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Dr Steven Greer then explains exactly what the Disclosure Project is about - getting the American government to drop its Star Wars programme and never to put weapons into space as well as releasing the technology aquired from the aliens for the benefit of all us humans bringing an end to global warming.
31 Aug 2006
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Speaker Debate at the European Exopolitics Summit, Barcelona, July, 26, 2009. This event shows protesters storming the stage because they believed that Dr. Steven Greer had threatened them. From the information we have received, the protesters were upset as a result of a misunderstanding. For an explanation of what happened, please go to www.exopoliticseurope****.
18 Sep 2009
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Ready to go before Congress is this panel of experts whom are willing to swear their testimony is true to the events witnessed regarding UFO's. Dr. Steven Greer heads "The Disclosure Project."
24 Mar 2007
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