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Hot Actors (Period Drama) Part 1
10 Feb 2009
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Hot Actors (Period Drama) Part 2
18 Feb 2009
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Rumeli Halk Türküsü. Debreli Hasan, Drama'da yetişmiştir.Debreli namıyla mübadele öncesi dönemde Drama-Serez-Sarısaban bölgelerinde faaliyet göstermiş bir halk kahramanı eşkiyadır. Drama köprüsünü,o devrin haksızlıkla para kazanan,halkı ezen zenginlerinden aldığı haraçla yaptırmıştır.Debreli Hasan'ın yaşadığı dönem kesinlikle bilinmemekle beraber Çakırcalı Efe ile çağdaş olduğu görüşleri,hatta atıştıklarına dair hikayeler onun 1870-1920 yılları arasında Makedonya dağlarında egemen olduğunu göstermektedir. Bu konuda halk arasında söylenen menkibeye göre;Selanikli Yahudi bir tüccar, ticaret için İzmir'e gidecektir.Eğer bu civar dağlarda hükümran olan Debreli'den geçsen, Ege dağlarında Çakırcalı'dan geçemezsin denir kendisine.Nitekim de öyle olur. Debreli'nin çetesinde çok kişi yoktur.Bilinen Karakedi namıyla bir tek kızanı olduğudur.Halka onu sevdiren eşkıya kişiliğinin en üstün tarafı ise fakirlere yardım etmesi,bilhassa birbirini seven yoksul gençleri evlendirmesidir.Bu konuda şöyle bir menkıbe de vardır: "Evlenmek niyetinde olan dağlı bir genç,tek danasını almış,İskeçe pazarına inmektedir.Yolu,Debreli Hasan tarafından kesilir.Delikanlının evlenmek için parası olmadığını anlayınca Debreli kendisine düğün için yetecek parayı verir ve ayrıca danasını satmamasını salık verip uğurlar." Makedon dağlarının Debreli'si sonunda padişah affına uğrar veya söylentiye göre mübadelede güvenlik güçlerinin elinden kaçmayı başarır ve Türkiye'ye göç eder.
18 Feb 2009
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This is my rendition of the Lifehouse Everything Drama; Performed at Forest Hill Church. Whoever originally came up with the Lifehouse Everything skit, thank you... it has touched so many lives!! (Lifehouse Everything Drama, Lifehouse Everything Skit, Lifehouse's Everything Skit, Lifehouse's Everything Drama, Life House Every Thing Skit, Lifehouse Everything Skit, Lifehouse Everything Drama, Lifehouse Everything Skit, Lifehouse's Everything Skit, Lifehouse's Everything Drama, Life House Every Thing Skit)
4 Feb 2010
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*******www.DateDramaFree**** - Take the free quiz and see how well you understand men! I have been a fan of the "Dating without Drama" E-book for a while now. I recommend it to all my friends when they start complaining about why their whole dating lives are so complicated and dramatic. It doesn't have to be that way anymore. Paige Parker teaches you in a fun, interactive and insightful way. I read my book and then I read it again and again. Like I said in the video it has been one of the best inspirations for the advice that i give my women readers too. Girls you would be doing yourself and a lot of other men out there a favor if yo got your hands on this book. At the minimal you should sign up for their free newsletter and get yourself on the insiders loop! *******www.1shoppingcart****/app/?af=... Enjoy guys, Hot Alpha Female *******www.hotalphafemale.blogspot****
30 May 2010
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*******marketing-paradise**** *********** Magnatec "Family Drama" from Ogilvy & Mather Singapore plays on the audiences expectation that you want and sometimes need your car to start first time every time. The commercial was shot in Kuala Lumpur using the RED camera and anamorphic lenses. This format delivers a cinematic feel, which helps to build the tension, while also providing interesting lens flair and depth of field. Client: Castrol Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore Production Company: The Feds Director: Sam Bennetts Creative Director: Kevin Geeves Agency Producer: Jude Doss Producer: Sheridan Bott Country: Singapore
29 Mar 2009
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Music video for drama class.
7 Apr 2009
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Preview of my 2nd attempt at the curly afro and my Remy Hair Drama
10 Apr 2009
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Following a sting operation by a British tabloid, nine-year-old angel-faced Rubina Ali, who starred in Slumdog Millionaire, has been caught in the midst of a tug-of-war. Since the news broke that Rubina’s father Rafique Qureshi was allegedly trying to sell his daughter to a Saudi Sheikh for a whopping Rs 1.8 crore, every relative, no matter how distant, entered the fray. Direct fallout is that the girl’s biological mother, Khurshid, who separated from her husband eight years ago, laid fresh claim to the girl. Khurshid even arrived at Bandra’s Gharib Nagar slums where Rubina lives, and abused everyone. She tried to attack Rubina’s step-mum Munni, but others intervened. She then approached the Nirmal Nagar police to lodge a complaint and take custody of Rubina. The drama unfolded when News of the World reported that as Slumdog Millionaire did not fetch Rubina’s family a fortune, her father was even prepared to “sell” her for a tidy sum. Catch all the drama…only in this video
23 Apr 2009
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He's bigger. He's louder. He's gassier than ever. Total Drama Island winner Owen is back. And he's got an insatiable appetite for the $1 million grand prize. See if he has what it takes to beat out the rest of the contestants as they compete in painful and disgusting challenges, all inspired by the movies. It all happens on Total Drama Action, Thursdays at 9pm on Cartoon Network.
11 Aug 2009
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Get ready for More action. More laughs. More challenges. More hookups and breakups. More DRAMA. On Total Drama Action! This season 14 contestants from Total Drama Island return to face painful and disgusting challenges in an abandoned film studio back-lot – all inspired by the movies. Don’t miss the action during HarHarTharsdays on Cartoon Network, Thursdays at 9pm!
19 Jun 2009
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Kim jong il likes to watch movies..And he also loves S.korean drama and actress.But North Korean can't watch S.korean drama..
6 Jul 2009
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DIE JUGEND - DRAMA directed - Marco Monfardini music - Drama camera - Luca Breschi 16:9 color Suite inc. /Suitevision 2008 Drama aka Marco Monfardini has founded with Mirco Magnani the independent label Suite inc./Suiteque/Suitevision in the 90's. Marco has been working on the project Minox since the 80's and he has collaborated with Steven Brown and Blaine Reininger of Tuxedomoon and most recently with Murcof, Nobukazu Takemura, Lydia Lunch and The Gentle People. He has produced with Minox some Suite inc./Suiteque releases (MissQLee, Enfantronique, Dubital, Krisma, etc.). He has also given life to the projects 4D killer and Technophonic Chamber Orchestra with Mirco and recently Schnitt with the german dj Fräulein Amelie. Drama started his project in 2000 with The gramophone selection a dj set completed with gramophones, evoking an early twentieth century atmosphere, a sound based on current club culture, mixed with voices from historical memory, Salvador Dali, Antonin Artuad, Jean Cocteau, and spoken words with over-lapping and downbeat rhythms, creates an expressionist mixture which is given Brechtian treatment, a futuristic fusion.
23 Jun 2009
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******* DramaFever is a new destination site for Korean dramas for audiences in the US and Canada. Many Korean dramas are popular throughout much of Asia and are a part of the "Korea wave" of the 21st century. DramaFever hopes to tap into fans of Korean dramas and offer a legal option to view the popular shows, complete with English subtitles. For the uninitiated, Bak recommends "Boys Over Flowers." Soh Won Cha, Guest Blogger
17 Jul 2009
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This is a comedy gujarati drama we performed called 'Bavaji on the Bus Stop'. Bavaji is waiting for his bus. Let's see what kind of things happen in next 15 minutes while he is on the bus stop.
11 Sep 2009
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To know and read more about this gujarati drama... visit this page *******urmisaagar****/saagar/?p=1016 "Ek Khobo Zakal" by Shobhit Desai... based on the life-story of 2 Great Gujarati Poets Ramesh Parekh and Mariz.
17 Sep 2009
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