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This is my latest trailer, "Bart Simpson and the Halfblood Prince"! ^^ I´m a huge fan of both the Simpsons and Harry Potter (books and films)! Here are the characters; Harry Potter - Bart Simpson Hermione - Lisa Simpson Ron - Milhouse Dumbledore - Homer Simpson Voldemort - Mr Burns Draco Malfoy - Nelson Ginny - Girl in the car Romilda Vane - Jessica Lovejoy/Samantha Stanky Bellatrix - Marge Simpson Snape - Homer Simpson (in the end) No copyright infringement intended
30 Nov 2009
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*******www.mannythemovieguy**** In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, theres a scene where Professor Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) affectionately gazes at Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) and mutters youre growing up Harry. Indeed, our favorite boy wizard is now fast becoming an adult and is experiencing growing pains. Harry, together with his friends Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) and most of the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, are under attack by a very mysterious adversary teenage hormones. Everyones under the spell of love. Harrys long friendship with Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) is growing into something deeper. Meanwhile, Hermione is developing a crush on Ron and is simmering with jealousy because of his romantic entanglement with Lavender Brown (Jessie Cave). Lavender lovingly calls Ron Won Won. The one character that is not experiencing love is Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) the slimy Slytherin leader and Harrys arch-nemesis. No time for fun and games, Draco has been called upon by Lord Voldemort (played by Ralph Fiennes in the franchise although the actor is absent in this film) himself to carry out a mission of great importance and greater consequence. Our young heroes must put romance on the back burner because new dangers lie ahead. Emboldened by the return of Voldermort, the Death Eaters are wreaking havoc in both the Muggle and wizarding worlds. Dumbledore is intent in preparing Harry for the climactic battle. The wise and respected headmaster of Hogwarts School needs Harry to uncover a vital key to unlocking Voldemorts defenses. That key is Potions Professor Horace Slughorn (magnificently played by Jim Broadbent). Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the darkest of the franchise but the film delivers a perfect mixture of teenage pathos, romance, life lessons, and magic. Bringing the magic back is screenwriter Steve Kloves who returns to the franchise after writing the first four Harry Potter films. Michael Goldenberg wrote the fifth installment called Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Unfortunately, Goldenberg also came up with a weak script that could not do justice to author J.K. Rowlings imagination. Kloves, on the other hand, did a great job in boiling down Half-Blood Princes 672 pages. Many die-hard book fans may cry foul with some of the changes, but the sixth film is the most intelligent of the franchise. Helping Kloves condense the book into a 2 ½ hour film is his effective use of the theme of memory as a narrative tool. The characters are strewn together by the memories they choose to keep or forget. Slughorn chooses to keep the secret of the young Voldemort known as Tom Marvolo Riddle (played by Hero Fiennes Tiffin at age 11; and Frank Dillane at age 16) while Harry must figure out the memories of the half-blood prince. The young wizard discovers an old book marked mysteriously "This book is the property of the Half-Blood Prince. Who is this mysterious prince and how can Harry use that knowledge to look into Lord Voldemorts twisted past? Director David Yates returns with a vengeance. He underwhelmed with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but now, armed with Kloves intelligent script, and the amazing cinematography by Bruno Delbonnel, Yates created the best film of the franchise! The main cast members are growing splendidly with their characters. Watson and Grint understand their roles nuances, and Radcliffe even showed comedic acting skills. I specially like the way the actors and the filmmakers equally make fun of and revere Harrys reputation as the Chosen One. But in the end, the weight of the film lies heavily with Radcliffe, Watson, and Grint. We see our favorite characters change through their performances. The notion of innocence is slowly fading away, and everything the characters hold near and dear to their hearts are gone. We also feel their excitement and pain as they realize that the only thing they have left is each other, and magic, of course! And for that, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince gets 4 Avada Kedavra kisses
17 Feb 2010
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Under Warner Bros.) is an upcoming two-part fantasy film adapted from the novel of the same name by J. K. Rowling and scheduled to be released on November 19, 2010 (Part I) and July 15, 2011 (Part II). The two movies, Part I and II, will be the final installments in the Harry Potter film series. Both parts are written by Steve Kloves, who wrote all but the fifth film, and directed by David Yates, who directed the previous two films. David Heyman and David Barron are producing both parts. Production shooting began in February 2009 and is expected to end in May 2010. Director : David Yates Writers : Steve Kloves (screenplay) J.K. Rowling (novel) Contact : View company contact information for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I on IMDbPro. Release Date : 19 November 2010 (USA) CAST and CHARACTERS of HARRY POTTER 7 AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS Helena Bonham Carter ... Bellatrix Lestrange Emma Watson ... Hermione Granger Ralph Fiennes ... Lord Voldemort Daniel Radcliffe ... Harry Potter Alan Rickman ... Severus Snape Bill Nighy ... Rufus Scrimgeour Jamie Campbell Bower ... Gellert Grindelwald Bonnie Wright ... Ginny Weasley Rupert Grint ... Ron Weasley Tom Felton ... Draco Malfoy Michael Gambon ... Albus Dumbledore Maggie Smith ... Minerva McGonagall John Hurt ... Mr. Ollivander Jason Isaacs ... Lucius Malfoy Ciarán Hinds ... Aberforth Dumbledore Miranda Richardson ... Rita Skeeter Evanna Lynch ... Luna Lovegood Rhys Ifans ... Xenophilius Lovegood Timothy Spall ... Peter Pettigrew Robbie Coltrane ... Rubeus Hagrid David Thewlis ... Remus Lupin Brendan Gleeson ... Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody Warwick Davis ... Griphook Helen McCrory ... Narcissa Malfoy Julie Walters ... Molly Weasley Imelda Staunton ... Dolores Umbridge Clémence Poésy ... Fleur Delcour Toby Regbo ... Young Dumbledore Rade Serbedzija ... Gregorovitch Natalia Tena ... Nymphadora Tonks Stanislav Ianevski ... Viktor Krum James Phelps ... Fred Weasley David O'Hara ... Albert Runcorn Dave Legeno ... Fenrir Greyback Richard Griffiths ... Vernon Dursley Domhnall Gleeson ... Bill Weasley Oliver Phelps ... George Weasley Toby Jones ... Dobby the House Elf (voice) Matthew Lewis ... Neville Longbottom Fiona Shaw ... Aunt Petunia Chris Rankin ... Percy Weasley Sophie Thompson ... Mafalda Hopkirk Simon McBurney ... Kreacher (voice) Chase Armitage ... Snatcher Mark Williams ... Arthur Weasley Harry Melling ... Dudley Dursley Nick Moran ... Scabior Michelle Fairley ... Mrs. Granger Alex Crockford ... Charlie Weasley Paul Khanna ... Death Eater Andy Linden ... Mundungus Fletcher Carolyn Pickles ... Professor Charity Burbage David Ryall ... Elphias Doge Steffan Rhodri ... Reg Cattermole Matyelok Gibbs ... Aunt Muriel Hazel Douglas ... Bathilda Bagshot Rod Hunt ... Thorfinn Rowle
15 Mar 2010
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Access Hollywood Tom (Draco Malfoy) chats on the set of the latest "Harry Potter" movie about how much darker this film is than the first five. Plus, Tom's reaction to a main character dying.
25 Apr 2010
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Harry becomes a Hogwarts champion and has to compete in a tournament for the House Cup! But it won't be all fun and games. He'll have to complete dangerous tasks, face off against his arch-rival, Draco Malfoy, and discover the mystery of Pigfarts... "A Very Potter Musical" is an unofficial, fan-made, parody show.
29 Apr 2010
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Thanks to Swish and Flick for the awesome Draco song. *******www.myspace****/swishandflickwrock Shop Harry Potter - *******www.hottopic****/hottopic/LicensedGear/HarryPotter/All.jsp?cm_re=Homepage-_-Box+1-_-Harry+Potter&cm_mmc=Social+Media-_-Youtube-_-Video-_-Harry+Potter+Page Tom Felton, Harry Potters Draco Malfoy, stops by Hot Topic to show some fan appreciation.
22 May 2010
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Protagonistas: Draco Malfoy Severus Snape Sirius Black Andrea Ambers Hermione Granger Harry Potter Ginny Weasley Ron Weasley Annie Niger *******
4 Nov 2010
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Twitter: ******* Facebook: ******* You asked for it, you've got it! DRACO MALFOY IN PUPPET FORM!
17 Nov 2010
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Can Snape be trusted? Cause it seems as if he's working for Voldemort! When he, the Dark Lord, and little Draco Malfoy put their heads together, evil schemes are hatched that can lead to nowhere but trouble-town... "A Very Potter Musical" is an unofficial, fan-made, parody show.
24 Nov 2010
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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End trailer - made with Harry Potter clips.. (This was WAY harder than the trailer for the second PotC movie!) Harry - Jack Sparrow Hermione - Elizabeth Swann Ron - Will Turner Cho - Tia Dalma Snape - Barbossa Voldemort - Davy Jones Dumbledore - Sao Feng Neville - Ragetti Viktor Krum - Pirate Lord #1 Cedric Diggory - Pirate Lord #2 Draco Malfoy - Stand-in for Lizzie? Dobby - Jack the Monkey Prof. Quirrell - Norrington Lucius Malfoy - Lord Beckett Please watch my "Dead Man's Chest" trailer as well: ***********/watch?v=mPT4KUirKVM This video can be downloaded from my website; *******anamariasparrow.blogspot**** #37 - Most Discussed (All Time) - Film & Animation - Sweden #39 - Most Responded (All Time) - Film & Animation - Sweden #31 - Top Favorited (All Time) - Film & Animation - Sweden #30 - Top Rated (All Time) - Film & Animation - Sweden
9 Jan 2011
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David Oyelowo and Tom Felton Join Caesar: Rise of the Apes David Oyelowo ("Spooks," "The Last King of Scotland") will play Steve Jacobs, the head of the company board of directors pushing the next stage of clinical trials on the lab apes. Tom Felton ("Harry Potter" Draco Malfoy) He'll play Brian Cox's son, co-owner of an ape facility. David Oyelowo and Tom Felton join Brian Cox, James Franco, John Lithgow and Freida Pinto star in Caesar: Rise of the Apes Directed by Rupert Wyatt. Andy Serkis will do motion capture for the Caesar character. Effects house Weta Digital -- employing certain of the groundbreaking technologies developed for Avatar -- will render, for the first time ever in the film series, photo-realistic apes rather than costumed actors. Set in present day San Francisco, Caesar: Rise of the Apes is a reality-based cautionary tale, a science fiction/science fact blend, where man's own experiments with genetic engineering lead to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy. The film is scheduled for a June 24, 2011 release. Tags: Caesar Planet Rise of the Apes Tyrone Rubin Film Show Preview Trailer Teaser June 24 2011 sequel prequel Twentieth Century Fox Rupert Wyatt Alex Martson News review info information show clips clip WETA CG apes trailer teaser preview movie book film lover tyrone rubin James Franco David Oyelowo Tom Felton Brian Cox John Lithgow Freida Pinto Andy Serkis "Caesar Rise of the Apes" Oyelowo
24 Jan 2011
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Ron and Hermione are together, as you could see in Ron and Hermione - Thousand Miles, but Ron kiss another girl, and Hermione goes crazy, and says that it's to late to Apologize.. Sometimes they think back of the good times (Black/White).. In the end Draco Malfoy see that Hermione is sad, and walks over to her.. TO BE CONTENIUED ! Please leave a comment (:
30 Jun 2011
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From the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 - Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) ambushes Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) in the Room of Requirement and demands his wand back. Harry refuses and asks Draco why he lied to Bellatrix.
7 Jul 2011
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Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes - Teil 2 / Harry Potter 7.2 (Trailer deutsch / german HD) - Kinostart: 14.7.2011. Alles endet hier! "Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes - Teil 2" ist das letzte Abenteuer in der Harry-Potter-Filmserie. Im epischen Finale weitet sich der Kampf Gut gegen Böse in der Welt der Zauberer zu einem regelrechten Krieg aus. Niemals stand derart viel auf dem Spiel - niemand ist mehr sicher. Die entscheidende Auseinandersetzung mit Lord Voldemort scheint unausweichlich, und es sieht fast so aus, als ob Harry Potter sich opfern muss ... --- Bitte ABONNIEREN nicht vergessen: • ***********/vipmagazin • ***********/kinofilme • ***********/gamesmag • ***********/WissensMagazin • ***********/MultimediaMagazin • ***********/PlanetZukunft • *******facebook****/vipmagazin1 DANKE! :) --- In "Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes - Teil 2" übernehmen wieder Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint und Emma Watson ihre Rollen als Harry Potter, Ron Weasley und Hermine Granger. Zur Besetzung gehören außerdem Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange), Jim Broadbent (Horace Slughorn), Robbie Coltrane (Rubeus Hagrid), Warwick Davis (Griphook), Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy), Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort), Michael Gambon (Albus Dumbledore), Ciarán Hinds (Aberforth Dumbledore), John Hurt (Mr. Ollivander), Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy), Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom), Gary Oldman (Sirius Black), Alan Rickman (Severus Snape), Maggie Smith (Minerva McGonagall), David Thewlis (Prof. Remus Lupin), Emma Thompson (Sybill Trelawney), Julie Walters (Molly Weasley) und Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley). Regie führte David Yates, der bereits die Blockbuster "Harry Potter und der Orden des Phönix", "Harry Potter und der Halbblutprinz" sowie Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes - Teil 1" inszeniert hat. Steven Kloves schrieb das Drehbuch nach der Buchvorlage von J.K. Rowling. "Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes", die letzte Fortsetzung in dem erfolgreichsten Film-Franchise aller Zeiten, läuft ab dem 14. Juli 2011 sowohl in 3D als auch in 2D in den Kinos an. • Filminfos: ******* --- Offizieller deutscher Kino-Trailer zu dem Film "Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes (Teil 2)". Originaltitel: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 Teil 7 der Harry-Potter-Serie nach dem Roman von J.K. Rowling. Fantasy-Abenteuerfilm, GB/USA 2011 Filmverleih: Warner Bros. Pictures Kinostart (DE): 14.7.2011 Schauspieler/Darsteller: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Helena Bonham Carter, Jim Broadbent, Robbie Coltrane u.a. Regisseur: David Yates --- Tags: Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes Teil 2 Trailer german, Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes Teil 2 Trailer deutsch, Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes Teil 2 deutscher Trailer, Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes Teil 2 german, Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes (Teil 2) deutsch, Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes Teil 2 Kino-Trailer, Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes Teil 2 Kinotrailer, Harry Potter 2011, J.K. Rowling JK Rowling Joanne K. Rowling, Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes Teil 2 Filmkritik, Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes Teil 2 2011, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter i darovi smrti, er és a Halál ereklyéi, Harry Potter a relikvie smrti, Harry Potter og Dødsregalierne, Harry Potter y las Reliquias de la Muerte, Harry Potter ja surma vägised, Harry Potter ja kuoleman varjelukset, Harry Potter et les Reliques de la Mort, Harry Potter és a Halál ereklyéi, Harry Potter og dauðadjásnin, Harry Potter e i Doni della Morte, Harry Potter en de Relieken van de Dood, Harry Potter og Dødstalismanene, Harry Potter i Insygnia Śmierci, Harry Potter ve Ölüm Yadigârları, Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes Teil 2 DVD --- Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr. © 2011 Warner Bros. Ent. Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K.R. Harry Potter characters, names and related indicia are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved. .
17 Jul 2011
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Okay so this is my first ever crack at a Deathly Hallows theory video, I was inspired deeply by HP Trio's creation, my video uses the same theme music for the first part, then changes, so here goes. As Harry and his two friends prepare to leave the school the so loved, Harry reflects on all the people he has lost in the battle against Voldemort, Dumbledore, Sirius, Cedric and his parents, and now because of the terror that the Dark Lord has cast, the school that was Harry's home is now closed. Overcome with grief, Harry, Ron and Hermione board the Hogwarts Express and depart. Harry returns to Privet Drive, collects his possessions and leaves his muggle family. He attends Bill and Fleur's wedding, the morning after at the crack of dawn, the trio escapes the Burrow. The battle to find Voldemort's remaining Horcruxes begins. In their first encounter with the Dark Forces, our heroes experience the wrath of Bellatrix; she kills Ron using the Avada Kedavra. Harry and Hermione watch in disbelief as she flees, Harry enters the darkest era of his life; he blames himself for his best friend's death and cries for hours. Hermione comforts him and tells him the war against Voldemort is not over, and he must be strong to avenge the people that Voldemort and his followers have killed. Fueled with anger, the two set out, and destroy the last four Horcruxes. They find Draco Malfoy has been following them and chase him down, in a stunning display, Harry disarms Malfoy, who breaks down in tears and begs for forgiveness, saying he never meant any of the actions he committed, he said he was doing so to keep his family safe from Voldemort. Harry understands and agrees to spare Draco, if only he passes information about Voldemort's whereabouts. Draco says that Voldemort has placed his father under the Imperious Curse, because he no longer wanted to work for him, after what Voldemort put Malfoy through. Draco also says that Voldemort murdered Snape, when Snape broke down in agony being ashamed that he killed Dumbledore to save his own skin for the Unbreakable Vow. Harry realizes that he was wrong about Snape and Draco, and reconstructs his relationship with Draco. Voldemort is informed of Draco's betrayal and sends a cursed Lucius Malfoy after his own. Lucius kills Draco in a horrifying confrontation, witnessed by Harry and Hermione. Harry battles Lucius and defeats him, but before he can lift the curse, Voldemort appears, sensing Lucius' defeat at the hands of Harry. Voldemort performs the Killing Curse on Hermione, killing her instantly. Harry collapses in agony; every single person he ever loved was now dead. Voldemort moves in to finish his Harry off, but is delayed by the arrival of Wormtail who begs Voldemort to spare Harry's life. Voldemort kills him, Harry watches helplessly. Lucius rises again and Voldemort uses his Dark Mark to summon the remaining Death Eaters, so they can witness the end of Harry Potter. Anger, fear, despair, terror and many other emotions flow through Harry's veins, he rises with violent amounts of hatred pouring through him. Harry faces Voldemort and for the last time the two powerful wizards duel. Voldemort nearly kills Harry, only moments into the fight; Harry fights back with every ounce of energy in himself, determined to kill the man who killed his father, mentor, godfather and his two best friends. The Death Eaters watch on in awe as Harry continues to fight Voldemort in equal bouts, something hardly any one has ever done. Then suddenly Fawkes arrives, she sings a song that reminds Harry, an echoing message from Dumbledore that he needs to use love not hate to kill Voldemort. Finally Harry realizes, he remembers all the loved one he's lost and summons a energy so POWERFUL, a power that has been shut inside the Department of Mysteries for decades, the power greater then magic, the physical relic of human love. Harry becomes invincible merged with the power and eliminates Voldemort in a dazzling kill. Voldemort screams into the night, the surroundings destruct as he falls to his death. The Death Eaters stand in shock, Ministry wizards appear on the scene, being notified by the Unspeakables of the summon of the ancient power. They arrest all the Death Eaters, and finally Voldemort's dark forces are at last no more. Harry thanks Fawkes for showing him the right side, the duel has left him nearly dead, but he survives At Ron and Hermione's funeral Harry reflects on the good times he shared with his beloved friends. After wards Harry returns to Hogwarts, and ponders on the past seven years of his life. He cries in happiness and sadness, ultimately he decides to return to Ginny, his true love.
19 Jul 2011
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LIKE Our Facebook *******www.facebook****/finebros Follow Our Twitter *******www.twitter****/thefinebros Harry Potter Parody re-imagines the scene from the first film where Harry gets sorted. More Harry Potter parodies coming soon! Subscribe now! It's free! Written, Directed, Edited, and all voices by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers) Behind the Scenes: ***********/watch?v=yhr1z3WZtEU Main Channel: ***********/thefinebros Second Channel: ***********/thefinebros More FineBros: Dailybooth: *******www.dailybooth****/thefinebros Facebook App: *******apps.facebook****/thefinebros Blog: *******www.thefinebrothers****/blog Music by Joseph Carrillo ***********/houseofblackbirds Opening Graphic By Will Hyler ***********/willhundredpercent Mouths Drawn by Eddie- ***********/eadge If you see this, type "Accio 4-K!" in the comments! TAGS: Harry Potter, Harry Potter Parody, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer, Harry Potter, Harry Potter Parody, Harry Potter spoof, Deathly Hallows, 7, part 1, trailer Harry Potter trailer, rejected scenes, deleted scene, ron weasley, draco malfoy, funny, comedy, funny videos, action figure, animation, thefinebros the fine brothers
7 Aug 2011
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