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disclaimer: I dont own anything NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDEDSONG DOESN'T BELONG TO ME NOR DOES THE RIGHTS TO NUMB3RS.don/megan warning: Character DeathsDon and Megan were in a steady relationship for sometime but Megan decides to break it off with Don. Don can't seem to get over it and does something unthinkable. As time passes Megan can't forget the events that happen.
7 Jul 2009
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NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I AM NOT MAKING PROFIT STRICTLY FOR ENTRAINTMENT. SONG DOESN'T BELONG TO ME THAT BELONG TO TAYLOR SWIFT AND HER RECORD LABEL NOR DOES THE RIGHTS TO NUMB3RS belongs to its rightful creators my first don/megan video, don/liz feedback very much apperciated Megan also had a thing for Don but was too afraid to tell him. Now she sits back and sees him with someone else.
25 Apr 2009
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