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WizKid - Come Closer ft. Drake
28 Apr 2017
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Juice DVD Vol II Preview ft. JD Era and Drake 2006, Juice DVD Volume II teaser.
14 Nov 2006
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Getting to and from Antarctica along our route means confronting the mighty Drake Passage twice, infamous for extremely rough water that can be hard on passengers. The Drake was gentle on the trip south, but retaliated as we returned. I dragged myself to the bridge for this demonstration of the Drake's power, a segment from "There's Something About Penguins", the free video saga of how I survived a cruise to Antarctica, featuring four delightful species of penguins, plus whales, seals, icebergs, glaciers, human outposts, unbelievable scenery, and much more. Antarctica is a visual delight. To enjoy all of this film, plus over 30 more free, non-commercial, streaming travel videos from every continent, and still pictures, please click on the IntrepBerkExplorer link below, and then on the direct link to my geocities Video Page that follows; or ask a search engine for: Intrepid Berkeley Explorer
9 Feb 2007
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Guitar play inspires passion at all ages - Used to be kids would watch their favorite rock stars and try to match their moves wailing away on an air guitar, but with today's technology even the youngest fan can take a lick at "real" guitar play. Video games and play guitars have made the instrument accessible to everyone, but this holiday season Mattel's (NYSE: MAT) I Can Play Guitar, featuring a unique plug & play learning system, brings the real magic home with the help of Nickelodeon favorite Drake Bell. Just as Drake launches his solo career with a summer tour and a starring role in "College," to be released March 2008, he's working with Mattel to help kids make their rock star fantasies come true. The plug and play learning system makes playing the guitar as easy and fun as playing a video game. It looks just like a real electric guitar, but features color-coded finger position buttons on the frets and abbreviated strings, perfect for small hands. Kids simply follow along with the fun games and visuals on their TV screens, matching color-coded images on the screen to the buttons to jam like rock stars in no time. Produced for Mattel
31 Jul 2007
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*******www.lukehadley**** Drake Younger CZW 2007 Tournamnet Of Death champion DVLH wrestling Luke Hadley
22 Nov 2007
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*******www.lukehadley**** CZW's Drake Younger DVLH interview about his chest injury suffered Vs. Brain Damage at the 2007 Tournamn *******www.lukehadley**** CZW's Drake Younger DVLH interview about his chest injury suffered Vs. Brain Damage at the 2007 Tournamnet of Death. The Tournament of Death is an annual tournament held by Combat Zone Wrestling. The first Tournament of Death was held in 2002 and went up against Xtreme Pro Wrestling's first show on the East Coast the same night. During that show two men, Nick Mondo and Homeless Jimmy (from XPW), fell off of a truck onto tables and light tubes. The main event of that show featured Wifebeater using a "weedwhacker" on Nick Mondo. In 2003, owner John Zandig and Nick Mondo fell off a two-story roof onto tables and light tubes. In 2004, Sexxxy Eddy cut an artery in his arm, causing blood to squirt out into his mouth. In 2005, Nick Gage was accidentally set on fire because of a suplex on Zandig into a barbed wired glass sheet pit set on the ring apron and a guardrail, which was set on fire with a full container of lighter fuel, in which Nick Gage fell back first into the pit, meanwhile a small part on Zandig's back was set on fire but was put out quickly, also, leaving both with some burns. In 2006, Nick Gage finally won the tournament of death when he defeated J.C. Bailey, Drake Younger & Brain Damage in the finals. In 2007, Nick Gage and Mitch Ryder were both advertised for the event but did not show up. Drake Younger would beat Brain Damage in the finals to win Tournament of Death 2007.The CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship is a title contested for in the North American independent professional wrestling promotion Combat Zone Wrestling. Though it is competed for in CZW, the title is unsanctioned and not an official championship, much like the FTW Championship in ECW and the Million Dollar Championship in WWF. Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes: J.C. Bailey 1 February 5, 2005 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Defeated Necro Butcher in a Barbed Wire Cage Match to become the first champion. Zandig 1 July 2005 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Necro Butcher 1 July 30, 2005 New Castle, Delaware Gave the title to Necro Butcher after Necro eliminated him and won Tournament of Death IV. J.C. Bailey 2 August 13, 2005 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Nick Gage 1 January 14, 2006 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Defeated J.C. Bailey and Necro Butcher in a three-way no rope barbed wire match for the title. Drake Younger 1 October 15, 2006 Middletown, Delaware Defeated Nick Gage for the title in a no rope barbed wire match. Brain Damage 1 May 12, 2007 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Vacated August 11, 2007 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Vacated when Brain Damage and Drake Younger score a double pinfall at Dishonorable Conduct Brain Damage 2 September 15, 2007 Smyrna, Delaware Defeated 7 other opponents in the TOD: Fast Forward deathmatch tournament.
23 Nov 2007
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Edited trailer with Massive Attack sound track an instrumental of the song Dissolved Girl Join the hunt. Follow Drakes trail
6 Dec 2007
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You are Nathan Drake, a descendant of Sir Francis Drake and now a modern-day treasure hunter. A clue in the coffin of your ancestor leads you to a long-forgotten island. The search for treasure turns deadly, though, when you become stranded and hunted down by mercenaries. You are outnumbered and outgunned, and you must fight to survive as you discover the secrets hidden on the island. Travel through living jungles and 400 year-old ruins. Hone your skills as you experience fast-paced gunplay, using the environment for cover and shooting enemies off moving vehicles. Or use a variety of hand-to-hand fighting moves and keep your enemies off balance!
5 Dec 2007
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Drake Kemper at his fourth show, his third at the world famous 'IMPROV' in Hollywood, California.
15 Dec 2007
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Garland Drake video mix
9 Jan 2008
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22 Jan 2008
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What REALLY happened when Nancy Drew disturbed Mrs. Drake's sleep in The Curse of Blackmoor Manor... Starring Rose, Roxie (cameragirl) & G. (Thanks to NDM for the trailer and sound clips!)
18 Jan 2008
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*******www.MakinMoneyWithGospel**** (Gospel Jackson) call me 412-592-2701 Gregory Drake & Gospel Jackson
15 Mar 2008
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Western Kentucky Hilltoppers vs. Drake March Madness NCAA Tournament Preview from GamblersTelevision**** Tony T Breaks down the March Madness NCAA Tournament and offers his selections on this edition of Tony T' Sports Bets airing now on *******www.GamblersTelevision****.
20 Mar 2008
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As seen on 13 - WHOTV Des Moines Iowa - the Drake Bulldog basketball season comes to an end in the NCAA tournament. *******www.sleepapneasite****/ if you suffer from sleep apnea
23 Mar 2008
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*******www.CashFlowRising**** Phone me at 250-427-2230 The main reasons why Joe Schroeder, Dani Johnson, Gregory Drake and other top marketers didn't fail in their business. Joe, Dani, Greg, Chris Barmby. Giving Up and Excuses
9 Feb 2009
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