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Hwasan Double Barrel Gas Airsoft Shotgun *******www.airsplat****/Items/GR-HWA-6801-STG.htm In this episode of AirSplat on Demand, Jake and Kristen review the Hwasan Double Barrel Gas Airsoft Shotgun. The Hwasan Double Barrel Gas Airsoft Shotgun has a FPS of 290 (0.2g BB), range of 80-90 feet, and a magazine capacity of 7 rounds. There is a break action as well as 2 shells included. Join Jake and Kristen as they give you a review and their opinions on this shotgun.
28 Jul 2012
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Rob Machado's winning wave at pipeline, Double Barreled
2 Sep 2007
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www.myaircannons**** With so many world wide Tomato fights it was inevitable that the creation of the Double Barrel Magnum Tomato Cannon Gun would make it's debut. Easily capable of shooting tomatoes well over 400 plus feet per barrel. With quick attach/detach tripod base and heavy duty handle for hand held shooting there isn't much left that isn't already included with this cannon. I have included laser sights in each barrel for more accurate shots. This tomato gun will take those big, ripe, juicy, large tomatoes with no problem. The barrel diameter is over 100mm across and delivers a tremendous powerful punch. So whether you shoot one or 20 tomatoes at a time per barrel or wish to conserve your ammo for more shots this is the heaviest field artillery tomato cannon in the world today to my knowledge. (more)
22 Feb 2008
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jahcoozi live marseille "Double barrel name" IN MARSEILLE
18 Mar 2008
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Each grain whisky is individually aged in oak barrels, then blended… this blending is further aged in a second barrel. Tastes like heaven. For more like this visit: Distributed by Tubemogul.
17 Sep 2008
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The concept of the V-Twin was conceived by Paul Carberry and brought to fruition by Paul and Ian Drysdale (Of the Drysdale 750-V8 and 1000-V8 fame) The basic premise was to create a classic style 1000cc British V-Twin utilising as many standard Royal Enfield parts as possible. All this to attain a well mannered torquey cruiser with the look, feel and sound expected from a bike with traditional British bloodlines but with enough technology to make it a practical every day work horse - at a ...
16 Apr 2009
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The Seed, (MCs) Kahlee, Uptown Swuite and (Producer) Adikt 1 snatched up a raw 16 from Double Barrel, Brooklyn Lyricist, Torae for this street hustle anthem, When the Lights Go Down. With some added flavor from DJ Packo on the cuts
11 Feb 2010
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Jeff Krelitz from Double Barrel Motion Labs discusses the animated graphic novel promoting Repo Men
28 Apr 2010
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A brief overview of the most common firearms of the West (1870s - 1880s)
4 Mar 2010
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Lifelike Entertainment has a theory about violent video games: they shouldn't be complicated. While the successful completion of a dangerous mission can be rewarding, it doesn't hold a candle to blowing someone's face off with a double-barreled shotgun. This approach enabled Lifelike to pump out a record number 23 games in 2005, most notable among them, Cageman.
23 Jun 2008
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A Bizzarrini P538 on display at the New England Concours 2008. This car is outfitted with a Lamborghini 12-cylinder high-performance race engine. The engine has 6 "deuces" or double barrel carberators.
15 Dec 2008
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Some live representation from Torae, who stopped by my radio show last night, with my DJ 3D on the turntables. Check out his new album with Marco Polo, "Double Barrel," when it drops on Tuesday.
31 May 2009
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