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9 Jun 2017
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There have been instances of many idiotic games in the recent past but nothing quite compares to this game of drink or drown that just screams stupidness.
12 Jun 2017
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This competition between these two kids of who can chug down an iced drink in 5 seconds, made this boy realize how it can give you a brain freezing feeling.
13 Jun 2017
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15 Jun 2017
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Recently I watched a video of a guy drinking a bottle of water in just one second. Here a kid is trying the same. Watch hownhe does it and its hilarious. Can you do it?
18 Jun 2017
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Taiwanese girl pee on the counter and Drinks it!
15 Jun 2017
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Since installing a GRANDER device in the stables of famous Spanish Horse Riding School in Vienna, Austria, the horses do drink about 25% more water and the digestive systems are working better. Watch this video to learn about more advantages of revitalized GRANDER Water and why your animals and pets will love it!
16 Jun 2017
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See this guy slowly realize the mess that he has created from being too drunk. His friends reminded him that he has pissed himself to sleep due to drinking.
19 Jun 2017
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This girl just may have had too many drinks as she sporting a black crop dress is seen grooving to the beats of the music and shaking her booty.
21 Jun 2017
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I need a drink but what shall I do with my ball?
25 Jun 2017
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Thirsty Dogs Jump And Bite At Water Hose. In this funny pet clip, a boxer rapidly bites at hose water on the side of a pool while a man sprays it.
31 May 2017
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Discover more about the Huangjiu! Shaoxing Wine from Zhejiang is the most famous Huangjiu. Kyle found out that this yellow alcohol is also widely used for cooking dishes like the Drunken Chicken, Tai Lake Stir-Fried Shrimp and Shaoxing Alcohol Braised Fish & Lamb
13 Jun 2017
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A very strong ad. to alert everyone for the causes of drinking too much!!!
9 Apr 2006
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Coke drinking contest. winner puke it all.
30 Mar 2006
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Two pigs just drinking a six pack
10 May 2006
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Don't drink and drive. It would cost you your life...
27 Mar 2006
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