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Borrowed Power is a typical driver’s education film meant to scare kids into being cautious and responsible drivers. Jerry Thomas, quarterback of his high school football team and all-around great guy (the classic 1950's perfect young man), turns into a different person when he gets behind the wheel of a car. He drives aggressively, speeds, and generally abuses the “borrowed power” of the car. When he and two friends get hauled into court on suspicion of a hit-and-run in their (now) vintage cars, Jerry gets a lesson in the responsibilities of safe driving from the judge. In a touching showing of loyalty, a parade of friends and family come in to testify about how Jerry is such a great guy. The judge comments to Jerry’s father that Jerry received enough training to be a good pedestrian and bicyclist, but that he needed some more guidance when it came to being a good driver and vehicle safety. Life lessons abound by the end of the film as Jerry begins to understand what a serious matter safe driving is. One of many educational videos to employ scare tactics, Borrowed Power effectively contrasts reckless driving with defensive driving, car safety, and safe driving habits.
12 Apr 2012
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Driven to Kill, narrated by Lowell Thomas, tells the story of Hal, an upstanding U.S. citizen who changes into a dangerous madman when he gets behind the wheel. With Thomas’ classic dry delivery as a backdrop, the film captures Hal as a real red-blooded American: he hunts and isn't afraid to let his kids play with knives in the kitchen! He’s a different man when he’s driving, though, and his road rage (or aggressive driving) causes him to get in an accident that kills the other driver. Throughout this educational video are beautiful shots of classic cars and vintage automobiles. The ruining of Hal's life in this scare tactics video serves as a stern message about the dangers of reckless driving. Bad drivers at their best, Driven to Kill is an amusing glance at the history of road rage in America, with some important lessons car safety features and safe driving.
17 Sep 2009
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Tom used to play tennis, go bowling, and was an avid hunter. But Tom will never do any of those activities again because he has lost his leg in a car accident. Worst of all, his friend and passenger, Jim, is still in the operating room in the hospital. Tom has always been a cocky driver; and he had never been in any accidents before. When coming home from hunting trips exhausted and sleepy, or driving under the influence, Tom has always managed to escape without incident. Until now. Few Too Many is a classic dangers of drunk driving video that seeks to prevent drunk driving. Many people are affected by alcohol at as little as 0.05% blood alcohol concentration and all are affected at 0.1% BAC. Drunk driving statistics punctuate the often penetrating footage of horrible drunk driving accidents. Tom's story is not unique, and discussion of why teenagers drunk drive is an important part of the film. Some interesting cultural perspectives are illuminated, such as how alcohol abuse was thought of completely differently in the mid 20th century. At the time of this film, the idea of drinking was strongly tied together with the common idea of a man in America. Men were expected to hunt, bowl, and play sports - while drinking. So instead of changing this strongly held idea, Few Too Many seeks to lessen the danger: less drinking (not abstaining), safer driving and good judgment.
31 Aug 2011
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The Commuter gets an oil change. This is promotional material for the independent film COMMUTE. for more please visit www.thecommuteison**** AND www.myspace****/thecommuteison
7 Mar 2008
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The Commuter lands a rol in Del Westin's new film. The Commuter daily video logs are promotional material for the independent film COMMUTE, for more info please visit www.thecommuteison**** and to view all of the Commuter daily video logs please visit www.myspace****/thecommuteison
9 Mar 2008
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Made by the “King of the Bs” director Roger Corman, Creature from the Haunted Sea is the pinnacle of brainless drive in movie fun. The sensuous Betsy Jones-Moreland spends most of the film scantily clad on a boat, but this is no ordinary voyage. The murderous sea captain she accompanies plans to dumps his passengers overboard and steal all of their cargo, blaming the incident on a mythical Sea Monster! Little does he know that the monster is real! The movie doesn’t make much sense – but what does that matter when you’re necking with your sweetheart during all the scary parts? Only more enjoyable now that the humor and effects are dated, Creature from the Haunted Sea is blue ribbon trash cinema.
25 Jun 2008
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Went out and bought the grypton portable tripod and am very impressed with it. Will use it from now on when taking video in the car.
4 Apr 2008
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MyUCR Action Ad
25 Oct 2008
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How you can appreciate Le Mans racing though Truth in 24. If you enjoy ridiculously expensive carbon fiber race cars that rarely pass each other, go to a Formula One race. If you can look past candy-colored decals masking sheet-metal sameness, turn to NASCAR. But if you seek visceral motorsports thrills loaded with human drama, unique engineering, real racing strategy, exhaustion and suspense, then the Le Mans series is your ticket. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/audi/37629/
8 Apr 2009
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A Hollywood stunt performer who moonlights as a wheelman discovers that a contract has been put on him after a heist gone wrong.
24 May 2011
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Matt Zaller at San Diego Comic-Con and on the pressline for the new Ryan Gosling film 'Drive'. Speaking to director Nicolas Winding Refn about possibility of directing his school play.
23 Jul 2011
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Matt Zaller is at San Diego Comic-Con and on the pressline for the movie 'Drive' and it's star Ron Perlman wants everyone to know, he's good.
23 Jul 2011
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