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The best ICE draft you will ever see
2 Apr 2006
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well this is my draft demo reel for cycle animation, more cycles to come
20 Mar 2007
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2007 Football Draft
19 Nov 2007
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Meet Ron Johnson. He's under pressure to wright the perfect break up letter. But like all good things it's going to take time, hard work and a whole lot of luck. Mick Mize stars in this short comedy. Written, Directed & Produced by Breighton Zorn and The Inner Image Company, this film also stars Sara Zimmerman as Micks girlfriend Anna. This hilarious short film should defiantly ring some bells for a few people out there. This film was edited by Michael Lang and Miguel Amodio. Sound recordings by Terrance Holmes & mixed by Miguel Amodio. Other crew include: Josh Krasner - Assist Cam Op / Prop Master John Lewis - Gaffer (lighting) / Key Grip Inner Image is proud to present its upcoming release of "The Draft" after almost one year since its principal photography was shot.
11 Aug 2007
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*******nfldraftmag.blogspot**** - This is the first video in our series on the 2007 NFL Draft Magazine luncheon hosted by EA Sports and the NFL and staged at The Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center. It stars Sterling Sharpe, Mario Williams, Steve Jackson, and Reggie Bush.
13 Aug 2007
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Check out this video showing some draf horses for sale. If you want to see more draft horses please visit our website
9 Oct 2007
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It's draft day. Will Chuck make the right pick, or will he crumble under the Zima and Spam-induced pressure?
21 Nov 2007
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Carmelo Anthony Draft -Esper
2 Dec 2007
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Drafting Draft Cars - Skyline vs Muscle Car www.bengufanclub****
16 Jun 2008
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When I think of the best Dead or Alive 4 players out there, Swoozie is definitely a player who comes to mind. He's got Charm, Looks, Style... and he knows what he wants. djWHEAT of Epileptic Gaming had the chance to talk to Swoozie at the Playboy Mansion during the CGS Draft.
15 Jul 2008
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Atlanta will go running back first in this years NFL Draft. Hey everyone this is Dana Ward with our Atlanta Falcons NFL Draft Coverage on GamblersTelevision****. The Minnesota Vikings became a playoff team by drafting impact running back Adrian Peterson with their first round pick last season despite having Tavaris Jackson at quarterback. Atlanta would be wise to do the same. Atlanta needs to improve on their 26th ranked running game in the NFL and Darren McFadden would be a good fit here. Many may say the Falcons need a quarterback with their first pick but this draft doesn’t possess any impact NFL types here and there are not any QB’s in this draft worth picking ahead of Darren McFadden. A great running game will make an average QB good and a good QB great. McFadden is very good in the open field and competed well against the best-run defenses in college football in the SEC. McFadden has a 73 yard TD last year in college against LSU. Atlanta will go QB in the second round and will go with a big play, big time running back with their first pick. Gamblers Television projects Darren McFadden running back #3 to Atlanta. For the latest Super Bowl odds on all of the NFL Teams check out our website at www.GamblersTelevision****.
16 Apr 2008
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Miami sits with the first overall pick in the draft and all signs points to boosting their offense. Hey everyone this is Dana Ward with our Miami Dolphins NFL Draft Coverage on GamblersTelevision****. The Miami Dolphins sit with the first pick in the 2008 NFL draft following their dismal1-15 2007 campaign. General Manager Bill Parcells has many holes to fill this off-season on offense and it may begin with the Quarterback position. Miami has made quarterback blunders the past two season’s choosing in 2006 to sign free agent Dante Culpepper over Drew Brees and bringing in Trent Green in 2007 under center rather than drafting Brady Quinn from Notre Dame. The Dolphins brass could draft quarterback Matt Ryan first out of Boston College this time around. Parcells used free agency to build on defense so it’s up to the draft to build up the O in Miami. Miami has been discussing contract with Michigan offensive tackle Jake Long as a possible 1st round pick as they could draft Michigan quarterback Chad Henne with the first pick in the second round. Long allowed just 2 sacks in his four-year career at Michigan. It wouldn’t be a surprise for Miami to pass on a quarterback in the first round because this draft is a very weak one at the quarterback position. The Dolphins may be better served drafting a QB later in the draft and beefing up their offensive line to help protection and help create running lanes for their running backs. Miami will also attract the top undrafted free agent quarterbacks into camp since the position is up for grabs. Taking the best offensive lineman in the draft, as #1 would be a step in the right direction because there really is no standout quarterback this year. Gamblers Television projects the Miami Dolphins will draft Michigan offensive lineman Jake Long #1. For the latest Super Bowl odds on all of the NFL Teams check out our website at www.GamblersTelevision****.
16 Apr 2008
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The Rams need help on defense and help will be on the way come the NFL Draft. Hey everyone this is Dana Ward with our St Louis Rams NFL Draft Coverage on GamblersTelevision****. St Louis was poor defensively last season as they were 31st in the league in points allowed surrendering just over 27 points per game. The defensive end position is in need of improvement because it generated only 5 ½ quarterback sacks last season. Defensive end Chris Long from Virginia makes the most sense here over Glenn Dorsey. Dorsey is a risk this high in the draft due to the knee injuries he suffered last year at LSU that slowed his play. Long possess first step quickness and explosive power at the point of attack. Of his 79 tackles last season 19 of them were for negative yardage. He is also the son of Hall of Famer and former Oakland and LA Raider Howie Long. Long, a versatile player can play in either a 3-4 or 4-3 system. Gamblers Television projects defensive end Chris Long in the first round to the Rams. For the latest Super Bowl odds on all of the NFL Teams check out our website at www.GamblersTelevision****.
17 Apr 2008
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New England will look to get younger at Linebacker with their first pick on Draft Day Hey everyone this is Dana Ward with our New England Patiots NFL Draft Coverage on GamblersTelevision****. Sitting with the seventh pick in the NFL Draft are the New England Patriots coming off a Super Bowl loss to the NY Giants. The New England Patriots were a dropped interception pass away from going a perfect 19-0 last season. Starting cornerback Assante Samuel was signed away from the Patriots through free agency and it’s questionable if his replacement would come this season in the first round. Many believe head coach Bill Belichick would look through his free agent acquisitions to fill that hole and not go with an inexperienced DB in the starters role. The Patriot linebackers have some age on them with soon to be 35-year-old Teddy Bruschi and Junior Seau who at 38 is facing a retirement decision. Inside linebacker Keith Rivers from USC would be a good fit for the Patriots. Rivers possesses good size, strength and quickness and uses those talents to shed off blockers very well. Rivers is also very good at creating turnovers as he has the skill to jar the ball loose from running backs and is a very big hitter. Rivers has good closing speed to finish off sacks when asked to rush the quarterback. Gamblers Television projects the New England Patriots with the 7th pick to draft Keith Rivers, Linebacker from USC. For the latest Super Bowl odds on all of the NFL Teams check out our website at www.GamblersTelevision****.
18 Apr 2008
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Raider Fans, help is on the way for your defense on April 26th Hey everyone this is Dana Ward with our Oakland Raiders NFL Draft Coverage on GamblersTelevision****. Sitting with the fourth pick in the NFL Draft are the Oakland Raiders coming off another disappointing season. The Raiders went 4-12 last season and have failed to qualify for the playoffs in 5 seasons. The Oakland Raiders run defense was the second worst in the league last season ranking 31 out of 32 teams in the league giving up 146 yards per game on the ground. Defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey out of LSU would be a perfect fit for the Silver and Black for immediate help on the defensive line. Dorsey will demand a double team, he will clog up the middle and will free up linebackers to help stop the run. Dorsey has a very strong upper body and a thick build and he’s very quick off the line of scrimmage. He has an Al Davis quality in that he will play with pain as he did in 2006 playing through a stress fracture in his right leg. A sprained knee hampered Dorsey last season, as he was chop blocked but still played through it wearing a knee brace. The NFL wont allow the chop blocks Dorsey faced in college because offensive lineman will be hit with 15 yard penalties and will be hit with fines from the league. With the 4th pick in the NFL Draft, Gamblers Television projects Glenn Dorsey, Defensive Lineman from LSU going to the Oakland Raiders. For the latest Super Bowl odds on all of the NFL Teams check out our website at www.GamblersTelevision***
18 Apr 2008
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The Kansas City Chiefs have many holes on their football team as the Draft approaches. Hey everyone this is Dana Ward with our Kansas City Chiefs NFL Draft Coverage on GamblersTelevision****. Sitting with the fifth pick in the NFL Draft are the Kansas City Chiefs coming off a 4-12 season. Kansas City needs tons of help from this draft. They need help on their defensive line as they rank 28th in the league against the run as they give up 130 yards per game. Sedrick Ellis, defensive lineman from USC would make the most sense for the Chiefs with their first pick. Ellis will demand a double team in the NFL Of his 58 tackles last season 12 ½ were for negative yardage. Ellis played nose tackle last year at USC and the Trojans were very good at stopping the run. Ellis has first step quickness and is a disruptive force against opposing run games. Ellis also can put pressure on the quarterback as he had 8 ½ sacks last season. Another area of concern for the Chiefs is their poor offense from last season. The Chiefs once proud running game has sunk to the worst in the league last season as they averaged only 78 yards per game on the ground. They have lost 3 starting offensive lineman to free agency and are going to use the draft for replenishment. The good news for the Chiefs is they have 10 picks in the early rounds of the draft and most likely will go offensive lineman in the middle rounds. Their wide receiving corps was among the worst in the NFL. The Chiefs should not gamble here and wait to draft a defensive lineman later in the draft because one may not command a double team later in the draft and that will be a disaster. Gamblers Television projects with the 5th pick in the NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs will draft Sedrick Ellis, Defensive Lineman, from USC. For the latest Super Bowl odds on all of the NFL Teams check out our website at www.GamblersTelevision****.
18 Apr 2008
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