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The old classic trailer for the film "Dr. Dolittle" starring Eddie Murphy. Release Date: May 24, 1996.
30 Aug 2009
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Market Leading Indicators
5 Sep 2007
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Az első kellően szórakoztatott, a második úgyszintén, de ott azért már rezgett a léc. Úgy látszik, ezt nem mindenki vette észre, és tovább erőltették a szériát.
3 Jun 2011
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20 Jan 2013
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The President sings, "If I Could Talk to Republicans." *******www.britethorn****
19 Jul 2009
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8 Aug 2008
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Another newscast by Biff Dolittle as can only brought to you from Jest Patronizing. *******www.foxnews****/us/2012/01/16/tax-cut-talks-focus-on-budget-cuts-new-fees/#ixzz1jh57vUqI *******www.infowars****/tsa-to-test-body-scanner-operators-for-radiation-exposure/ *******www.charlotteobserver****/2012/01/12/2918973/sc-dmv-chief-900-dead-people-may.html#storylink=cpy
17 Jan 2012
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More news from Biff Dolittle. *******www.foxnews****/politics/2012/01/17/strong-signs-iran-is-supplying-syria-with-weapons-us-says/#ixzz1jmTPMOfU ******* *******politicalticker.blogs.cnn****/2012/01/17/perry-turkey-ruled-by-islamic-terrorists/
23 Apr 2012
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Another newscast by Biff Dolittle at Propaganda News brought to you by Jest Patronizing. *******www.deadline****/2012/01/exclusive-hollywood-moguls-stopping-obama-donations-because-of-administrations-piracy-stand/ *******www.deadline****/2012/01/exclusive-hollywood-moguls-stopping-obama-donations-because-of-administrations-piracy-stand/ *******www.nydailynews****/new-york/tsa-apologizes-elderly-women-strip-search-kennedy-airport-article-1.1007725#ixzz1jsUBDaZr
19 Jan 2012
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Jest Patronizing brings another episode of Propaganda News with your anchor Biff Dolittle. *******www.wlky****/education/30258279/detail.html#ixzz1kFdm7XjU *******www.foxnews****/us/2012/01/20/feds-grant-1-year-extension-on-birth-control-rule/#ixzz1kFsX2GCk *******www.cnn****/2012/01/21/politics/south-carolina-primary/index.html?hpt=hp_t2 *******www.mercurynews****/presidentelect/ci_19782823
24 Jan 2012
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Jest Patronizing brings another episode of Propaganda News with your anchor Biff Dolittle. *******www.foxnews****/politics/2012/01/23/sen-paul-stopped-by-tsa-at-airport-law-enforcement-denies-it-was-detention/?test=latestnews#ixzz1kLVadkGe *******security.blogs.cnn****/2012/01/23/pakistan-says-us-report-contrary-to-facts/ *******www.usnews****/news/articles/2012/01/19/who-should-have-access-to-student-records
25 Jan 2012
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Jest Patronizing brings another episode of Propaganda News with your anchor Biff Dolittle. *******www.cnn****/2012/01/24/politics/state-of-the-union/index.html *******www.foxnews****/us/2012/01/24/okla-senator-wants-ban-on-human-fetuses-in-food/#ixzz1kRS7XKGb *******www.allgov****/US_and_the_World/ViewNews/Tax_Evaders_Renounce_US_Citizenship_120124
25 Jan 2012
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