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My dog Beaker is a rescue dog. Check out my videos and stories about him on my blog www.helpadviceneeded**** I also discuss dog tricks, schnoodle temperament, schnoodle behavior, schnoodle characteristics and much more!
26 Jun 2009
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FPS Doug Dog Trick!!
4 Aug 2009
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15 Oct 2009
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Kristi Sayles' Dog, Max, does more dog tricks. This time he throws trash away and catches a toy in mid-air. Kristi Sayles invites you to follow Max on Twitter at *******twitter****/maxthetrickdog
31 Dec 2009
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******* very stupid dog fights vs crap Must see! Very funny! For more: please visit my site: ******* Red Dog, Border Collie, Tricks, Games, Obedience, Flyball, Stupid, Stupid Pet Trick, Stupid Dog Trick, OMG, Wtf, Silly, Funny, Crazy, Insane, Chien, Perro, Hund, Tennis Ball, Tennis, Playing, Pets, Animal Planet, David Letterman, Whisper, Whisperer, Me Or The Dog, Quick, Reflexes
29 Jan 2010
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23 Jun 2010
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*******www.tillmanspetstore****/ Funny Dog Nash skateboarding and doing Tricks. Nash is a cute adorable Dog (bulldog) that likes to skateboard and do Dog Tricks. We just can't get him off his skateboard since we bought it for him. Nash is a cute dog but we still think of him as a Puppy Dog Visit Nash's Friend Tillman the Cat for all your Pet Supplies and much more. *******www.tillmanspetstore****/ Music by Kevin MacLeod -- *******www.incompetech****
11 Aug 2010
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*******www.fungamesfordogs**** Fun Games For Dogs Here! Looking for dog games that you and your dog can play together? You are about to learn lots of great games for dogs. These games are fun, easy and will provide hours of enjoyment for both of you. These dog games are designed for every age and member of your family. To learn all these great games that you can play with your dog just go to: *******www.fungamesfordogs**** tags: Dog games, games for dogs, pet games, doggames, games to play with dogs, things to do with your dog, dog tricks
30 Jun 2011
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Geee, I wonder how he does that.
14 Aug 2006
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alley and jewelys is playing around in the house
10 Dec 2006
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Bumper is Hilarious. I can't believe he doesn't get dizzy.
7 Jan 2007
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Diggers best trick. Vote for Digger at www.dogshowusa****
19 Jan 2007
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