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The clip Mother and Daughter Fight from Don't Move (2004) A quarter past! It doesn't matter! The rule is midnight! The movie ended at midnight! Then go in the afternoon. I was studying in the afternoon. Were you? Yes, with Alessia and Benny. There's flour all over the kitchen, you made cookies. No, a cream cake, really good. What a pain! There's nothing to joke about, OK? I will not sit up waiting for you! And your cell phone was off too. I was at the movies! Wherever! You are back at midnight. My girl friends go out every night. I don't care what they do. Dad, help me out here! You defend yourself just fine. Tell her how much I have studied! She did study. Were you here? Yes, I was, I got back. At what time? I got back at... ...7 7:30. What? You can't remember? I can't remember... He cannot remember! That's great! Are you going to take me to London? Yes, as a reward! I'll take both of you, you're the same age after all. 7:30! Come on, it's raining! And no more lies!
23 Nov 2011
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