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This is what happened to me and my car when I hit I truck doing 80kmph. Attempting to get a message out there about the dangers of drink driving and the consequences WHEN you get caught (more)
17 Dec 2007
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*******duicanadainfo****/category/dui-articles/new-drinking-driving-laws-in-bc/ If you are interested in learning more information about the new Drinking & Driving Laws in BC you've come to the right video. Learn more by checking out this view and going to the website in the link above. You are sure to learn more about drinking and driving laws in Canada.
7 Dec 2011
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20 Nov 2008
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Collin McKinney's music video for his original song "Drink & Drive"
7 Mar 2007
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This is the test the police would want you to pass if they catch you for drink driving
10 Mar 2008
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Exclusive interview with British Formula 1 sensation as he prepares for iconic Monaco Grand Prix After his astonishing first season in Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton started the 2008 Championship with an encouraging victory in the Australian GP. Ferrari rivals then hit back and took four consecutive wins, two each for Massa and Raikkonen, but the excellent second place obtained by Hamilton in the Istanbul Grand Prix gave new energy to the British driver, who is now ready for the challenge at the iconic Monaco Grand Prix. Ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend (Friday 23 May), Lewis Hamilton joined former McLaren Mercedes driver Mika Häkkinen to unveil a prototype of The Pact simulator as the latest tool in Johnnie Walker's programme to promote Responsible Drinking. The Pact simulator, in the form of a futuristic pod, will provide consumers with a practical demonstration to remind them of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol in a controlled virtual environment. The simulator is based on software developed by Systems Technology Inc., a US company that provides driving simulation programmes for driver education and law enforcement agencies. The prototype software is still in development and, when complete, will allow consumers to experience in a virtual world the impacts of alcohol on the ability to drive. Lewis Hamilton commented: "Mika and I want to use the public profiles we've gained through F1 to raise awareness of the importance of a making a personal commitment to never drinking and driving. We know that through F1 and the sport of motor racing, fans all over Europe and the world will hear this critical message and commit to never drink drive." Lewis continued: "At McLaren we use the concept of simulators to model different scenarios towards the maximum performance in a safe environment. The Pact simulator will enable people to see for themselves how alcohol impacts the ability to drive. I think the role we play is a bit like dropping a pebble in a pond - if we can start a ripple that gets the message across to a wider audience, well that has to be success in my view." The campaign will be formally launched in Europe later this year, encouraging consumers to make a pact with Mika and Lewis never to drink drive. Produced for Diageo
26 Jun 2008
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*******mrcashathand**** Play It Safe!! (Drinking & Driving) My Facebook: ******* My Twitter: ********twitter****/cashathand
30 Dec 2010
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Just when you think you saw it all.
20 Mar 2006
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the best drinking game ever available , nothing comes close. A very unique and original party game. Not only is it a great party game , but it helps educate people about drinking and driving. Play the game and learn something, help in the fight against drunk driving. If this game saves just one life,,,, its worth it. The idea of the game is to call a cab to get you home safe. IF not you will be pulled over for a DWI and will have to take random sobriety tests.. and you can end up in jail or crashing.....So if you are lucky you will call a cab and win the game... This game acts like a simulator to an actual night of drinking and driving, better off play this game at home instead of driving drunk for real. Be smart be safe , play dont drink and drive and stay home ,
11 Dec 2008
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title says it all
12 Feb 2009
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We discuss on latest legal issues and shares the latest news. we also share views on related topics of experts. For More info:- India Legal
6 Jul 2017
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We discuss on latest legal issues and shares the latest news. we also share views on related topics of experts. For More info:- IndiaLegalLive
13 Jul 2017
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Apart from representing one’s cases, a DUI Seattle Criminal Lawyer strives to solve all the issues that are complex. These involve matters related to machines that are breathalyzer and the police use it. The Law groups sometimes even have the best solutions when they provide evidence that is invalid and is excluded from the court.
8 Sep 2017
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This is an anti-alcohol commercial, a typical don't drink & drive ad that I've created for a local tv station in Greece. I wanted to do something more aggressive than the plain titles we see telling us to enjoy drinking responsible... We all know the consequences when we drink and drive, don't we? This is the uncut version (showing some blood spills) but i think it's for all viewers. Translation of the text can be found at my blog : *******kramatv.blogspot****/ Rate it please and leave some comments too. Thanks
25 Sep 2007
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‘Which Weapon Do you Choose?’ This is the question Road Respect is asking. Every year dozens of people lose their lives on North East roads. This campaign is striving through a series of road safety videos to change driving culture in the region. Some facts: A vehicle travelling at 30mph covers the ground at a rate of 44ft per second. That's the length of a bus; 2 in 3 fatal or serious car accidents happen on 30mph roads; Twice as likely to kill a pedestrian travelling at 35mph instead of 30mph; 4 times more likely to crash using a phone and driving; Using your phone and driving is as bad as drink driving; Stress, frustration and even failure to see road signs if using your phone and driving; Using your phone and driving carries 3 penalty points and a £60 fine-you can even be disqualified. Is it time to re-consider your driving behaviour? It's cool to drive safely, it's not cool to be a killer!
14 Sep 2010
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Samantha Ronson sporting a sneaky smirk in her just released mug shot after being arrested under suspicion of drink driving
3 Aug 2011
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