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Visit for more highlights. Keyon Dooling slams this one down with authority against Michael Beasley.
8 Jan 2009
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Nat Christian - clips from DOOL
31 Dec 2009
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only for joke
4 Dec 2008
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9 Jun 2010
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9 Jun 2010
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9 Jun 2010
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2 Nov 2010
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homa dool shbab el geel .. shofto bya3melo eh ?!
15 May 2007
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Lyric de Good Day por IU (Musiqueasie): Coreano (Romaji): Eojjeom eereokhae haneuleun deo paran geonji Oneulddara wae barameun ddo wanbyeokhanji Geunyang moreuneun cheok hana motdeuleun cheok Jiweobeorin cheok ddan yegil shijakhalkka Amu mal mot.hagae ipmachoolkka *Noonmooli chaoollaseo gogael deuleo Heureuji mot.hagae ddo saljjak ooseo Naegae wae eereoneunji museun maleul haneunji Oneul haetdeon modeun mal jeo haneul wiro Hanbundo mot.haetdeon mal Oolmyeonseo hal jooleun na mollatdeon mal Naneunyo oppaga joeungeol eoddeokhae* Saerp bakkwin nae meoriga byulloyeotneunji Ipgo nawatdeon osi shilsuyeotdeon geonji Ajik moreuneun cheok gieok an naneun cheok Amu ileoseotdeon geotcheoreom gooleobolkka Geunyang nagajago yegihalkka *Repeat Eerun nareul bogo Geurun seulpeun maleun haji marayo Cheoleopneun geonji jogeum doonhan geonji Mideul suga eopneungeolyo Noonmuleun naoneunde hwaljjak ooseo Ni apeul makgoseo mak keugae ooseo Naega wae eereoneunji bukkeureomdo eopneunji Jajonshimeun gopgae jeopeo haneulwiro Hanbundo mot.haetdeon mal Eojjeomyeon dashin mot.hal baro geu mal Naneunyo oppaga joeungeol Aiku hana dool I'm in my dream It's too beautiful, beautiful day Make it a good day Just don't make me cry Eeoreokhae joeun nal
18 Dec 2010
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"I don't care how many times you have heard Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" or how many versions you've heard; you may even be tired of hearing it; but you haven't heard "Hallelujah" by Sophie Berkal-Sarbit. As you are listening to her singing it, you won't even remember the other versions." Larry LeBlanc Senior Editor CelebrityAccess Video link: ABOUT “HALLELUJAH” When you take a chance renewing a classic song that has had so many definitive approaches you place yourself in the crosshairs of the music world. “When Sophie told me she wanted to record one of the planet’s most beloved songs, “Hallelujah,” I caught my breath – rolled my eyes and thought to myself ‘Why?’ Revered versions by John Cale, Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright and k.d.Lang come to mind – not to mention the most recent Canadian Tenors,’ says producer/pianist Bill King. “I think I can bring something different to this,” says Sophie. King’s response –“O.K.” let’s just see what happens in the studio. This should be totally improvised. Things should happen organically –if it doesn’t we’ll do ourselves a solid by stepping away and leaving the world short one more unnecessary misfire.” There are times when everything feels just right. A brand spanking new C. Bechstein D280 9′ Concert Grand piano at Number 9 Studios – an intimate studio and broad smile spread across 21 year old Berkal-Sarbit’s face. It’s always about establishing a mood – a moment of decision filled with tension, intimacy and contrasts. After a first improvised run through the arrangement composed itself. It’s the marriage of the two - piano and voice –a quiet solitude. Carefully considered notes borrowed from the upper regions of the piano placed at intervals falling like isolated rain drops gently lay the framework for what was to come - a full symphonic orchestration within the range of the glimmering Bechstein. Berkal-Sarbit embraces the languid tempo – one that takes a poetic stance. Rather than abruptly shift verse to verse the piano intercedes reserving the time in between to contemplate the spiritually bittersweet lyrics. The church like harmonies sound closure, much like the parting measures of a Beethoven sonata. Then total silence. No third takes or let’s change this or that – the piece is complete. Studio head George Rodina got wind of the session engineered by Bernie Cisternas ‘and suggested sending ‘Hallelujah’ to Los Angeles where a couple of string section arrangers might be interested in contributing. As luck would have it violinist Christian House heard what everyone heard and volunteered added sweetening. “My approach was to come up with something with few distractions for the viewer,” says video director, Chris Gentile. “Sophie’s voice elegantly surrounds the piano and had to be just right visually. The more I listened to “Hallelujah”, things began to come clear. This had to be a black and white video, classic in filming style, with an edit style of dissolves and soft fades. No colors or background textures just simple and clean. There was no need for a place or set, just perfect classic portrait lighting. This was all I needed to tell the story.” Produced by Bill King and George Rondina Arrangement: Bill King Strings: Christian Howes Strings Video production was produced through Christopher Gentile Productions. Directing and story design created Christopher Gentile Camera DOP David Suddaby Camera Arri Alexa provided by Robert Burt Productions Studio 17 Noble Street Studios Studio One Posting PPD Post Producers Digital Toronto Strings: Donald Quan, Charmaine Louis and Mark Korven Christopher Gentile is a long time Commercial Video Director in Toronto .and owns and operates Christopher Gentile Productions/Photography Recorded at Number 9 Studios Engineer - Bernie Cisternas iTunes: REVIEWS & QUOTES The exquisite colours of Sophie Berkal-Sarbit's voice are the icing on the cake of one of the most magical versions of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" that has ever been recorded. Bill King's masterful piano work and completely inspired production couches this young, fresh voice in a web of beauty that transports one to a higher level. Elaine Overholt – Big Voice Studio (Chicago, Hairspray, Mamma Mia, The Producers) Oprah Winfrey Network "Sophie's Hallelujah is heavenly. Her voice is sweet and true with a haunting nostalgia that carries you far away." Gloria Martin Entertainment Editor 680 NEWS/Rogers National Radio Network Sophie Berkal - Sarbit's tender vocals brings a new emotional purity to Leonard Cohen's classic lyrics. Her version of Hallelujah is simply beautiful. Dave Charles JAZZ.FM91 In splendid voice as always on "Hallelujah", Sophie Berkal-Sarbit mines new glory from the Cohen classic - just as she has infused the Canadian music scene with the excitement and enthusiasm of the next generation of jazz stars. Mark Rheaume CBC Radio "All I can say about Sophie Berkal and the mesmerizing version of this song is 'Hallelujah' ! for offering the best rendition ever recorded." Sandy Graham C.O.O. Cashbox Canada "The oft-covered Leonard Cohen classic "Hallelujah" is given a vibrant and refreshing interpretation by fast-rising young jazz songstress Sophie Berkal-Sarbit. Sparse piano and Sophie's pure and haunting vocals are perfectly complemented with soaring strings. A winner." Freelance music journalist Kerry Doole (Exclaim!, Words + Music) " This very moving. Sophie breathes fresh life into the lyrics. I'm sure Cohen would enthusiastically approve". Geoff Chapman (Whole Note Magazine)
5 Jan 2012
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7 May 2013
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Days of our lives MArch 19 2010 part 1 DOOL 3-19-10 DOOL 3/19/10
23 Mar 2010
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Pusscat Dools Stickwitu [Legendado]
6 Jun 2010
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10:59 Vivist This Site For Extra News/spoilers And Polls for Days of our lives. All Credit Goes To Fav-Moments. You Guys Are so Wonderful For The patience. I Was Going To Go To bed because I Have To Wake Up Very Early Tomorow But I Mean What Would 20 Minuets of My Time Do Nothing So I choose To upload Anyways Hah Hope you Guys Had A Wonderful Xmas :] DOOL 12/25/09 part 2 Days of our lives
17 Oct 2010
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Thanks For Wait ! Clip from Fav-moments Days of our lives December 22 2009 DOOL 12/22/09 part 1
17 Oct 2010
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DOOL January 30, 2004 Part 3 of 4 Plot: Tony, realizing his life is slipping away, desperately tries to name the killer to Lexie and John but is unable to speak, but he Tony manages to reach out and grab Marlena's hand; Tony later has a relapse and goes into full cardiac arrest, but loses the battle and dies; Lexie comments that Tony's body seemed to be shutting down and orders an autopsy, which gives her some startling results; John wonders why Tony grabbed Marlena's hand and she explains, saying that as Tony was dying he was remembering the past when he and Marlena were closer; Tony's ghost appears to Celeste and tells her it is up to her to stop the killer; Brady and Victor ask Nicole if she had anything to do with Tony's relapse/death; Nicole lies and admits she came to see him but never got into his room, but her lies come back to bite her when Victor finds her barrette in Tony's cubicle and realizes Nicole lied to him; Belle continues to worry about her parents; Shawn receives the bad news from John that Tony has died; Mimi sees that Rex is really hurting and tries to help him by offering to go to the hospital to visit Tony, and after a while of thinking about it, he decides he does want to see Tony, to ask for his forgiveness... as they're about to leave, Shawn and Belle arrive and break the news that Tony is dead.
28 Mar 2012
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