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Don't drink and drive. It would cost you your life...
27 Mar 2006
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That's Michele Reni (italian guy) who tries to do a great job: drink in one shot a 1 liter and half of Montenegro!!! a very strong super alcoholic drink.
5 Jul 2006
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My cat always has a fresh bowl of water, but she prefers to drink this way....weird!
28 Sep 2006
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Did you hear that "HAHAHA"? lol I wanna drink that.
23 Aug 2006
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world cup celebrations - a drunk boy drinking beer with the bugle
14 Sep 2006
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look how fast can he drink beer
22 Oct 2006
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Our pilot episode, welcome! It's almost Cinco de Mayo. Are you ready to serve your guests drinks? Or if you're going out, what will you order when you get to the bar?
11 Feb 2007
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Mother's Day is almost here. Along with the flowers, why don't you surprise Mom with her new favorite drink? Anthony and Ashley show you how to kick up a Mimosa.
11 Feb 2007
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Enjoy the World Cup games while drinking a World Cup cocktail - Anthony's tribute to the international soccer tournament! Anthony and Rachel will show you how to make this uniquely American rendition of the famous English Pimm's Cup.
11 Feb 2007
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For the Fourth of July, Anthony introduces you to America's national drink the Bourbon & Branch, and July's Drinkart Girl Melissa!
11 Feb 2007
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poor serious drink, stop drink living good.
14 Nov 2006
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$2 MILLION OF DR PEPPER, OTHER SOFT DRINK BRAND ARTIFACTS HEADING TO DR PEPPER MUSEUM Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages, Maker of Dr Pepper, Partners with Waco Museum on State Fair of Texas Exhibit Celebrating History of Nation’s Oldest Major Soft Drink Since it was first poured from the fountain of a Waco, Texas, pharmacy in 1885, Dr Pepper has made an unmistakable mark on American culture and enjoyed a passionate consumer following that continues growing today. Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages (CSAB), the makers of Dr Pepper, recently went through 121 years of Dr Pepper history stored in its archives and will soon be sending $2 million worth of Dr Pepper and other soft drink brand artifacts, rarities and memorabilia to the Dr Pepper Museum in Waco. Vintage cans and bottles dating back to the 1950s, a 50-year-old vending machine that sold Dr Pepper for 10 cents a bottle, and a Dr Pepper syrup dispenser used in the early 1900s are among the more the 70,000 items that will be on loan to the Dr Pepper Museum. In recognition of this expanded partnership, CSAB and the museum are bringing the rich heritage of Dr Pepper to life during the State Fair of Texas with a wide ranging exhibit in the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Food & Fiber Pavilion in Fair Park, September 29 through October 22. The exhibit at the State Fair will feature vintage packaging, photographs, advertising, classic promotional items, and other rarities furnished by the Dr Pepper Museum. Fair-goers can walk through time with Dr Pepper, from its early days in Waco through its explosive popularity in the 60s, 70s and 80s up to its status today as one of the fastest-growing soft drink brands in the country.
24 Dec 2006
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Idiot drinks a portion of the instantly expanding snow powder followed by a glass of water
26 Dec 2006
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Do you need to drink from a bottle if you have a glass? :) Here's how a child finds his way to do that.
29 Nov 2006
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Outside my aunts cottage, I caught a few hummingbirds battling for a drink.
27 Dec 2006
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Lola drinks from the bottle but not from a can.Rolling Rock is her favorite on Mantalk TM.
27 Dec 2006
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