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Lionel Messi 2010 Simply The Best HD , " NEW !! " By Me, Download Link in 480p: *******www.mediafire****/?dtnhmyliqzx ,Goals and Skills, The Best of Lionel Messi in The Second Half of The Season, Please Comment, Rate, and SUBSCRIBE, Visit My Channel to watch more Videos The king of football ! The best player in the world ! FC Barcelona player , the best soccer player in the world ! Barcelona young star, the ballon Dor and Fifa world player winner !!! HD HQ high quality high definition ! Messi Hatrick vs Valencia, Messi Super Hatrick VS Arsenal The world player of the year 2009 winner !! Tricks ! Lionel messi the trickster freestyle juggling the ball !! Lionel Messi - Goals and Skills 2009 - 2010 HQ The best player in the world ! Lionel andres Messi ! The FC Barcelona player !! Fifa world player of the year winner 2009 !! Lionel Messi Argentina barcelonas young star the ballon d`or winner and the footballer of the year winner ! Lionel messi 4 goals against arsenal Super Hatrick messi top 4 goals vs arsenal lionel messi all goals, freekick goals !! lionel messi skills and goals compilation the best football soccer player in the world ليونيل ميسي 2010 مهارات ميسي هاتريك ميسي ضد فالنسيا اهداف ميسي ضد الارسنال 2010
8 Sep 2010
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~~Please Read~~ 50 views? 5 comments? 5 likes? Uploaded on Messi 24th bday Forget the Intro , i made this a fair while ago, i dont use intros anymore. ~~IGNORE TAGS~~ team ronaldo soccer football cheer dance league goal real fifa top manchester goals united champions best ronaldinho chelsea arsenal highlights liverpool favorite cup manchester united hits champions league songs rooney greatest milan city match england villa fans tottenham everton premier league lionel messi penalty gol 720p HD
30 Sep 2011
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`Piksi" Dragan Stojkovic is considered one of the best players in the history of Former Yugoslavia and Serbian football. ******* He is one of the best playmaker and passer in all history of football." Dribbling by Dragan Stojkovic Piksi ドリブル集 手持ちの試合映像から印象に残ったドリブルの場面を特徴がわかる様に 適当に繋げてみました。
5 Jul 2012
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Cristiano Ronaldo Dribble HD Aimez et laissez un petit commentaire svp :)
5 Sep 2012
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This CHANNEL is at risk of getting BANNED, so please subscribe to my new channel where ALL videos will be uploaded from now on: ************/user/ASLeoMProduction02 Thank you! Part 2: ************/watch?v=u87t2PHddno&feature=plcp Part 3: ************/watch?v=IJVMj-XJ_dQ Tiki-Taka Messi: ************/watch?v=3J-qJMisX-c This was my first Messivideo, I've been a huge fan of him for many years so I finally decided to make a video dedicated to him for all the joy he has given us. Don't forget to Like, Fav and Share this video aswell. :) Special thanks to LeoMe55i10, aka LionelMessi10i best comp-maker on youtube. Music: 0:00-1:15 Blood Diamond Soundtrack - James Newton Howard 1:18-3:02 The Gravel Road -James Newton Howard 3:03-5:04 Intro - The xx 5:07-8:04 Reaching - Audiomachine
15 Nov 2012
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Please Subscribe, Like, share,rate and comment
11 Mar 2013
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PELÉ PASSING SKILLS AND ASSISTS - VOL. 1: ***********/watch?v=-kftR0a8AL0 -Jose Mourinho: "I think he is football. You have the real special one - Mr Pele." -Johan Cruyff: "Pele was the only footballer who surpassed the boundaries of logic." -Osvaldo Ardiles: Pele really had everything -- goalscoring ability, a great passer, good in the air, quick, he used both feet, almost the perfect footballer. Many words have been written about Pele but his record speaks for itself --more than 1,000 goals and three World Cup victories. He also played at a time when attacking players were not protected by referees as much as they are today. -Eusebio: "Pele played in an era which had so many great players and in that atmosphere he stood out above the others. He was the complete player in every aspect as well as being a kind human being. Cristiano Ronaldo is young yet, and has many years ahead of himself. But as of now, I do not see anyone who can compare with Pele" -Bobby Moore: "Pele was the most complete player I've ever seen, he had everything. Two good feet. Magic in the air. Quick. Powerful. Could beat people with skill. Could outrun people. Only 5ft 8in tall, yet he seemed a giant of an athlete on the pitch. Perfect balance and impossible vision. He was the greatest because he could do anything and everything on a football pitch. I remember Saldhana the coach being asked by a Brazilian journalist who was the best goalkeeper in his squad. He said Pele. The man could play in any position." -Ferenc Puskas: "The greatest player in history was Di Stefano. I refuse to classify Pele as a player. He was above that." -Sir Alex Ferguson: "Question: Best player you ever saw? -AF: Pelé, di Stefano, Maradona, Cruyff. -Q:In that order? -AF: Yes, I think so." -Romario: "Messi has all the conditions to be the best, but first he has to beat Maradona, Romario and then eventually Pele." -Costa Pereira: "I arrived hoping to stop a great man, but I went away convinced I had been undone by someone who was not born on the same planet as the rest of us." -Michel Platini: "There's Pele the man, and then Pele the player. And to play like Pele is to play like God." -Alfredo Di Stefano: "The best player ever? Pele. Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are both great players with specific qualities, but Pele was better." ***********/watch?v=y13irjInPno -Sir Bobby Charlton: "I sometimes feel as though football was invented for this magical player." -Tostao: "Pele was the greatest -- he was simply flawless. And off the pitch he is always smiling and upbeat. You never see him bad-tempered. He loves being Pele." -Zico: "This debate about the player of the century is absurd. There's only one possible answer: Pele. He's the greatest player of all time, and by some distance I might add." -Franz Beckenbauer: "Pele is the greatest player of all time. He reigned supreme for 20 years. All the others - Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Michel Platini - rank beneath him. There's no one to compare with Pele." - -Tarcisio Burgnich: "Before the match, I told myself that Pele was just flesh and bones like the rest of us. Later I realised I'd been wrong." -Cesar Luis Menotti: "The best of all was Pele, who is a mixture of Di Stefano, Maradona, Cruyff and Leo Messi." -Cesar Luis Menotti: "It's ugly to compare but the greatest was Pele. If we believe that God made ​​man, the "black" Pelé he made him perfect. He gave him everything. He lacked nothing, header, physical power, dribbling, finishing, inspiration, genius, temper, vision, goal. Everything."¨ ***********/watch?v=l-ePrnv0_VE -Gianni Rivera: "However, I do think there's someone who was even better(than Messi) and that's Pele. He used both feet on the pitch. He was as dangerous with his right as he was with his left. He was strong in the air as well, and created a lot of chances." -Hugo Gatti: "Pelé had the skin of a player, head, pace, everything. He was a panther dressed in white, I played with him. He entered to play in the last minute and he could turn the match. And the big difference is that Pelé on the field created fear, Maradona not...For me, it is Pelé, Alfredo Di Stefano and Maradona, in that order. I appreciate Diego, he is a great player. But from another planet was Pelé, not him." -Teófilo Cubillas: "I confronted him several times on the pitch and I think there will be noone like him." -Mario Zagallo: "Pele represented everything in soccer because of what he has done on the pitch." -Cristiano Ronaldo: "Pele is the greatest player in football history, and there would only be one Pele in the world." *******www.fifa****/classicfootball/players/player=63869/quotes.html *******www.newstatesman****/uk-politics/2009/03/football-politics-team-tony-2 *******www.goal****/en/news/12/spain/2012/09/10/3366174/pele-was-better-than-messi-cristiano-ronaldo-says-di-stefano
4 Jul 2013
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ronaldo's best dribbles & runs real madrid , man united , portugal very important must read *******www.facebook****/rom7ooo as you all know my original account was terminated so everybody join my facebook page to connect with me in case it happens again & also to put your requests & all video updates
22 Jul 2013
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Terrific Panna and Roulette from Gareth Bale in the 4th Round of the FA Cup vs Leeds United. A rare moment of joy for Tottenham as they exited the cup.
23 Aug 2013
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● Neymar Amazing Skills, Dribbles, Tricks ,Goals 2014 . ► Songs : xKore-ft.-Zoe-Naomi-Need-You-Centra ►Tobu_-_Seven_NoCopyrightSounds_Release -------------------------------------------- ------ -------- -------- ● IF you like my work follow me on Facebook / Google plus ► ********www.facebook****/pages/F%E1%B4%87%E1%B4%87%CA%9F-M-S%CF%84%CA%8F%CA%9F%E1%B4%87/489009794498889 ► ************/+TheClaudiojp -------------------------------------------- I must state that in NO way, shape or form am I intending to infringe rights of the copyright holder. Content used is strictly for research/reviewing purposes and to help educate. All under the Fair Use law. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." ------------------- -------------- --------------- ------------ --------- FULL VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Neymar amazing skills show 2014, amazing goals, amazing dribbles barcelona, brazil, neymar vs real madrid, neymar top goals 2014, neymar best skills ever, neymar fantastic skills, neymar vs gareth bale, neymar vs cristiano ronaldo, neymar best of 2013-2014,Cristiano Ronaldo 2014, cristiano ronaldo goals and skills 2014, cristiano ronaldo goals show, amazing skills show 2014,best player in the world Greth Bale Messi & Neymar - This is the Time, the war 2013/2014 Cristiano ronaldo all goals 2013/2014, neymar best goals barcelona, lionel messi best goals 2013/2014, Gareth bale amazing goals for real madrid, the real battle for la liga, champions league 2014, and more..neymar super skills barcelona, gareth bale & cristiano ronaldo - the perfect Duo,neymar & messi the awesome duo. BEST PLAYERS IN THE WORLD FIGHTING FOR BEST COMPETITION! Gareth bale & cristiano ronaldo vs neymar & messi, messi skills 2013/2014, Gareth bale skills show, best of gareth bale, gareth bale vs ronaldo,gareth bale first goal for real madrid, gareth bale first match for real madrid, gareth bale interview,best player in the world gareth bale amazing skills,Neymar first skills in barcelona, Gareth bale best skills and goals,Neymar first assist in barcelona, neymar first goal in barcelona, gareth bale in real madrid, cristiano ronaldo vs messi vs bale vs neymar vs ronaldinho vs ibrahimovicNeymar vs Gareth Bale★Messi►Neymar◆Vs◆Gareth Bale►Cristiano Ronaldo,Ronaldinho humilla a Neymar,Gareth Bale // All 31 Goals for Tottenham Hotspur and Wales 2012/13 // HDLionel Messi & Neymar 2013 ► The Perfect Mix ? | Goals, Skills & Tricks HD,Lionel Messi Overall 2013 HD,Gareth Bale ● Ultimate Skill Show ● HDcristiano ronaldo vs neymar,Gareth Bale Lionel Messi ● Top 50 Goals ● 2004-2013,Gareth Bale & Cristiano Ronaldo HDcristiano ronaldo,lionel messi, 2013, no more fight, cristiano ronaldo best skills,goals, lionel messi best skills goals,cristiano ronaldo top goals, messi top goals,cristiano ronaldo best pass,best freekick,Cristiano Ronaldo 2011 2012 Amazing freekick goal vs Atletico Madrid amazing goal vs Osasuna Cristiano , gareth bale top goals, 10, 20, 100,50Ronaldo Skills & Goals Neymar 2011 2012 Brazil kashiwa reysol barcelona Neymar Jr amazing goal tricks goals skill Khashproductions Lionel Messi 2011 2012 ballon d'or top 5 goals Mario Balotelli Inter Milan Man city why always me Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), Iker Casillas (Real Madrid),Ronaldo Vs Fc Barcelona (Away) 11-12 HD 720p El Clasico 21/04/2012 FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid - Liga BBVA Clasico 21/04/2012 Lionel Messi Vs Real Madrid (Home) 11-12 HD 720p 21/04/2012 Michel Teló - Fugidinha - OFICIAL Billy Wingrove's Learn Karesmatic 7 Freestyle Football. Please visit www.billywingrove**** Sami Khedira Goal vs Fc Barcelona 21/04/2012 Cristiano Ronaldo owns Carles Puyol 21/04/2012 Cristiano Ronaldo Panna vs Carles Puyol 21/04/2012 Real Madrid-Bayern Munich: Cristiano Ronaldo's interview with Bwin**** Cristiano Ronaldo Goal vs Fc Barcelona 21/04/2012 Cristiano Ronaldo Goal vs Fc Barcelona - Told the Barca fans to keep it quiet | HD720p El Clásico se celebró en Cibeles PES 2013 Cry after Torres Goal and Mourinho wacht ! Fernando Torres goal vs Barcelona 2012 Mesut Özil Karim ,ronaldo hate messi, ronaldo and messi hate each other proof,Benzema Jose Mourinho Fc Barcelona El Clasico Highlights Promo Lionel Messi Xavi Iniesta La Liga Champions League Bayern München Munich Borussia Dortmund Meisterschaftsfeier 2012 Bundesliga Pes 2013 Trailer Chelsea London Fernando Torres Didier Drogba Mario Götze Comeback Moritz Leitner Giovinco Eden Hazard Neymar Lucas MouraCristiano Ronaldo in Manchester United
21 May 2014
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Visit my page on facebook Follow me on twitter Like my video, comment and share. ********www.facebook****/MrProDrsHD ********twitter****/MrProDrsHD Secondary Channel: ***********/user/hye10i ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song: 1 Fox Stevenson Better Now 2 Stay Alive (Original Mix) 3 Ho Ho Ho (feat Santa Claus) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAGS EXTRAS. neymar melhores dribles.neymar best skills.Neymar 2013 goals and skills.Neymar 2012/2013.Neymar dribles 2013.Neymar new season 2013.Neymar 2013 goals and skills.Neymar goal vs england.Neymar dança lek lek lek.Neymar vs são paulo.Neymar vs paulista.Neymar vs ituano.Neymar amazing skill 2013.Neymar vs Italy.Neymar vs russia.Neymar vs mogi mirim.neymar vs oeste.Neymar 2013 goals and skills.Neymar 2012/2013.Neymar dribles 2013.Neymar new season 2013.Neymar 2013 goals and skills.Neymar goal vs england.Neymar dança lek lek lek.Neymar vs são paulo.Neymar vs paulista.Neymar vs ituano.Neymar amazing skill 2013.Brasil vs inglaterra gols. Neymar 2013 goals and skills.Neymar 2012/2013.Neymar dribles 2013.Neymar new season 2013.Neymar 2013 goals and skills.Neymar goal vs england.Neymar dança lek lek lek.Neymar vs são paulo.Neymar vs paulista.Neymar vs ituano.Neymar amazing skill 2013.Brasil vs inglaterra gols. Neymar 2013 goals and skills.Neymar 2012/2013.Neymar dribles 2013.Neymar new season 2013.Neymar 2013 goals and skills.Neymar goal vs england.Neymar dança lek lek lek.Neymar vs são paulo.Neymar vs paulista.Neymar vs ituano.Neymar amazing skill 2013.Brasil vs inglaterra gols. Dribbling and Goals For 2013 Neymar vs Celtic 2013 Neymar Vs Valladolid 2013 Neymar Goal vs Valladolid 2013 Neymar Assist Vs Valladolid 2013 Neymar Vs Real Sociedad 2013 Neymar Goal vs Real Sociedad 2013 Neymar Assist Vs Real Sociedad 2013 Neymar Goal vs Real Sociedad 2013 Neymar vs ajax Neymar vs sevilla neymar vs real sociedade neymar amazing skill vs real sociedade neymar tik taka Neymar skills , neymar 2013/14 neymar fantastic , neymar jr neymar da silva , neymar barcelona .. Neymar vs australia neymar vs portugal neymar golaço vs portugal neymar amazing goal vs portugal Neymar vs malasia neymar vs thailand neymar vs santos neymar vs lechia gdansk neymar dribles e gols Neymar confederations neymar vs suiça messi , cristiano ronaldo neymar vs levante neymar vs atletico de madrid neymar vs atletico de madrid home neymar vs Malaga neymar first goal barcelona fc Neymar new star of barcelona
13 Jun 2014
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In this video I'll show you the best football skills for wide players like Reus, Bale, CR7, Robben, Ribery. In diesem Video lernt ihr 11 Tricks & Übungen mit denen Ihr euer Ballgefühl, Ballkontrolle & Tricks verbessert! #TT Vol.28 feat. onassiszation ►******* Learn Soccer Skills & Tricks | Send us YOUR Tutorials! Die besten Fußball-Tricks - Sende uns DEINE Tricks ! ⇓⇓⇓⇓ FACEBOOK ► *******www.facebook****/freekickerz TWITTER ► ********twitter****/freekickerz INSTAGRAM ►*******instagram****/teamfk Featuring "onassiszation" Vol. 28: ***********/onassiszation?sub_confirmation=1 FACEBOOK ►------ TWITTER ►------ INSTAGRAM ►---------- GOOGLE ► ************/u/0/b/109585245929334237631/114307119447166300038/posts Music: 1. e-dubble - Hard Bargain iTunes ******* Twitter ********twitter****/EdubHipHop Facebook ********facebook****/EdubHipHop Reset on iTunes: ******* Hip Hop is Good on iTunes: ******* The physical editions of CDs and shirts: ******* 2. Retro City by Adventure Club (LOUDPVCK Remix) *******soundcloud****/loudpvck *******facebook****/loudpvck ********twitter****/loudpvck Soccer Drill #1: How to improve Soccer ball control In reality you should work to improve your Soccer ball control everyday and it will serve you every time you step on the pitch. The players with the best ball control are usually the ones who have the easiest time on the field. They can slow the play down, keep the ball when they want to, and push the pace when they have to. Want to be featured on #TutorialThursday? Send your us your video files or the Youtube-Link your video to: Willst du auch im #TutorialThursday vorkommen? Sende uns euer Video als Datei oder als Youtube-Link an: Top 5 Useful Football Skills to learn! These skills are used by the 5 most skillful football players in the world. (Ronaldinho,Guidetti,Sanchez,Neymar & Ronaldo). In this video I show you how they work! Hope you enjoyed and if you did please give it a like and subscribe to my channel. Top 5 Football Skills to learn ronaldinho, guidetti, sanchez, neymar, Ronaldo & mcgeady
3 Aug 2014
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PROXIMAMENTE NUEVOS TUTORIALES DE FINTAS EN: ***********/tutorialesfs (suscribete):* FACEBOOK: *******www.facebook****/k9freestyler mi canal: ***********/urbanfs9 Tutorial finte clases futbol fintas aprende a driblar Elastica / Flip Flap Elastica Inversa Heel & toe Heel & toe inverso Pase de Henry Doble Touch Exit (Cristiano Ronaldo) Cruyff Turn McGeady / Ribery Spin Neymar Parafuse Skill Combo CR7 ( 5 Magazine )
9 Dec 2014
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If you like my work, become a fan on facebook and follow me on twitter: ********facebook****/HeilRJ ********twitter****/HeilRJ Make a donation: ********www.paypal****/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=AL84AMT5RGYK2
12 Jan 2015
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Soccer/football dribbling skills/tricks/feints featuring Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho, Sorin, Zidane, Thierry Henry, Jon Obi Mikel, Eto'o, Carew, Ronaldo, van Persie, Beckham, Drogba, and more
20 May 2009
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Soccer/football dribbling skills/tricks/feints featuring Ezquerro, Pennant, Ronaldinho, Ibrahimovic, Iniesta, Robinho, Ronaldo, Gilardino, and more
20 May 2009
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