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Dr. Phil just proved he is a sissy.
15 Dec 2006
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A short but funny sneak peak into the movie Scary Movie 4 featuring Shaq & Dr. Phil.
1 May 2006
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Episode 3, whoopeee! Blog Monkey is a gossip blogger. His videos have mature themes and subject matter. If you are easily offended do not watch Blog Monkey. He is a bit of an a-hole. Our new music video is on schedule to launch in February but in the meantime we'll be releasing several episodes of The Blog Monkey Show. OMOVIES loves you, baby! Visit our lovely Gratuitous Thumbnail Girl, Chauntal Lewis at myspace****/cclewis
10 Jun 2009
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*******www.RelationshipAnswer**** - Jane was referred by the Dr. Phil Show, she says... my adult son married and doesn't have anything to do with his parents. She needed to know what to do when she thought to herself... my adult son is treating me like i dont matter. Julie Nise helped her through her Mother and Adult Son Relationship Issues.
28 Jan 2009
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Madea vs. Dr. Phil from the movie: Madea Goes to Jail
10 Sep 2009
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Me and my friend prank call a woman with a Dr. Phil soundboard. She falls for it hook, line, and sinker, and even calls her husband and the police!
16 Dec 2007
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Join Kate Rigg of Dr. Phil fame and Rachel Tomlinson of local standup comedy fame as they seek to analyze random pedestrians with a seductive combination of self-help books and lollipops. (By the way people, it totally works. Trust.)
16 Jul 2010
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Mid-Winter Full Lunar Eclipse. Shot on my lunch Break. Enjoy the red tinted moon. Profound
21 Feb 2008
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The Sklar Neese Saga is finally over, capped by Dateline NBC bringing national attention to the murder of this 16 year old girl. We exposed the killer's for the past year, & here is the jam packed Epilogue to the series we did on this story. *******newsball****/letters-from-shelia-eddy-interview-with-alexis-eddy-and-more/ Letters from Shelia Eddy & the Dr Phil Show special on this story, which discussed the sex tape, at our website. Footage of Shelia Eddy / Skylar Neese / Rachel Shoaf featured in this Dateline were shared with their producers. Full footage clips are here: ************/watch?v=ZBCxqrjY808 ************/watch?v=Ujchltk84v0 ************/watch?v=ySxUTvP4oXw ************/watch?v=Mi6zVzQLi_4 The next most diabolical & shocking Dateline ever was this here: ************/watch?v=2sFbLEqqySM
13 Jan 2015
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A parody on Dr. Phil
14 Aug 2007
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As a knowledgeable Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Gerald Minniti, M.D. has been called upon to perform an array of cosmetic procedures, one of which was featured on the television show Dr. Phil. Treating patients who suffer from gynecomastia, or men with female-like breasts, is a satisfying service for Dr. Minniti. On this episode of Dr. Phil, a 17-year-old named Paul who had lost nearly 75 pounds was having trouble reducing the size of his breasts. Although male breast reduction produces significant scaring, the young man was more than willing to undergo the procedure in return for an improved appearance. If you too are ready to have your body contoured in any way, let our skilled cosmetic surgery specialist be of assistance. Please view his Web site to learn more about this, and other procedures that Dr. Minniti offers!
10 Aug 2007
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JENNIFER SAUNDERS stars in a new comedy drama, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF VIVIENNE VYLE. Co-written by Saunders, the series is a dark, comedic look at the daytime talk show format with straight talking host Vivienne Vyle, played by Saunders. She’s Sally Jesse Raphael, Ricki Lake, Jeremy Kyle and Dr Phil all rolled into one; but her ambition knows no bounds – she wants to be Oprah. Jam packed with confessions and shocking revelations, every day before a live audience, Vivienne addresses the big issues in life such as: "My Son Calls The Wrong Man Daddy" and “I Want A Vagina, but can’t kick the crack."
3 Oct 2007
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