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The clip plan a way back to duck plant from Howard the Duck (1986) with Ed Gale, Jeffrey Jones My God. This relationship... it defies all the laws of nature. No, it doesn't. This is not what you think. We're just very good friends. Phil? I'm sorry. The door was open. Who the hell are they? This is my friend Carter... and, this is Dr. Walter Jenning. And I told them all about you... Howard. You were obviously right. Show, show him the evidence. What evidence? We tested them, and they're both from the same fowl. You, Howard. My feathers? Howard, Howard, don't go beserk! No! On my planet, we never say die... we say kill! Now, wait a minute. Listen to me, Small Visitor. I can explain how you got here. Dr Jenning is in charge of the Astro-Physics Lab at Dyna-Technics. Now, on the night of September 18th. That's the night Howard landed. Yes, now on that night we were initiating our first full scale... test of the Laser Spectra scope. It was shot during the experiment. It was just a routine procedure meant to measure... the density of the gases that surround the Alpha Centauri. However, part way through the experiment, there was a... a deviation and... we lost control of the laser spectra scope. What do you mean "lost control"? Some unknown force... was re-directing the laser beam from its original target so that it hit... your planet instead. Hit my planet? How about hitting my living room? Talk about an invasion of privacy? When the beam hit, you must have been caught up in a massive... energy inversion, which literally dragged you through space... back to the power source here on earth. Radical. In the lab that night... we saw a single feather fall. We weren't aware that the rest of you, Howard... had landed in that alley just two miles away. Any questions?
28 Nov 2011
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