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The clip meeting the three wise men from Training Day (2001) with Denzel Washington, Raymond J. Barry Here, use this. Who's here? L.A.P.D.'s finest. Don't speak till you're spoken to. Come on. Good to see you. That's my new guy. Jake Hoyt. Captain Lou Jacobs. Need to talk to the feds, go to him first. He'll take your back for you. Stan Gursky, he runs the D.A. Shooting team. Think about him before you shoot someone. If you're wrong, he'll use your nuts for dice. Right here, Detective Doug Rosselli... ...handles theft cases for the French-poodle crowd. He's a good man. Pleased to meet you. Good man. Should I...? Shoo. Get yourself a steak or something. All right, gents. I don't know why I'm meeting you. I don't talk to dead men. I ain't dead yet. Fucking prick. Excuse me. Why the long face, Doug? Feds seize your house or something? Fuck yourself. Tell him the story. Come on, tell the story. If it's so funny, you tell him. It's your story. Asshole. All right. There's a serial burglar. Chased him for a year. A real slickster.
25 Nov 2011
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