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Donnie Does Stephon Marbury
7 Mar 2017
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The amazing Harry Shum, Jr. choreographed this piece to the voice over. Special Thanks: Ella Mielniczenko* (major thanks) Jamie Williams Mark Celestino Peter Eaton Donnie Padilla Amy Skerkoski Lizzie Sam Cody D Ambrosio Music :
27 Dec 2013
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Mark Wahlberg will appear in a new unscripted A&E series about his family owned restaurant, Wahlburgers, alongside his mother and brothers, Donnie and Paul. If you ask him, his family show will be nothing like Keeping Up With the Kardashians! The brothers cofounded the restaurant in 2011, when they opened the first location in Massachusetts. The trio is set to open a second location in Toronto next year. Wahlburgers will focus on both the family and the restaurant, and will follow Mark and Donnie heading to Boston to meet up with Paul, who serves as the chef of the restaurant.
14 Nov 2013
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Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg will reportedly showcase their burger joint, Wahlburgers, on an A&E reality TV show.
12 Nov 2013
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While host Andy Cohen and Donnie Wahlberg wagered on the world series, Jenny McCarthy made herself at home behind Bravo's Watch What Happens bar, mixing up a signature martini worth sharing! She calls it "Jenny McCarthy's Lemon Drop Martini," and no worries if you're no mixologist, the steps are even simpler than the title. Jenny juiced three lemons, added two shots of Vodka, two tablespoons of sugar, shook it with ice and served it in a sugar-rimmed glass.
2 Nov 2013
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With a new man in her life, Donnie Wahlberg, and a new job hosting on The View, Jenny McCarthy says her life couldn't be any better.
2 Oct 2013
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Donny (Adam Sandler) catches Jamie and Chad going at it.
26 Sep 2013
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Jenny McCarthy is reportedly getting more serious with Donnie Wahlberg, introducing him to her son Evan and inviting him on The View.
13 Sep 2013
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They are most definitely on! After weeks of dating rumors, Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg confirm they are a couple! The two made their red carpet debut at a charity event in Illinois over the weekend. The couple looked old Hollywood glam wearing matching black. We think they look really cute together! The dating rumors first started when Donnie appeared on Jenny's VH1 show and it seems like things have been heating up ever since! Check out the pics here!
27 Aug 2013
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Monster Energy presents "Holeshot," a behind the scenes looks at Donny Robinson at his home track in Napa, California for a serious lesson on what it takes to be one of the fastest human beings on a BMX bike. Watch your back. For more information on the Monster Energy BMX, visit
13 Jul 2013
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By classics I mean respectable films with somewhat of a following Here they are 1. The Big Lebowski 2. Car Wash 3. Clue 4. Downfall 5. Donnie Darko 6. Drive 7. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog 8. Dr. Who
25 May 2013
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0:45 To watch 100s of trailers, please visit our website To browse through the latest trailers, visit To get the latest updates on the trailers, please like our FB page at Alyce Kills Official Trailer #1 (2013) HD_James Duval_Eddie Rouse Alyce Kills" trailer ** this is a gem for the cult horror fans - ALYCE KILLS takes an unflinching look at a young woman's struggle to keep it together after tragically killing her best friend. Haunted by guilt, she begins to unravel--losing sleep, losing her job and eventually her sanity. Jade Dornfeld making her film debut as the titular character Alyce. WATCH ON VOD: PLOT: After accidentally knocking her best friend off a roof, Alyce is haunted by guilt and delves into a brutal nightmare wonderland of sex, drugs and violence, her mind tearing itself apart. . . along with anyone else who gets in her way. Director Jay Lee (ZOMBIE STRIPPERS) takes us down the rabbit hole and unleashes enough chaos and horror to satisfy any gore hound. REVIEWS: "Jade Dornfeld is nothing less than stupendous as Alyce in every aspect of the role from caring friend to raging lunatic."- DREADCENTRAL "Alyce is a hidden gem, and one film that's guaranteed to achieve cult status. . ." -- HORROR CULT FILMS Coming on May 24, 2013 Starring: Jade Dornfeld, Tamara Feldman (HATCHET, TVs "GOSSIP GIRL"), James Duval (DONNIE DARKO), Eddie Rouse (PANDORUM), Larry Cedar (THE CRAZIES), Yorgo Constantine (FAST FIVE), Megan Gallagher (TVs "MILLENIUM"), Tracey Walter (REPO MAN) Directed by: Jay Lee (ZOMBIE STRIPPERS) additional description: "alyce kills trailer" "alice kills" alyce "horror movie" "horrornymphs" The channel is your destination for hot new trailers the second they drop. Whether they are blockbusters, indie films, or that new comedy you've been waiting for, the team is there day and night to make sure all the hottest new movie trailers are available whenever you need them, as soon as you can get them. In addition to hot new trailers, the page gives you original content like Ultimate Trailers, Instant Trailer Reviews, Monthly Mashups, and Meg's Movie News and more to keep you up-to-date on what's out this week and what you should be watching. movieclips "movie clips" movieclipstrailers "new trailers" "trailers HD" hd trailers trailerlDOTly trailer 2013 official HD"
20 May 2013
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Get "Relentless" at: FB: Twitter: cwalkerband This is our second music video for our latest album "Relentless". It was shot at Anthony's on Jefferson in Milwaukee, WI and it was amazing to shoot. I think the craziest part for me was all the women in the video volunteering to get their booties on camera shaking! Recording Personnel: Charles Walker - Tenor/Alto Sax, Clavinet, Organ Porsche Carmon - Vocals Alex Smith - Lead Guitar Donnie Mac - Bass Terence Pettigrew - Drums Nadine Neal-Young - Back up vocals Tianna Fanning - Back up vocals Siru Sandoval - Back up vocals Ryan Schiedermayer - Cahone Phaedra Fearen - Trombone Aaron Walker - Sound Engineer Recorded at: E Money Studios Record Label: Ehlona Records Film: Director/Editor: Nate Brown Film Crew: Aaron Alpert and William Hendrickson Actors/Actresses Charles Walker Porsche Carmon Tianna Fanning Alex Smith Alex Vina Jeremiah Osei Emmanuel Folkes Barbara Ederich Ramos Gwen GeminiGee Miner Becca Energee Hoefler Michael Gordon Eileen MaripositaRosada Figueroabcw Rebecca Bahr-Arrichiello
8 May 2013
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Get "Relentless" at: FB: Twitter: cwalkerband Recording Personel: Charles Walker - Tenor/Alto Sax, Organ Porsche Carmon - Vocals Alex Smith - Lead Guitar Dan Kennedy - Rhythm Guitar Donnie Mac - Bass Terence Pettigrew - Drums Nadine Neal-Young - Back up vocals Tianna Fanning - Back up vocals Siru Sandoval - Back up vocals Ryan Schiedermayer - Cahone Phaedra Fearen - Trombone Aaron Walker - Sound Engineer Recorded at: E Money Studios Record Label: Ehlona Records Film: Director/Editor: Nate Brown Film Crew: Aaron Alpert and William Hendrickson Actors/Actresses Charles Walker Porsche Carmon Nadine Neal-Young Tianna Fanning Joselynn Goodloe Nikolett Corprue
18 Apr 2013
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Slip Knot Hallowe'en Costumes Rock aloud just as the meteor rising successful nu metal band from Iowa. slipknot is an american heavy metal and rock band from state capital, Iowa. The cluster began by percussionist shawn Crahan and instrumentalist Paul gray in 1995. This rock band is made up of 9 members for that foremost portion of their tenure: Sid Wilson, Paul Gray, Joey Jordison, Chris Fehn, Jim Root, Craig Jones, shawn Crahan, mick Thomson, and Corey Taylor after succeeding modifications in their lineup. Paul Gray's death on may 24, 2010, left the group with solely eight remaining members with Former guitarist Donnie Steele as the band's road instrumentalist in 2011. Slipknot stands apart of their metal genre and is recognized for their aggressive music in addition to their compelling mask that sparked several controversies. Members wear identical matching uniform along with a particular mask during their performances. This Hallowe'en, a decent way to come down as a bunch would be to sport a slipknot Costume and become a true rock star with each and every distinctive mask. Choose your favorite band member as well as their various masks. We've got (#) Sid Wilson on the turntables, (#1) Joey Jordison on the drums, (#3) Chris Fehn additionally on drums and backup vocals, (#4) Jim Root rocking on the guitars, (#5) Craig "133" Jones, (#6) shawn "Clown" Crahan, (#7) mick Thomson on guitars, (#8) Corey Taylor (the lead charge) instrumentalist, and also the late (#2) Paul gray on his guitar, backing vocals. Get the ultimate slipknot costumes that rocks on a Hallowe'en Party at:
8 Apr 2013
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14 Mar 2013
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