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27 Jun 2007
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Dunkey's blood, Mule's blood, Bear's blood...A drinking habit for the locals of ancient time and also nowdays...Witchcraft or vampirism? Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Jan 2009
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This girl has some real talent and possibly a drinking habit. She drinks like a man and still, she presents herself as a cutie.
26 Jan 2019
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We have learnt that Salman Khan has given up smoking and drinking. Although it’s not confirmed from the khan yet, the primary reason behind the same could be the actor's recent health scare.
28 Jul 2012
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President George Bush is getting back to its old drinking habits!!!! Extremely funny video!!!
9 Apr 2007
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A collection of drinking habits from different countries of the world. Enjoy!
8 Mar 2008
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I DON'T OWN THE SONG ITS OWNED BY GOO GOO DOLLS PLEASE DON'T REMOVE THIS VIDEO ITS ONE OF THE BEST VIDEO I EVER MADE PLEASE I defiantly made the effects more complicated than they had to because i have Sony Vegas pro 8 the black and whiteish scenes are eveything before 2005 and Gerard's old drinking Habits This Video is About how we view Gerard And how Gerard views the world around him and has flash backs and all the mistakes he made makes him even more unique than he hast to be and thats what makes him a hero in many ways and gives us the time before himself ..... I Was watching the parts on LOTMS Before Gerard Was sober and the fact that he almost killed himself it was hard to see him like that ...... this man has changed my life in many ways
6 Feb 2009
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With St. Patrick’s day just around the corner, Umbra Fisk gives you 6 tips to green your drinking habit – and not in the dyed green beer sort of way. More on drinking: Video Advice on Eco-Friendly Jell-o Shots *******grist****/gristTV/umbra/2008/12/23/ This Question Has a Peel An Umbra Fisk video on recycling dilemmas *******grist****/gristTV/umbra/2008/11/25/
13 Mar 2009
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11 Oct 2010
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BY JENNIFER LONG For years doctors have said raise your glass to a healthy heart. But a new study could have many women thinking twice before they have a drink. Fox News explains the sobering study’s finds. “Women who have as few as three alcoholic beverages a week may have a greater risk of getting breast cancer, that’s according to a new study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study found that women who drank between 3 and 6 drinks per week had a 15% greater risk of developing breast cancer." Researchers at Harvard conducted this 28-year study that included more than 100,000 women. It’s the first study to assess the effects small amounts of alcohol have over a long period of time. But doctors are saying this risk may not be the biggest concern. Dr. Rachel Simmons breaks down the stats on the Today show. “We need to understand when you talk about the risk of breast cancer, the lifetime risk for the average woman is about 10 percent. Increasing that by 15% takes you to maybe about a 12% lifetime risk of breast cancer... Now compare that to women that have a very strong family history who could be in the 85% lifetime risk of developing cancer. So I really think it isn’t as significant as it may sound in comparison to other risk factors.” And what about all those studies that said a glass of red wine can actually be good for you? Are women now forced to decide between their hearts and their breasts? Dr. Sanjay Gupta tells CNN that this new study might not change much. “It’s not saying you’re going to get cancer if you’re a drinker it just increases the risk and it is potentially good for your heart ... It can increase your good cholesterol, it can decrease the formation of clots and so even the American Cancer Society says we’re not ready to change our recommendations, we still think there are some potential benefits to drinking lightly, less than three drinks per week.” If you’re still wondering whether the drink is worth the risk, Dr. Richard Besser tells ABC that you might just have to ask the question - what’s the lesser of the two evils? “And you have to remember one in three women are going to die from heard disease. Only one in 36 are going to die from breast cancer. So it may be worth continuing to have that drink. If you don’t have that increased breast cancer risk.” Researchers who conducted the study say there’s no absolute answer for whether a woman should change her drinking habits. Dr. Wendy Chen of the Harvard Medical School tells the Washington Post... “If you are someone with a family history of breast cancer but are healthy, at a good weight, exercise regularly, have a healthy diet and don’t have a risk for heart disease, then you may make one decision... Another woman who has some cardiovascular risk factors and no history of breast cancer may make a different decision.” Transcript by Newsy.
5 Nov 2011
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*******www.FastDietsToLoseWeight**** - As a child, we have seen and adapted bad eating and drinking habits either from our own families, in schools, or ingrained in our culture. This is why most people become overweight, because they were brought up to eat more food without being aware of the negative effects to their bodies. However, these unfavorable habits can be replaced by carefully choosing the foods we eat. We must focus on foods which are nutritious and beneficial to our health. Watch this short video and then click the link above to find out more about how to develop a healthy lifestyle to lose weight.
9 Jun 2012
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Lehren Bulletin-vindu dara singh get bail,action king dharmendra admits his drinking habit in the past destroyed him as an actor but he is coming to terms with his films, salman khan is my favorite host: abhay deol ,richa chadda want to do item number, For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: *******www.lehren*** Like our Updates: *******www.facebook****/LehrenEntertainment Follow our tweets: ********twitter****/lehrentv
4 Jun 2013
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