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My long-time friend Richard Lieberman is prone to hyberbole and god-love him, this is one of those moments. The San Francisco Chronicle blogger may have made some hay by charging ESPN with a "bias" against the Oakland Raiders, but where I am in New York, and where I was at Radio City Music Hall for the NFL Draft, the notion was quickly put to rest. I'm going to spend about as much time on this as ESPN did, but the bottom line is a lot of people didn't like the Raiders draft, almost from top-to-bottom. Distributed by Tubemogul.
27 Apr 2009
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Promo Draft
9 May 2009
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The NY Knicks got #8 pick in the NBA Drafts. Allan Houston discusses their position and the teams plans for the draft.
22 May 2009
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On *******ClubHouseGAS**** , Dan dupree discusses the auction draft as a way to pick teams in youth sports
23 May 2009
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I'm working on the full song. This is ONLY a draft. Acoustic only.
24 May 2009
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My second draft of my academy sqaure project for the Academy Sqaure Foundation
11 Jun 2009
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Eric Barnes is the writer of the novel Shimmer (July 2009, Unbridled Books). He is talking here about stories, drafts and the process of writing. www.ericbarnes****.
20 Jun 2009
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Norm Brooks, the fantasy addict, has contracted the horrific bacterial virus which has been running rampant through the world of fantasy sports: Mad Draft Disease. *******www.globalsportsfraternity****/home/baseball/2009/06/23/mad-draft-disease/
10 Oct 2010
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Charles Barkley says that high school basketball players should have to spend two years in college before being drafted. Do the fans agree? Find out on FANARCY, Tuesdays at 10:30ET on VERSUS.
25 Jun 2009
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4 Nov 2009
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Download it HERE: *******youtubemegavideo.blogspot****/2009/09/nba-2k10-draft-combine-ps3-xbox360-psp.html
4 Sep 2009
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Global Synthetic Ice partners with Georges Laraque of the Montreal Canadiens to bring a large Super-Glide® synthetic ice rink to the 2009 NHL Draft event. Super-Glide® synthetic ice: Anywhere, Anytime, Any Size. *******GlobalSyntheticIce****
16 Oct 2009
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Speech by Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Draft general budget 2010 (sections I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX) - Draft general budget 2010 (Section III) [Rapporteur avis AFET] [Language EN original] Neyts-Uyttebroeck_091020_163733_mesp_en
6 Nov 2009
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Speech by Lena Ek MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Draft general budget 2010 (sections I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX) - Draft general budget 2010 (Section III) [Rapporteur avis ITRE] [Language SV original] Ek_091020_164447_mesp_sv
6 Nov 2009
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Speech by Cristian Silviu Buşoi MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Draft general budget 2010 (sections I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX) - Draft general budget 2010 (Section III) [Rapporteur avis IMCO] [Language EN original] Buşoi_091020_164625_mesp_en
21 Oct 2009
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Speech by Anne E. Jensen MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Draft general budget 2010 (sections I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX) - Draft general budget 2010 (Section III) [on behalf of the Group] [Language DA original] Jensen_091020_170420_obog_da
21 Oct 2009
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