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How to Prevent Liver Cancer|drinking and liver cancer Liver cancer is a terrible disease. It does not just affect your liver, but also the way your entire body works. Liver cancer is often caused by chronic alcohol abuse as well as exposure to hepatitis B or C, so it is important to understand how to prevent contracting these types of hepatitis when considering liver cancer prevention. While it’s true that liver cancer is a life-threatening condition, there are some things you can do to help prevent yourself from getting it in the first place. Some lifestyle and dietary changes may be necessary to help you avoid liver cancer. 1 Quit smoking. If you smoke, you should quit. If you don’t smoke, continue to stay away from cigarettes. This is an important step. Avoiding cigarettes is crucial, not only to prevent liver cancer, but smoking cigarettes negatively affects your whole body as well.[1] Try to quit smoking by reducing your cigarette consumption a little bit every day or by using cessation aids like nicotine patches. If you have trouble quitting smoking, contact your doctor for more support. If you don't smoke, stay away from people who do. Second-hand smoke is bad for you and can lead to increased risk of liver cancer as well. Watch the level of alcohol you ingest. Over time, drinking large quantities of alcohol can lead to cirrhosis, or scarring, of the liver which can contribute to liver cancer. Try to avoid drinking too much, specifically over long periods of time. Binge drinking (having more than five drinks in one sitting) is especially damaging to your liver. Consider completely eliminating alcohol to minimize the impact it may have on your liver.[2] To maintain your health, women can drink up to one drink per day and men can drink up to two drinks per day
27 Sep 2017
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Bored of drinking beer in the same old ways, then, it's time you learn some innovative tricks from this incredible old man.
28 Sep 2017
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No matter whether you are in a gym or swimming or making biceps, you can drink anytime anywhere, if you are alcohol addicted. You may just try an awesome trick.
3 Oct 2017
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4 Oct 2017
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8 simple ways to Lose Weight Naturally Are you trying to Lose weight? How many times a year did you start a new diet? Does it really work? Here are a few easy steps to help you lose weight. 1. Start Your Day with Lemon Water.. Lemon water is an excellent drink for weight loss. Lemon juice helps your body get the nutrients it needs to burn fat into energy and stop weight gain. Make sure to keep drinking lemon juice even after you lose weight, to keep your new weight. 2. Eat more yogurt and nuts.. According to research conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health, eating yogurt and nuts is more effective in the long run for weight loss than eating fruits and vegetables. 3. Replace Your Regular Tea, Coffee with Green Tea.. Another good idea for weight loss is to drink green tea. It has a big range of antioxidants that help the body break down foods, and help in losing weight. 4. Exercise.. If you really want to lose weight in a healthy way, there’s no way to escape from regular exercise and activity. 5. Eat a Healthy Diet.. A healthy and low calorie diet is a very important part of a good weight loss plan. If you like the video, give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends and subscribe channel. channel name : Futsion homeremedies naturalremedies weightloss howtoloseweight lowcarbdiet tipsforweightloss dietplans dietplanforweightloss weightlossdiet weightlossfoods fat burning foods weightlossdrinks
22 Sep 2017
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This is what happens when you drink a little too much, you end up sleeping in another person's house and refuse to believe that the house isn't yours.
27 Sep 2017
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Did you drink too much last night? And, your head is aching horribly? This is it, the only ridiculous thing you can have a hangover.
30 Sep 2017
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Seen those fat old men sitting at a bar and drinking beer after beer and eating chicken like anything? This man is one of those, so beware of this before you just try taking somebody's beer.
11 Oct 2017
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How to Lessen the Risk of Throat Cancer|lung cancer treatment options Throat cancer is a major killer of people around the world every year. It strikes a wide variety of people from very different backgrounds. The major reason for this is that there are a number of important risk factors that cut across social, economic, and ethnic divisions. Fortunately, though, medical professionals and scientists have identified some of the biggest and most dangerous risk factors that cause throat cancer. With some determination and a little bit of work, you can drastically decrease your chance of being struck by this horrible affliction. 1 Avoid tobacco products. One of the biggest causes of throat cancer is tobacco use. As a result, eliminating tobacco from your life can definitely reduce the risk of throat cancer. Common tobacco products include: cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco. Long-term use of tobacco products can increase risk of throat cancer exponentially. Some studies have shown that even short-term use of tobacco products can increase risk of throat cancer substantially over individuals who have never used tobacco.
27 Sep 2017
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Pink is the new pumpkin this Fall. From the wine to the decor. Watch all our rosy colored autumn entertaining tips here.
10 Oct 2017
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21 Sep 2017
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Some causes of lead poisoning are ingesting lead paint and eating or drinking from certain imported, improperly lead-glazed ceramics. Very high levels of lead in the blood may cause personality changes, headaches, loss of sensation, weakness, a metallic taste in the mouth, uncoordinated walking, digestive problems, and anemia. The diagnosis is based on symptoms and a blood test. Testing household water, ceramics, and paint for lead can help identify potential sources of lead poisoning. Treatment consists of stopping exposure to lead and removing accumulated lead from the body. Lead poisoning is far less common since paint containing lead pigment was banned (in 1978 in the United States) and lead was eliminated from automotive gasoline (in 1986 in the United States and by 2011 in all but 6 countries in the developing world). However, lead poisoning is still a major public health problem in cities on the East Coast of the United States as well as in other isolated cities, most notably, Flint, Michigan. Lead paint Lead poisoning is usually caused by direct ingestion (eating) of lead. This typically happens in
23 Sep 2017
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