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The Trailer For Fair Game Starring William Baldwin, Cindy Crawford, Steven Berkoff, Christopher McDonald, Miguel Sandoval, Johann Carlo, Salma Hayek, John Bedford Lloyd, Olek Krupa, Jenette Goldstein, Marc Macaulay, Sonny Carl Davis, Frank Medrano, Don Yesso, And Paul Dillon. Directed By Andrew Sipes.
6 Sep 2009
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The Trailer For The Hard Truth Starring Eric Roberts, Michael Rooker, Lysette Anthony, Ray Baker, Don Yesso, Brian Markinson, Charlie Brewer, And Loretta Devine. Directed By Kristine Peterson
22 Mar 2010
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The clip becoming the bad guy from Dudley Do-Right (1999) with Alfred Molina, Jed Rees Do you have any idea what this could possibly mean? Doris Day. Just a guess. Dom Deluise. Daniel Day-Lewis. Snoop Doggy Dogg. Daphne du Maurier. Oh, shut up. Doc Duvalier. David Duchovny? Delores Del Rio. Shut up, you idiots. Dan Rather. These initials could only mean one thing- Dudley Do-Right. You think Do-Right has got the guts for something like this? Of course I do. Wow. You realize what this means, don't you? He's becoming the bad guy. Where does that leave me? I used to be the bad guy. If he's capable of doing this... who knows what other really fun, bad-guy stuff he's been doing. What other stuff indeed. David Duchovny. For Snidely was about to discover a crime so low, so hideous... it had to involve toilet paper. Oh, man. What a bleak and rimy day. Something like this just makes you sick to your stomach. Don't touch me!
11 Nov 2011
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The clip tricking the boys from Dudley Do-Right (1999) with Corey Burton, Jack Kehler Meanwhile, back at Snidely's not-so-secret hideout- Here's the money, but where's the gold? Whiplash took it. Where is Whiplash? He's got to be here somewhere. He took off with all the gold! All we have is this measly $26,000! We got to find Whip! He's tricked us! And when we do, we're gonna kill him- really slowly. Yeah, but where is he? That's a good question. I heard he was in the Sudan. Where's that? In Africa, stupid. He's supposedly at the Hilton Hotel. The Hilton, eh? Come on, boys! Let's go get him! What the boys didn't know was that it was Snidely himself who was... sending them to the far reaches of the world. Yes, he really was a very bad guy. It's all so easy. All you have to do is find 999... of the stupidest criminals in North America... and everything just falls into place. There's only one man who can stop me now. And that one man could only be... Dudley Do-Right of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
11 Nov 2011
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