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Mr. Thrasher teaches you how to shred the intro to "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce.
31 Oct 2007
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Dragonforce- Through The Fire And Flames song
13 Nov 2007
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Guitar Hero 3 Expert 100% 933K "DragonForce"
17 Mar 2008
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Dragonforce's song Above the Winter Winter Moonlight from their second album Sonic Firestorm. This video includes lyrics and pictures of ZP Theart, Herman Li, and Sam Totman.
8 Nov 2008
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Dragonforce's song Body Breakdown from their third album Inhuman Rampage. This video icludes lyrics and pictures of the Sam Totman, Herman Li, and ZP Theart.
5 Apr 2008
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Dragonforces bonus track from the album Sonic Firestorm Adavance Promo Version, Cry of the Brave. This video includes the lyrics and awesome pictures of the band and members.
4 Apr 2008
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-Please Subscribe- Click the Yellow Button!-Please RATE and COMMENT! Thanks!-PLEASE READ!!After my last guitar hero video, I beat dragonforce 100%. Many people didnt believe me and were so jealous that I could beat it that I did it again. I had a closer camera angle so that you can see me hitting the notes.NOTE:-For star power, I sometimes tilted the guitar but for the rest, I hit the select button.-I use the wammy bar on every note to get more points-I ROCK!Thanks for watching! If you could, please RATE and COMMENT this. If you really liked it, please favorite too!(If you actually read this whole description, comment me the secret code: banana Power!)Thanks!
28 Jul 2008
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Stealth clips with dragonforce song believe me the length is made up for by the video
23 Jul 2008
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Q: Holy batman, the tempo is 750! My max tempo is 500, how is this so? A: Good question. Go into your Mario Paint folder, then the prefs folder then find you song's text file (should be something like "Song Name]MarioPaint" ). Then at the end of the text file where it says a number like "%287". Change it to the tempo you want. Like you want a tempo of 750, change it to %750. Q: How do you do those b and # things next to the notes. A: First off, they're called Sharps (#) and Flats (b). While placing a note, hold shift for a sharp and hold CTRL while placing a flat. May differ for MACs. Q: cn i hav de tx fils 4 dis song pls!!!! A: NO NO NO NO! First off, I hate bad spelling like that, can't stand it. It might just be me, but it just sets me on edge. And no, I will NOT give the text files out to anyone! Q: This isn't Mario Paint! This is a fake! A: Ah well, about that. It's actually a third party fan made Mario Paint which is more loose and using uber leet hacking skills you can get major fast tempos and also change the soundfont which it came with. Q: Where can I download Mario Paint. A: Well you can download Mario Paint (rom), but it's against the law. So that's why I use this instead, the Mario Paint Composer. Go here to download: Does the MPC work for Mac OS X and Linux. A: For Macs, yes. For Linux, most probably not. Q: omg liek!!!!111 one dis is feik lwk at de downlode nd uplode buton!!!1111 one one eh jus donloded it A: Well this isn't a question, but it's damn ignorant and slightly insulting. Download the MPC and try that link out for yourself. It doesn't work. Q: Did you do this by ear. A: Sadly... not... I used the method I show in this video: . The song was over 7 minuits long. Can you blaim me? Q: Do you have a life A: If you see my video game collection and what I do everyday, you'd relise that I have no life. But I have Asperger's Syndrome (AKA Mild Autism). Q: I'm getting an error! OMG HELP!!! A: Just because I use the thing does not mean I'm an expert with how it was made. You could try signing up on the Unfun Games Forums and asking on the Mario Paint Forum. 3* ALRIGHT! I give! Have your silly MP3! Have it! this one if you only have 1 brain cell or less and can't figure out where the download button is: 2* HOO-RAY! 100,000 VIEWS! HAR HAR! THANKS GUYS! *UPDATE* Oh wow, thanks for watching this guys. I appreciate it. Thanks all the 50,000+ people that watched this. ^_^ I appreciate it. After Ten hours worth of work and making myself ill because I forgot to eat for a whole day, I present to you. My Mario Paint Version of Dragonforce's Famous song - Through the Fire and the Flames! The full song! It got really tiring on the guitar solo. And I mean REALLY tiring. Also thank Joshnio for requesting this.
21 May 2009
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Guitar hero dragonforce
16 Dec 2008
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A Music Video of Dragonforces Through the Fire and Flames with spongebob as the singer. ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE HES SINGING!!! Best edited one on the internet! This was originally made by me TOCEN. Music- Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce Spongebob Squarpants clips from "Band Geeks" episode Rock Metal
21 Jul 2009
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I chose this song as the theme for a character I recently created and I thought it fit my character PERFECTLY. His name is, Kronin Hisoka and this video explains the ongoing struggle between him and his inner shadow known as, Cain. I used clips from the Prince of Persia game series because alot of, Kronin was based on the the Prince of Persia once he got his shadow form. Before that he was just a lonely soul reaper without a cause to fight for. Disclaimer: This video was purely fan made. I do not own any of the audio or video. The rights for the Prince of persia series go to Ubisoft for making such an epic game series and the rights to the audio go to the incredible band Dragonforce and roadrunner records.
6 Jan 2010
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guitar solo
20 Feb 2007
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