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My newest video, somewhat inspired by Austrian video artist Martin Arnold. The sentence in the beginning means: "I want to dance!" Footage is from German movie "Der Untergang" ("The Downfall)
15 Nov 2008
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With our economy downfall, there is no time to waste, and only the government can do the job. But is that true? Learn2Discern what is occurring in our faltering economy and what history reveals from the Great Depression. Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Feb 2009
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Did you ever wonder what Downfall would have looked like if, instead of a professional actor, they hired some random jerk off the internet? Of course you didn't, but here's the answer anyway.
11 May 2009
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׺°°º×Oº° SUBSCRIBE °ºO׺°°º× Movie: Downfall - Der Untergang My subtitles :)
1 Feb 2011
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Hitler finds out Palin Election politics news current events Downfall funny
6 Feb 2010
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Yet another parody of the bunker scene in "Downfall": Hitler finds out he can't get a ticket to Michael Jackson's memorial service.
28 Jul 2009
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Someone has been playing with Hitler's Playstation 3 on March 1 2010 and now it shows 8001050F error. This will piss off our friend... Rate, share, flame, enjoy :D Known bugs to be fixed: -Grammar fails -Change "sony device" to "sony timer" Hitler PS3 Playstation 3 Playstation Network 8001050F PSN Downfall Der Untergang 03/01/2010 01/03/2010 March spoof sony
30 Mar 2010
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ABC launches the new action game show Downfall on June 22 at 9p.
30 May 2010
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It's the typical Hitler downfall parody scene, but with George W. Bush overdubs instead of a change of the subtitles.
21 Oct 2010
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La historia de un niño que molesta la vida de hitler y intenta rescatar su adorable yaninita, es una parodia de la pelicula The Downfall (Der Untergang), aun sigue mas capitulos de la historia.
14 Nov 2010
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es la continuacion del capitulo 1 de la pelicula parodia llamada "Apocalipse Pipe" (The Downfall, Der Untergang), mas subititulos chistosos sobre la historia de hitler y sus oficiales, himmler miente para hitler que va a cuidar de su madre enferma, pero en la verdad se va huir del pais y ir para Caribe y planea para despues buscar a su novio, Hitler quiere crear una zona de casinos en Berlin y crear su proprio equipo de futbol, y mas cosas solo asistiendo a esa pelicula, mas capitulo con subititulos chistosos esta para venir en breve, aprovechen la escena y buena pelicula para todos, espero que les gusten.
15 Nov 2010
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Our climber here was doing his stuff and suddenly something struck him, triggering his downfall. It's scary to watch him sliding through the rocks and ends up with some bruises.
12 Jul 2017
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me doing one of my best tricks.
21 Jan 2008
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1 Mar 2009
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20 Feb 2009
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29 Jul 2009
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