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jajajaj this baby knows how to do it. please rate
21 Jul 2007
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mp3 iTunes: ***********/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewArtist?id=5126711 mp3 Amazon: ***********/gp/product/B000ZUBTK0/ref=sr_f2_artist_3?ie=UTF8&parent=B00110H24A&qid=1221524566&sr=102-3 "Kiss the Honey, Honey": 7-track e.p. by Shinjuku Zulu; all tracks at iTunes ==Track listing== 01 "Kiss the Honey, Honey" feat. Caryn Green (dance) 02 "Hey La" feat. Larissa Gomes (electronica) 03 "SXYLV" (electro/dance) 04 "Dirty Liar" feat. MC General - Ye Olde Schoole Edit (hip hop) 05 "Dirty Liar" feat. MC General - Screw Chop Edit (hip hop) 06 "Dirty Liar" Instrumental - Ye Olde Schoole Edit (hip hop) 07 "Dirty Liar" Instrumental - Screw Chop Edit (hip hop) All Shinjuku Zulu releases at iTunes worldwide: ***********/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewArtist?id=7897624 All K.I.A. releases at iTunes worldwide: ***********/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewArtist?id=5126711 See also these K.I.A. / Shinjuku Zulu releases: DISCOGRAPHY: By Shinjuku Zulu: -Kiss the Honey, Honey 7-track EP feat. "Kiss the Honey", "SXYLV" -Various Chimeras 19-track CD feat."Shanghai Masai","Da Riddim Griffin" -Various Chimeras Instrumentals feat. instrumental versions of above -Shinjuku Zulu 14-track CD feat. "That Groove", "Segue" By K.I.A.: -Sonorous Susurrus 22-track CD. feat. "Nevermine", "Be My DJ", "Dubmarine" -Adieu, Shinjuku Zulu 15-track CD feat. "Mrs. Major Tom", "Eyeah", "Allelujah" By K.I.A. & Shinjuku Zulu -DXLR8 -Downtempo Best Of ,13-tracks feat. "Broken", (dubstep), "Scarborough Fair (A True Dub of Mine), "Allelujah"
13 Oct 2009
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A Brit love doll fanatic reveals his collection of 240 fake girlfriends - the BIGGEST love doll collection in the WORLD. Bob Gibbins, 60, is known to fellow collectors as "The Hugh Hefner of the Love Doll World." And even though married dad Bob has just a small bungalow in Madley, Herefordshire, pals have dubbed the pad "The Love Doll Mansion." Father-of-two Bob, a mechanic, loves having afternoon tea with his dolls, posing them up for photo shoots, and taking them for a drive in the country. He has spent £80,000 on his collection - and has even adapted one leggy gal so they can ballroom dance together. Bob said: "I have a collection of around, 240 dolls - which I believe is the largest in the world. "The former record holder is a man in Japan with 100 dolls. "They do take up a lot of space but we always find room for them!? While some of Bob's dolls are posed provocatively and have some very saucy outfits, Bob insists he never uses the dolls for sex. And incredibly, his wife Elizabeth doesn't mind Bob's obsession, and the pair happily go shopping for clothes for the dolls before spending a couple of hours dressing them up.
23 Sep 2011
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