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MAD WORLD - Did this version of the song Mad World along with an original Splendor in the Grass. Song is on the Last I Saw My Childhood Friends full online LP. I talked Robin into singing the first intro part of Mad World and last part of the song. I did the vocals in the middle. Love Robin’s voice. Love the song Mad World by the 80’s New Wave band Tears For Fears. The song is maybe one of the top three songs in my opinion written in the late 20th century along with Bittersweet Symphony and Turn Turn Turn. Gary Jules does a beautiful version in the movie Donnie Darko which is a beautifully written Independent Sci-Fi film. If you haven’t seen the film go see it. It’s a strange wonderful movie. Played Splendor in the Grass on acoustic guitar live in a lo fi setting in front of my computer using it’s mic and video camera. Got my computer to recite the poetry for Splendor in the Grass my all time favorite poem. Thanks Hal. Splendor is recorded raw in lo fi. Love one take with mistakes raw sound. Shows we're still human. Recording in lo fi is like eating raw vegetables. You either hate it or love it. LOL. Please give a listen and watch. The Video is produced in a CINEMATIC psychedelic folk phantasm style. - Lenny
15 Sep 2017
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Donald Trump attempts to join the Avengers so he can Make Avengers Great Again... just like he's making America great again? What will Captain America and Thor think about this? Donny visits Loki who creates a magical gold hammer which gives Don Don powers like Thor, turning Trump into THRUMP! Watch Part 2 on Youtube SUBSCRIBE: Spoof Troupe Written by Matt Tate Starring Steve Saunders (as Trump) Matt Tate (as Breitbart Reporter) Chris Markle (as Male Reporter) Allison Cirner (as Female Reporter) Brett Charles (as Thor) Remy Schrader (as Loki) Christopher Robert Gray (as Captain America) Linsay Rousseau (as Hela) Paul Green (as Red Skull) Directed and Edited by Charles Dewandeler Avengers is owned by Marvel and Disney, Donald Trump is copyright of Donald Trump, this is a satire video produced by Spoof Troupe. Copyright 2017, Spoof Troupe Hollywood, CA
18 Sep 2017
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The Webcam Correspondent delivers news on the online social scene. This week he looks into online hoaxes, revealing the identity of Pastor Donnie Davies in an exclusive interview.
16 Feb 2007
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Off of the Best of Donny & Marie DVD, here's America's favorite brother and sister act here are the Osmond's joking around and playing little golf with Bob Hope.
21 May 2007
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Off of the Best of Donny & Marie DVD, here's America's favorite brother and sister act singing an amazing rendition of Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing.
18 May 2007
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Off of the Best of Donny & Marie DVD, here's America's favorite brother and sister act here are the Osmond's joking around and playing with Donny's Shoe Phone.
26 May 2007
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A hot girl wonders why no one listens to anything she says. See more Donnie Briggs at BudTV****
6 Jul 2007
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Donnie on a nice day, throwing knives at a tree in the park by his house and chatting =)
2 Oct 2007
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My friend Donnie showing off at contact juggling, then a funny clip of some beginners just learning how. The related link I put in is the link to Donnie's myspace if you feel the desire to compliment him on his skills =)
2 Oct 2007
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the trailer for donnie darko
11 Aug 2008
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*******www.danijohnson**** Dani Johnson went from living out of her car with $2.03 to her name to making her first million by the age of 23. How'd she do it? Watch this video to get some of the great pearls of wisdom that Dani Johnson has to offer, ABSOLUTELY FREE! Make Millions Today! Dani Johnson's Millionaire Secrets - This segment was featured on The Big Idea with Donny Deutch on CNBC. Watch as Dani gives 5 key points for success in under 4 minutes! This is power packed and you don't want to miss it! GET MORE OUT OF LIFE, BUSINESS AND RELATIONSHIPS! Dani Johnson, Founder and President of Call To Freedom, Int'l is an internationally sought after author, speaker, success trainer and relationship marketing expert who has helped 10's of thousands improve thier lives financially, personally, spiritually and professionally. Discover How a Young Broke Cocktail Waitress Went From Living Out of Her Car with $2.03 to Her Name to Earning Her First Million in 2 Short Years! What is Dani's secret to success? And more importantly can YOU discover this secret and use it too? Use the resources on this site and experience personal and financial freedom with Dani's proven success systems. Unlock keys to personal achievement, true wealth and Christian based spiritual success in Rise To Success! Learn the skills that Dani has taught thousands to succeed wildly in the market place! "The Big Idea" is your roadmap to the American Dream. Each weeknight, Donny Deutsch, the maverick CEO who built a multi-billion dollar advertising and media business, introduces you to the men and women who have made BILLIONS with their Big Idea. Their stories. Your Roadmap to the American Dream. The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, weeknights at 10p/1a on CNBC. Dani Johnson was featured on the Big Idea and this is her segment *******www.danijohnson****
30 Dec 2009
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Nicole Hait, Director of InventHelp's INPEX Invention Show, recently had the opportunity to represent InventHelp and INPEX on a taping of "The Big Idea" with Donnie Deutsch on CNBC. The topic of the segment was how to make the most out of a trade show exhibit.
10 Apr 2008
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