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There is a lot to learn from this dad on how to make a little baby drink milk. He has perfected the method with his cute and fun technique.
21 Jul 2017
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Drink water kept in copper vessel overnight and flush put toxins from your body the natural way. Stay Organic...Stay Healthy with Vakshi for your healthy tomorrow. 0120-4267208,8397961061?
30 Jun 2017
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We discuss on latest legal issues and shares the latest news. we also share views on related topics of experts. For More info:- India Legal
6 Jul 2017
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We discuss on latest legal issues and shares the latest news. we also share views on related topics of experts. For More info:- IndiaLegalLive
13 Jul 2017
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I need a drink but what shall I do with my ball?
25 Jun 2017
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Here comes the #Project24, an initiative of Planet Water Foundation, is providing safe drinking water to 24 communities, especially children in 5 countries, the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Colombia and #India.#Kentico and #Raybiztech teamed up with Planet Water and brought 24 hours safe drinking water access to children of Noida, India on #WorldWaterDay...
7 Jul 2017
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Hey, I wasn't expecting that. She was pouring that leftover champagne back into the bottle. Next time you are on a flight and having a drink, just remember this.
14 Jul 2017
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An inquisitive teen looks into plastic used in packaging. She points out the fact that bottled water is just one of thousands of food and drink products packaged in plastic. She wonders why anti-plastic activists have singled out bottled water.
17 Jul 2017
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26 Jun 2017
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The bottled water industry strongly believes that consumers should be able to obtain information about the safety and quality of bottled water in a timely fashion. By law, FDA requires all food product labels, including bottled water, to include the name and address of the manufacturer, packer or distributor. In addition, virtually all bottled water products in the commercial marketplace include a telephone number on the label. With regard to providing consumers with bottled water quality information, the FDA has concluded that not all information provided by law by public water systems is applicable to bottled water, and that certain content information already found on bottled water labels - combined with the consumer's access to company contact information on the label - are reliable means of providing information to the consumer.
29 Jun 2017
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A delicious Blue Hawaiian mocktail recipe from gurujiproducts
13 Jul 2017
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Two drunk girls stumblig home after a nightout.
16 Jul 2017
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