poison. -Jesus! I told you not to let him out. -I didn't let him out! -Then how? Stop! I've got an English setter myself, so I don't cotton to dog killers.
23 Nov 2011
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